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  1. Ha! Well said sir! It is the carry that separates him and allows those unique lines of attack--and for me that alone supports Diaz' opinion
  2. Thank you to all who have responded. I was visiting my hand surgeon for a final consult before scheduled surgery and he announced he was retiring. Referred me to his colleague. That exam proved to be the best consult I'd ever had on my arthritic hands. Long story shortened, the pain issue I experience is not in my thumb joint or even the basal thumb area of the actual arthritic STT joint, it's in my wrist. The stress of the arthritis in my joint has pulled on the ligaments that stretch across the back of my wrist and in turn those ligaments have now been stretched out and no longer are ta
  3. Not really, that's part of the problem---adding 10 acres of land on to a course in order to achieve that. Not feasible.
  4. Yikes you all are much deeper thinkers than I am—thanks for the responses!
  5. Well, his writing is better than his interviewing...but when it comes to responding to questions that all commentators weigh in on his answers strike me as the most incisive most of the time.
  6. I think it will come first with regulating balls that can be used in PGA tour and USGA play, then I'm thinking it might get to to tournament golf in general, sort of like not allowing aluminum bats.
  7. March 9 golf channel article by Diaz is in my opinion spot on. Of all the good writers on golf out there, and good commentators, he usually stands out as the premier writer. That he can speak in complete sentences on tv as well as having this precision writing skill sets him well apart from any golf media person. The article--I think an important read--distinguishes between distance and power, gives serious high fives to Bryson but points out that golf needs control on distance as the "it" factor. Again the power hitter who can keep it on the planet will always have an advantage
  8. Check out these greats trying to swing like Wolff....makes me feel better.
  9. It's not that this brace is ineffective, I can easily see its strengths, but for my unusual arthritis (my doc says he sees one STT severe arthritis for every 50 CMC arthritis patients he sees) it doesn't stop the pain of the takeaway. What does stop the pain is adopting a swing like M. Wolff's where the backswing club stands up vertically. There's very little hand strength required to stand the club up straight up and down. I'm trying it now and have 50% less pain. But good luck hitting the ball...especially since I was a 1.4 and whiffed the ball 3x out of 35 balls. Upside, yes! W
  10. No. It isn't comfortable to wear under a glove or on top of it and position the grip properly (you'd have to change the way you grip the club) but I could easily overcome that if it gave me any relief. It unfortunately hasn't and I stopped using it after 5 holes. I could have stopped after 3 or 4 swings but wanted to give it a good chance.
  11. Realize I might be talking to myself here but: I did try the push meta brace that Vernon recommended. I can't seem to hold the club properly while wearing it and I don't notice any pain relief. I am working on a workaround in order to play, something that involves the club bearing the least amount of weight on the hands. That turns out to be very close to Matthew Wolff's swing only he's so much more athletic I could never turn as much as he does and not get dizzy trying to reorient my head back to where it all began best to all
  12. Alas I’m officially done with golf unless and until some hand surgery is effective. Could not take it anymore. Tried every cream gel mentioned here and 5 others not mentioned. Thank you all!
  13. Yes you can help it. You and others can start by judging only from the point of view of Reed. If he and his competitors never saw it bounce--and no one else saw it or reported it differently--then when he approached the ball he would assume it landed there. Was it embedded at that point? Much ado about how high it bounced, that it's a physics impossibility to embed, etc. etc. but all it has to do to be embedded is to be in its own pitch mark. Reed marked the impression of the ball and I guess that it was in its own pitch mark. At least the referee saw it that way.
  14. Thank you for that validation. I ordered one hoping:1. that the STT arthritis I have is located close enough to the CMC to make the brace effective; and 2. That I can figure out a way to swing a club while wearing it- my STT arthritis is on my golf glove hand
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