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  1. Any news on the 620 CB or 620 MB not getting an update?
  2. Any confirmation on the CB/MB not getting an update?
  3. Right on, this was the only info I found on Jason Day's specs but it is old.. http://www.golf.com/equipment/what-i-play-jason-day-0
  4. Any info on what Days driver and 3 wood lengths (inches) are? Same with Adam Scott or any tour pro's current wood lengths?
  5. Ping woods or an update on what they might be doing in that department. Adidas footwear, FootJoy everything, Golf Pride, Titleist.
  6. Any one know if Nike will re-release the Tiger Woods practice short in the original 12 inch inseam?
  7. Are you 100% That there will not be a new apex pro or something similar, just blades for 2017?
  8. Any updates on this grip, looks really good would be interested to try it out.
  9. I think the new M1 looks really good. Do you think Taylormade will go with the volt paint for the new irons, if there are new irons 2017....
  10. Are there any updates on if there will be new irons released at the pga show? Or will they keep psi and psi tour for the 2017 season?
  11. Did you get to see or know of any thing else that is new?
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