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  1. So I have my M6 and pleased with it. Always interested in new stuff so try out but nothing has beat it. The last 2 weeks I have been able to have my M6 along with SIM and SIM2 heads to try. I have used outside and inside on monitors and with various shafts. Well let me tell you. I cannot find a combination better then my M6 and Rogue shaft. For my SS right around 98-101 typically, when I hit it well they were all close and when hit poor they were still all close. Not one stood out longer or shorter not did I find dispersion or spin having a standout. The M6 will be staying in the bag and I wi
  2. I have used both and liked both. For my at 95-100 driver swing speed I don’t see a noticeable difference in launch.
  3. Hopefully as they are definitely due. Hasn’t the Black been around 3 seasons now (2018) and the X (2019) 2 seasons? Looking forward to some new balls.
  4. I played this ball for a few rounds over the summer to try something different. Ball was ok. Nothing stood out from the ball good or bad. Just a solid overall ball.
  5. As stated I leave mine on for resale value. Unless it is really peeling I’ll take it off but this rarely happens to me. I have a 14 club divider bag and am careful when I put the clubs back in the bag.
  6. The angle of the pic makes it look a little worse than it was. I buffed it out before I sent in. Did not take much.
  7. You would have to call and ask. A friend of mine called and they were not doing the G15’s so not sure what is the determining factor. Not sure if it is age or types of finishes and raw materials needed. They can tell you right away if they can do.
  8. It was $17.75 an iron for the refinish. Loft/Lie was $30 for the set. I paid shipping there and back. Overall reasonable in my opinion to get basically a brand new set. If you call customer service they will be able to tell you if they can do the i200’s. Good luck.
  9. Here are 5 iron pics. Some of the faces were in a little better condition than this one and some were worse. They all can out looking new.
  10. They were G30 irons. I will try to upload some pics.
  11. So hearing about all the delays with PING orders I was a bit nervous sending in my irons for a refinish. Fortunately in the NE here I will not be playing for a while so was crossing my fingers. PING delivered and quickly. I gave my repair order over the phone and sent my clubs in. PING received Friday 12/18. I was told at least 10 days and probably another 5 for shipping back. I figured it would be longer with Christmas but I received them back today. Only 6/7 business days after they received them. Aside from refinishing, I also had loft/lie checked and adjusted as needed
  12. I’d be curious to try the non-X version of this ball. I wonder how much softer it is then the X.
  13. Again I guess we will disagree on this. I go with my eyes and results. I use electronics as a start. Also, there are many ball tests that show dispersion differences for balls. So, to say there is no way for a ball design to go straighter I simply don’t believe. Again a few yards better in dispersion may be huge. So yes it may not be 20 yards but 5-10 yards less offline is very relevant.
  14. Well bluedot I understand the science in all this but I can only go by the results that I see when I play. I don’t agree that all balls are virtually the same launch angles and spin rates across the board with the driver. This is not the case for me. May not be a great difference but I have seen a difference in balls in spin and dispersion clearly. It doesn’t take much to move a ball 10 yards and I have some balls for me, move a little more than others. So I prefer to play the balls that seem to behave better for me. Your result may vary.
  15. I have a 5 iron exactly like yours. Have used like that for 2 seasons with no issues that I could determine. I did not file or anything because I was afraid to mess with the sole or leading edge and mess with the turf interaction so I left it be.
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