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  1. Just a comment. Finding the hardest thing to maintain is the more upright right arm. With the glove I'm dangerous, without it tend to go back to "serving the tray". So now I always warm up with the glove big difference. Takes a lot practice to make a swing change. Too bad that glove isn't legal for course play lol.
  2. > @Edward_Majorwin said: > Hmmm, my stereotype would be the self-critical perfectionist, verbal-outbursting nutjob kind of golfer. Mostly I get range rage but also on the course I call myself things I would never lay upon another human being...ever. If I'm really steaming I'll fall back behind everybody walking to their second shot and mutter away that I'm a POS and the dumbest human being on the earth, etc, etc. Everyone I've ever played with has surely heard me mutter "stupid f'n arm swing...f***!!!" > > And since this is an anonymous online forum I'll give you the complete
  3. Just some info that might pertain some. I was exaggerating the wide stance. Brought it back to my "normal" and continued with the connection. Night and day. Like anything I guess modification.
  4. Hate the new pic insert feature. I could be doing something wrong. But it sucks this way
  5. So play copper Eye 2s. I know they were factory c8-c9. But even the club weight was light for me. Had a a problem with to quick of a transition. Added the weight on much better ball striking. SW,PW,9 took 1 strip of tape, 8-4 2 strips and the 2 took 3 strips but has different shaft a Dynamic Gold S300, all the others are the KT-M stiff. The 2 felt really light. Not sure if the shaft was the difference. I suspect it was. So just one more thing the boys can bust on as they are paying :smiley:
  6. Rupture my bicep tendon last year.Tore it right of the bone. Surgery with an anchor put in the bone to reattach the tendon. Walk in the park Kazinsky. You will be back in under 10 weeks.
  7. > @Obee said: > No. I give you: > > Believe it or not Mickey Wright was who I was thinking of when I wrote Kathy Whitworh. lol getting old
  8. anyone know of a ballard disciple in the northeast
  9. Definitely think my hands are too low. will have to work on this. Was getting to "around" and not up.
  10. This weekend really went bad. Thinking too much. Like all methods/swings need rhythm and a just hit the ball philosophy. I hate over thinking stuff lol. Speedster's advice for wider stance on chipping, pitches etc made a short game difference thanks you. Also think moving the head back with the coil is a game changer for me anyways.
  11. Kathy Whitworth Watch Shells Snead vs Hogan 2 swings both the goat. Can't compare swings of potential goats.
  12. Been raining all day so I've been doing speedster's wall drill. Really gives u the feel for the correct take away and hinge. Even more than the practice glove. Cheaper too. No wall at the range so still need the glove.
  13. What else you going to do? Knit, play hearts, take naps? Play GOLF man to the day u can't.
  14. LOFT brother, taking the game too seriously. Learn when to bag a club during a round or play a fierce hook. Just a game!!!!
  15. When the waitress/server gives u a bill less then the board price and u think she's hitting on u but when u inquire/thank you with the hope of a phone number she tells u no it was the senior discount and ur not even eligible for one. Happened to a guy I know. He still hasn't lived it down.
  16. Doesn't matter, play the yardage you like. Hit your tee ball as far as u can and the pick the iron for the yardage you have left. Worry about putting and chipping who gives f how far u can hit it.
  17. MonteScheinblum said: No vertical wrist hinge. Dead on. Put ur butt against a wall and practice ur back swing keep the club in front of you. Thats all there is to it.
  18. If I was behind you guys or just watching I'd be more pissed he was jumping up and down on the green. Sounds like a dickweed to me.
  19. No, Thats why there's not one identical swing. Square up the club face period.
  20. U take the game too seriously. I agree tho if u get no enjoyment from golf find something u do enjoy.
  21. I'm assuming that these videos are the same just different covers anyone know for sure.
  22. Billy would drink coffee... Billy has more golf stories than anyone, and not G rated. He can drink water for all I care
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