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  1. Shaft doesn’t matter as I will reshaft them. Looking for good condition 3 & 4 bladed MP 18 Irons. Thanks!
  2. I just hope they spent the year in lockdown designing cool stuff, because he mailed it in last year with some hideous releases. Half the reason I moved into the Swag stuff.
  3. Sticker and a shaft band. So a big sticker and a smaller sticker lol
  4. This was from a couple months ago. These are for sure going to be the next futura release.
  5. Say what you will on some of the SWAG covers, but their putters are unreal for the money. These are the two that I own, they put the Scotty on the bench for now.
  6. Asking $360 including Shipping to Lower 48 States. - SOLD Brand new, custom paintfill to white (using Tamiya acrylic) Scotty Cameron 2020 Special Select Newport 2. I am the original owner. Never gamed, sticking with my original Studio Stainless. Specs: 35” 353G (Circle H), STD Loft and Lie 70* and 3.5* respectively. Swingweight is E6. Regripped with a Brand New Scotty Cameron Studio Design Grip in Black. AKA the best grip of all time Comes with Stock Headcover.
  7. Do you think it’s better to bend a long iron strong or weak? I’m just thinking I’d rather lose bounce on a long iron than add it... thoughts?
  8. Thanks. All good insights. I’m not a fan of wide soles so I’ll give the MMC and the Srixon a go for sure. Interesting no love for the 770s. I figured that was the best of both world with a thin sole and a really hot face.
  9. Yep! I loved the 716s but just didn’t get along with the 718s for whatever reason. Would love it if they were forged.
  10. Currently playing T100 4-P but I don’t like how much they spin and can lose distance. I went back to my MP-18 MBs and have been liking that lately, but need a 4-5 iron that can help a little more than the blades or the spinny T100 long irons. Was thinking of getting the 770s in 4 and 5, but any other suggestions for some semi forgiving long irons that won’t flight the ball so easily?
  11. I saw today that golf pride released some new cord versions to complement the “pro-only” series of putter grips. My top 3 favorite grips of all time are the Pingman PP58, Scotty Cameron Studio Design, and Scotty Cameron Pistolini. Wondering if anybody has tried these new Golf Pride Pro-Only putter grips and how they compare? I’ve always thought the Golf Pride Branded version of their putter grips felt much squishier than their Ping and Scotty counterparts. Has anyone tried these? https://store.golfpride.com/store/grips/prod2995399/pro-only-cord-red-star
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