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  1. If possible I would try what aquapig says above and take a premium ball and cheaper ball and play side by side to SEE if there is a difference for you. I have a guy in our work league who can spin the crap out of a Titleist Tour S (no longer made) ball. He purchase 20 dozen when they were getting discontinued a few years ago and still has a bunch left. He cannot play the Pro V1/VX because he spins them back to much. He probably is an outlier but you need to play what works for you and not what the manufacturers tell you should or would work for you.
  2. I guess we view recommendations different. I do not see Bridgestone being strict and insisting you try a certain ball. The 105 speed I am sure was picked based on data and research. Nobody is making you try or not try a ball. If your swing speed is under 105 have it and try the X models and not the R models. It may or may not work for you. Feel is subjective so saying you are not going to like a ball on feel doesn’t really factor into the marketing aspect of their SS recommendations.
  3. Do the same as you would with any other balls you were looking at and try them and see what works. If you want less spin compare the BX with the BRX. If you want more spin compare BXS with BRXS. People on here compare 2-3-4-5-6 balls at a time with no issues. I am not sure why you want Bridgestone to tell you exactly what to play. You can either use their guideline or not but as stated above just try them and see what works.
  4. To me the RXS feels pretty soft and closer to the Duo then the QST. I too found it a little too spiny and soft. I prefer the RX.
  5. I am not sure why people are confused or debating Bridgestone. They are providing a simple guideline for selecting a ball. Their lineup seems simple to me. The have two balls in each category- one firm/less spin and one softer/more spin. Based on everything I have read or watched video on seems to follow their model. Higher swing speeds seem to have better results with the BX/BXS versions and the slower swingers seem to have a better result with the BRX/BRX versions. Not 100% but seems their recommendation is an accurate guideline. I swing around 95-100 and have best results with the BRX.
  6. SoI did look closer and the 5 iron has a different number. Any chance you could give info in that? 08G0876?
  7. Clubs are standard black dot. Just looking to increase most a degree and maybe a long Iron 2 degrees.
  8. This may be a dumb question but I am sending my G30’s to PING for a re-finish. I am looking to strengthen the lofts 1-2 degrees. Does this have any effect or create problems in regards to lie angles and/or length? Would they need to be adjusted as well?
  9. Yeah it is super easy and fast. Super quality build too. Feels like it will last a long time. I am very happy with the purchase.
  10. Yes I called a little while back for my G30’s and it was $17 or $18 a club. Unfortunately, I do not believe they are doing the G15’s anymore. A friend of mine called last year and was told they cannot do them anymore. You should call them just to verify though.
  11. So on course update. Bushnell hands down is better for me. The optical is clearer. The reading is also faster than the PP. The PP takes a second to read and Bushnell is instant. I also like the button for the reading. Bushnell feels sturdy. PP buttons seems flimsy. Overall build quality is better for the Bushnell. My partner ironically today had the PP so was good to compare in course. As for yardages they were within a yard of each other so that was a push.
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