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  1. Grab a release and trade for it. You’re only in for $125 then. Releases are easy, just get your Apple Pay setup. I’ve been really enjoying getting into Swag over the last year. Financed alot of great golf gear and kept a few gems.
  2. Also the fact that he's calling it the X7 as either an ode or a slap in the face to Odyssey #7 is hilarious.
  3. Pretty good indication from the Sony Open today that this will be OTR in March. Which I can say I am very happy about.
  4. Yep exactly. Feel is sound and sound is feel. Face milling and striking a putt in the middle will make the most massive difference. I have a Swag Handsome Too with super tight milling and it’s butter. Doubt GSS can get any softer for stainless. My Cameron Studio stainless is soft but clicky due to almost no milling. So it feels firmer but really isn’t. You want a mind trip? Putt with earplugs in. You’ll be shocked and how soft it feels.
  5. Na Cantlay is double bend. You can technically buy that putter and put in a double bend shaft and bend lie and loft.
  6. It won’t ever get better than this for me, so anything they come out with is gravy at this point
  7. Sony Open is when we usually see the new stuff for this year. Im hoping for that triple black one they just released but in OTR.
  8. EVENS. SM4 felt like butter. SM6 had great shape, and the SM8s so far are the hybrid of the two for me. I will probably have my SM8's for a while, which is why i paid extra for the tour s400s in them.
  9. Thanks. Yeah just noticing on pro-v1s the paint is coming off. I’m hitting about 100 balls a day into it. I’ve got some srixon xv’s so I’ll try those. Been hearing vice balls hold up well? Haven’t tried them though.
  10. Another interesting question: I’ve been blowing through pro-v1’s in my basement sim. Are there any balls that hold up better over time going against an impact screen?
  11. Any insight on when FSX Play is coming out? I’m not buying any courses until I see which they’re updating first.
  12. Are all the clubs just "one dot" for the metallic sticker locations with the GC3? Is there any value to adding 3 dots to the club face?
  13. I know it was mentioned here before, but has anyone identified a padded backpack that works well for the GC3? I think it was a camera backpack?
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