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  1. Sounds more like trying to impress a pro. Bet your swing will be fine. just imho
  2. Speed Thought u might like a follow up. Spent time on the range (have unlimited access to balls). Widen my stance to about 19inches with the 7i. found I got just as much distance and ctrl with the wider stance but with a lot less wear and tear on the body. A smoother more tempo swing. Of course there were some mist hits I feel caused mostly by rushing and getting out of tempo. As a sidebar I experimented with different clubs. For me I found the club with the lower static weight really was better for me where as a heavier club was needed for the swing with the narrow stance. And as always w
  3. Ok Speedster here are some stills. Did it real quick in the backyard with my 12 year old as the camera man. 36 inch waist. Inside left heel to right 14-15 inches. Hate the camera lol. Didn't realize how bald I'm getting and how bad the extra 10lbs I put on over the winter looks.
  4. Thanks speedster I will try to get you the info tomorrow. Maybe a video too if I can work up the courage to post it lol.
  5. Do you need a wide stance to create width? I have probably a narrower than normal stance but seem to get plenty of width. Back to target and a lot of "restriction" between hips and shoulders. The down swing just seems to unload from there for me. Don't know if that makes sense but if I try a wider stance my hips seem really restricted. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. Speedster just so you know it was your refinements you spoke of that lead me to tweak JB's method.Thank you . Your pic of Justin Thomas really hit home. Never noticed before but that is exactly how I finish just not to the extreme extant he does. Up on left and right toes. Nothing I had to think about just happens. I firmly believe body shape, flexibility etc needs to be considered in any swing "method". In my case the overly wide stance prohibited loading and getting my back to the target. With narrowing my stance probably to a point JB wouldn't like I was able to really load and create te
  7. Well maybe you're too young to know these things. But it was the same way Hogan could hit a 6,7,or 8 iron from 150 and put them all within 10ft.
  8. Please just don't stretch while on the tee or on deck. keep the gyrations for ur eyes only.
  9. In the trash barrel in the parking lot at the course. Titleist Vokey 54deg. I added the lead tape.
  10. Do a weekend starter job at the course. Hand to god one more person takes 10 practice swings and proceeds to hit a 150yd duck hook I'm going to take a sledge hammer to my on head.
  11. > @garyt said: > > @DonRSD said: > > > @garyt said: > > > > > > > > > > What’s the link for that shirt? I’m 6’2” with a beer belly. Did not find the original swing shirt comfy at all. > > Lose weight or return the swing shirt.....I chose beer & grease lol ?? > > > > https://www.swingperfector.com/ I like the idea of just wearing a suit jacket to play. Save money and be classy on the course :smiley:
  12. Actually it is squared up. He's aiming to the right side of the fairway. Trees all down the left and his tees as you can see are set right along the tree line this side of the cart path. He aims right and hits a little draw to the middle lol. Now if I could learn that life would be good lol.
  13. Interesting stuff. I've been playing well of lately with great ball striking and distance for me. My turn around came with two adjustments. Make sure I get my back all the way facing the target and stay more vertical. Had a tendency to get flat, toe up is my key.
  14. > @Golfbeat said: > None of the above. From the top of the swing you just swing the whole club towards the target with your upper arms. YES and hit as hard as you dam can.
  15. > @DonRSD said: > Went out today for a round and didnt do too bad. > Made it a point to stay more upright and I focused on my right wrist. For some odd reason when I keep it flat the entire swing, it stops an over the top move. > Ball striking was a LOT better AND accurate. > > Anything to the flat right wrist feeling that made ball striking better? I did notice that the flat right wrist STOPPED me taking the club inside and creating an angle. I agree and for getting the right wrist action practice practice with the the glove. For my experience this weekend had a gr
  16. > @HoldenCornfield said: > "GOLF IN THE KINGDOM" > > No, I don't mean the book (or the movie based on the book). I'm talking about golf in the next life -- the other side -- heaven -- or whatever you want to call it. > > Will they have golf there? If so, what do you think it will be like? I'm sure people in this crowd have thought about it, seeing as how most of us are on the wrong side of 50. > > First off, I imagine the courses will be absolutely spectacular, and probably free. But what about the game itself? If we have perfect bodies will we make perfect sw
  17. Speedster (or anyone that has ideas) Im struggling with setting up the correct distance from the ball or measuring up I believe JB called it. What the best method for measuring up. I feel Im too close to the ball. I assume this would affect swing plane. Being a large chested, wide player, D1 football (just to clarify not talking big belly) any suggestions at players to look at who are not a round flat swinger.
  18. Check out Jimmy Ballard. Don't know if u would call it classic but definitely no back problems.
  19. No keep all 14 of his right handed clubs and play left-handed. Now that is a challenge.
  20. > @Jacob37 said: > This is one i haven’t seen, but i can’t stand to ride with someone in cart while they’re holding their club for the next shot. Example, they pitch on the green and go ahead and get their putter out while I’m preparing for my approach shot and then the ride with their putter You and I will never ride together lol
  21. IMO key to good putting is all speed. Knowing a line is worthless unless you are able to ctrl the speed.
  22. Thanks again speedster this was an eye opener. I always took it back on the shaft plane but try to maintain that plane. With you giving me "permission" to get between the shaft plane and shoulder plane halfway back made a big difference. Always for some reason thought JB like everything on the shaft plane which caused most of my misses to be thinned shots. Thanks so much for taking the time to enlighten us layman.
  23. > @PlayinPing said: > I'm a 5 handicap and can't hit a fairway with a driver. I dont have a single miss, I can pull hook it as easily as I can block it a mile right. How do I rebuild my driver game? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. I have been getting lessons but not seeing any improvement getting off the tee. You're a 5 and can't hit a fairway. I don't want to play u when you start hitting fairways lol
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