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  1. Went out with the late nineties bag today These clubs play as good as any modern day clubs at least for me. 78 but from only 6300 yds which is my wheelhouse. 97 Mizuno Trues and Titleist 975s
  2. Was struggling today. Went to the range. Finally put on the glove bingo. Didn't realize how flat I was getting (holding a tray flat). I think little more feel work (ie glove) I probably will b able to recognize the fault while playing. On a different subject spine angle I think with jb's technique it's hard not to maintain the spine angle imo.
  3. Thought I pass on a few more of my "nuggets" in case it may help others. Obviously a layman in the golf world compared to a lot on this thread but thought someone might find a nugget themselves or just use it for TP lol. Been working pretty diligently with JB teachings. And as I said before they are gospel but one needs to develop their own why of incorporating them imo. So I have made great progress in my opinion. I have basically come down to these thoughts. Address stand straight up with the club grounded behind the ball. Raise my arms in to the half a left arm position and start the sw
  4. [https://myrtlebeachonline.com/latest-news/article209654434.html](https://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/latest-news/article209654434.html "https://myrtlebeachonline.com/latest-news/article209654434.html")
  5. Played one back when they came out. Graphite shaft don't rememberer details about the shaft. Thought it was a great club. Definitely long for the time and pretty straight.
  6. > @disco111 said: > A general question for the eye 2 players..........does it really matter if all the serial numbers don't match? If they are going to be play clubs no as long as the same color code and shaft. For collecting same serial number for all clubs I would want.
  7. Been going totally Ping. Thats a Ping My Day putter. Just need a staff bag, need to find one cheap lol
  8. I think it's more of a feel thing. Had a very good older player tell me years ago feel like the right shoulder "covers the ball" on the downswing.
  9. Just an antidote to the above post. Last year Callaway had a demo day at the club. They were trying to push the Rouge irons and woods. As I mostly play my Eye 2s that is what I had in the bag that day. As luck would have it I was striking the ball well. So the rep looks to see what irons are in my bag. Doesn't say a word turns around and says try this. Hands me an 8 iron. Hit it a couple of times hands me another 8 try this. Felt much better and was crushing the ball, for me, 165 yds or so. I state I don't hit and 8 iron that far. Rep says you do now. I turn and say no I just hit my normal l
  10. My "feel" for the downswing is try to cover the ball with the right shoulder. I was told this by a very good player years ago but I then had a flat/round swing and it didn't come close to helping. With the jb more vertical swing its a great feel for me.
  11. High right shoulder. Thats all there is to it :wink: Cant believe i've been hacking around for 20 yrs and jb was out there. "what a stupid I am"
  12. Don't no how vintage but took out the BECU Eye 2s, Ping Zing laminated blonde 1,3,4 and a Ping My Day putter circa late 70s. I love playing these clubs. Love this shaft on the driver
  13. Just a little JB love. For the last month or so I kind of drift away from the JB fundamentals. By this I mean tryin to put my own "touch" on what JB teaches. After tinkering and becoming very inconsistent I trashed everything and went back to JB fundamentals verbatim. What really set the light bulb off in my head was re-watching the golf channel show with JB and Rocco. After a couple of days working on the exact positions from stance to downswing I produced the best round today in over a year a 74. This is an amazing swing when it all clicks and still a great swing even if you are a little o
  14. Really working on this and I am finding the more I concentrate on just the right hand controlling the backswing and downswing I have great contact with some serious club head speed. Also really great in controlling distance especially on pitches and chips. On another note in another JB thread a mention of JB making another video was brought up. Any of you JB people know anything about it?
  15. quick question while on the subject. any suggestions for a shaft for the eye 2s to add weight.
  16. Not a techie but def wasn't looking for a ball flight change. For me I like and seem to be able to play better with a "heavier" club. I still think the shafts in the eye 2 isn't " heavy " enough for me. By this I mean my favorite all time club to play are 65 wilson dynaflows. They have a wilson staff shaft. They are the "heaviest" club to my feel. Know exactly where the club face is (good and bad) during the swing.
  17. > @lawsonman said: > Why don't you just put tungsten powder down the shafts and swing weight them that way? Tape is removable and adjustable. Plus cool old school
  18. > @halliedog said: > You need to take a blunt object, like the back end of small screwdriver, and mash/blend that in a little. it has already been done right after the pic
  19. is it me. don't go to the range, play more
  20. I discovered this week that a posture change (again I was exaggerating the tallness JB talks about) and lower hands really keeps the flat right wrist for me without thinking about it. What I'm learning which is probably evident to everyone else ( I'm a little slow lol) is use what works for you within the basic principals of JB's swing theories since everyone is different in body size, swing speed etc. Quick question. DJ did /do u get fitted for your clubs and if you did how did it change your swing/ball contact etc?
  21. This is for my 65 set. Bet they are close Wilson Dynapowers 2i 21* 38.5" 57* 3i 24 38 58 4i 27 37.5 59 5i 31 37 60 6i 35 36.5 61 7i 39 36.25 62 8i 43 35.75 63 9i 47 35.25 63 P 51 35.25 64 S 55 35.25 64
  22. actually I don't find I hit it shorter just with more consistency and faster ball speed that is evident with just the eye and feel alone.
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