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  1. Hogan is rolling over in his grave.
  2. Shattuck GC, Jaffery NH par 71, course rating 73.5 (thats a full 2 strokes over par), slope 153 (out of a possible 155). seen mini tour pros go high 80s.
  3. The Tommy Armour EQLs didn't customize to the player big reason they didn't work as expected. The EDL irons will be custom made (specialized fitters are trying to be train through out the US) obviously because there is no one swing/physique. This idea is based on a single plane swing and incorporates the teachings of Homer Kelley's book. And they will be very expensive $200 plus an iron.
  4. That I would of loved to of seen, now that's funny.
  5. TEE CB4 driver 9.5* TEE XCG6 3 15* 2 iron (ping eye2) 19* MD Superstrong 21* hybrid 4-sw Carry the 2 iron for wind and tight holes plus the eye 2 is as easy to hit as a 7 iron
  6. Mar 5 turn 60, the eye2 beau's came out of retirement and sit in the living room waiting for spring. The Mizuno blades are taking a well deserved rest. I have also up grade the Zing blonde woods to my 975d and fs. Must be the pisces in us.
  7. A sad state of affairs and the kids are the only ones who lose. Making your 8 yr old cry on a golf course unbelievable. Doesn't say much for the other half that live with these a**holes. As the HS coach said borderline child abuse. School admins have no balls anymore either.
  8. Great topic, my son is 8 and last summer was his first golfing experience. He likes nothing better and he actually practices in the snow now. I assume in a couple of years he will beat me straight up. But he will have to earn it, because of his interest mine as been renewed. We played every weekend last year and all indications are it will be the same this year. I can not wait until the day he can smoke me.
  9. I have found numerous items on the course phones to clubs and always turn them in. With that said I will tell the story that I was playing solo one day and caught a foursome on the front nine. Now the course was pretty empty that day and they had nothing in front of them for many holes. While I just kept waiting on every shot, they knew I was there because they would take long stares back every now and then and they did not see fit for me to play thru. They were slow and drinking. On the par 3 12th I walk up to the green and there is a brand new Ping putter (not a cheap one). Now I was pre
  10. Hitting it fat and it works out - that's a Liz Taylor, fat but pretty
  11. seven clubs - my ping zing blond 3 wood(15*), eye 2s- 2,4,6,8,w Putter. Most of the time just add a driver.
  12. Play Eye 2s becu again after some time off then struggling with my Mizuno blades the last year. They will not leave the bag again. Also play a Zing blond 3 wood and driver when I play with my son (8yrs old).
  13. Play Ping Eye 2s becu. I like them because I can take a month off (say for raising a family) and still have all the confidence in the world that they are going to go where I am them. I can come to play on a Saturday after not picking up a club all week and throw my money in the pot and be competitive. Most of the guys I play with that are single digits ( some real low) play GI clubs.
  14. Only two putters ever made the cut. A Ping My Day and my current putter a John Letters Banker
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