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  1. Same experience for me. It just comes down to value. I found the same concerns with the PP as you mention. Had to hit the button a few times because it always vibrated. The build is slightly less sturdy and the optics not as good. So I went back to Bushnell. If you just want cheaper you may get the same yardage as more expensive ones but the build, quickness to read flag, optics, etc might not be as good. I couldn’t get past the optics and vibrating all the time but these may not be issues for others.
  2. Not sure if it has been posted yet but any news on some new balls for 2022? It’s been a while so hoping for some products next season.
  3. Good luck. Still gaming my M6 driver. Tested a lot of this past season and neither version of the SIM’s beat it out. Mine appears to sit square. I know retail versions have some variance but mine looks square.
  4. For me not really. Driver SS sits around 95mph and gets around 100 on a really good day. Tried the Taylormade made for Ventus Blue and Velocore versions in my M6. Tried them vs the stock Atmos Black made for shaft that came with the driver. Other then the Velocore having slightly better feel, I didn’t notice any distance or dispersion differences to speak of between the made for and Velocore versions. I ended up keeping the Black as it was better all around. I tried all these out on 3 different occasions. Wanted to like the Velocore but for me not a fit. Happy to save some money though.
  5. I’d go another hybrid. I did this exact same thing this year but replacing a 4 iron. The iron was good but miss hits not so much. Switched to the hybrid and can’t tell you how many greens I got with it this year. Used it a lot and even miss hits were on the fringe or real close. I fought the change for a few years and now kick myself for waiting. Sounds like the hybrid will give you more confidence too.
  6. I am at around 95-100 driver swing speed so I do believe I’d probably have a better chance getting along with a stick shaft then a faster swinger
  7. So I have been using my M6 for 2 seasons now. For me have the made for stock Atmos Black in it. Assume it is made for because does not look like after market Fujikura shaft and specs are different. I have tried the new SIM heads and neither of them beat the M6. So I decided to get a look at some shafts to “upgrade”. So over 2 seasons I have tried about 15 premium shaft and none have worked as well as the Black. Tried a few AD shafts, Velocore shafts, Tensei, OBAN, etc. So, for me I am able to save some money by not buying a shaft and use it elsewhere. Anyone else find stock shafts that just flat out work?
  8. So I recently had the Bushnell and it was stolen. So I didn’t want to fork the extra cash to replace so fo the Precision Pro NX9 with slope. Both work fine but my thought are you get what you pay for. I thought the Bushnell was a more sturdy build and the optics were better. I also like the Bushnell’s jolt better. As somebody said above, the PP jolts as well but it jolts picking up anything it seems. Most holes I am hitting it a few times to make sure it’s the flag. Could be mine but seems more with the PP. As for slope, for me it doesn’t seem worth it. I never had a slope rangefinder to compare to but this one is never more then a few yards different. I play a few holes that are really uphill/downhill and I have never gotten a slope reading more then 5 yards. Usually it’s 2-3 yards. The PP works fine and is a good cheaper option but if you can get the Bushnell in your price range I’d do that. PP has great service and trade in program so I was hoping I’d really like it. But I am seriously considering selling mine over the winter and going back to the Bushnell.
  9. Really depends on the amount of cord you want. I find the UTX to be a great hybrid type grip. Has just enough cord that for me is great in hot humid days or rain (I use rain gloves too). UTX is noticeable softer but would say a soft grip per se. Z Cord tears up my hands and gloves. I suppose they provide more “grip” but for me they are too harsh on my hands. I play a lot of golf in the spring and fall here in the northeast and as somebody stated they are brutal on the hands in cold weather if not struck pure.
  10. Still great driver. I like you like a smaller head. I use this and M6 as my current drivers. I have tried both against their newer counterparts and it is splitting hairs in performance. The G400 looks great, feels great and performs for me.
  11. I may try the XCaliber. Ventus is a little pricey for me although I have heard good things. May see if I can find a pull for the Ventus.
  12. So I am not getting younger and looking at some lighter shafts. I have a driver SS in the mid 90’s with smooth transition. I used recently Atmos Blue 6S, Rogue Silver 60S, Tensei Orange 65. The Tensei comes in a lighter version but any other suggestions for some lighter shafts that aren’t too high launching and spin? Most I seem to find are well over 60 grams. Also saw the Aldila NV 55 as an option.
  13. From what I understand, the TM tour issues heads are the same as retail but just have a spec sticker on them from what I was told. I did not see any difference but, for me, knowing the exact loft helped mentally. I was looking for a gap between driver and 4 hybrid. Wanted something 16-17 degrees without having to adjust the club thus opening or closing the face. I bought a TM 3 HL at 16.2 degrees and mentally it works for me. Had I have purchased a 16.5 or 17 model I would not have know the loft. I know they can be off a degree of so. Doesn't really matter in the big picture but for me, anything that mentally can give some confidence is a win. I am on the hunt for a newer wood so we will see.
  14. In my experience fitting benefits have a lot to do with the player. For me, as an 8HC my game is good but my swing is not 100% repeatable. I got fit on a decent day then struggled for a few months. Went back in and my swing that day produced slightly different numbers. The first day my lie (for PINGS) was half degree upright. The second day was .25 flat. So not the fitters fault. We ended up settling in standard lie and results have been better. I think it is helpful for shaft weight, flex maybe, grips and such. For me we got a baseline and figured what might best suit my game most of the time. I think some believe they will get fitted and drop 15-30 shots in a month and then blame the fitting when they don’t.
  15. I think this makes sense for most of the golfers out there. Maybe not this site but most golfers swing speeds are closer to the women’s and not the men’s. I have a friend who looks down a bit as I have 4/5 headcovers in my bag. He has driver and 5 wood only. He also has an 8.5 stiff driver and swings about 90mph. He also carries a 2 iron. I will say he cannot break 100 regularly and I laugh when I am beating him by 15-20 strokes regularly. Play what fits your game. Checking the ego is difficult but once I did a few years ago my game has improved and scores dropped. Game is more fun.
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