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  1. Jimmy Ballard. Then Jimmy and Billy Harmon in the bar afterwards.
  2. For me the best thing to come out of the Ballard/Flick video was Jimmy's comment the left goes sideways and the right goes up. Simple has that.
  3. I can take just about anything on the course except this I go mental.
  4. Watching the U.S. Open battle with Rocco and Tiger today. Rocco is nothing but JB that tournament. It's on youtube Rocco elbows down, short left arm etc. Well worth the watch.
  5. It was Jody Vasquez that wrote the book but I agree 100% with the right knee controlling the distance and the cupped left wrist for balance and squaring the club face. Best Hogan advice ever given.
  6. For my life this is who i want taking the putt
  7. Thank you sir. Perfect timing a raining ugly day here.
  8. Thank you Speedster for sharing this. Since we got another storm over night I now have some reading material:)
  9. 170-180 yd 5iron. Distance isn't your problem should be able to play 6,500 yds no problem. How's your short game and shot ctrl? Looking for those 170yrd 8 irons.... like Hogan said can't play good golf hitting an 8 iron that far. Two words IMO "course management"
  10. Does that glove go on the right wrist or left wrist? It looks like it is for the left hand?? No it's for the right wrist. All ready have the bowling golf but thought this would be a nice piece of memorabilia.
  11. I also think to perform like Peete and Hogan (another straight hitter) you need a newsboy cap. Going to start looking for mine lol
  12. Calvin Peete straightest golfer in tour history. Short left arm. At age 12, he fell from a cherry tree near his grandmother’s house in Haiti, Missouri, breaking his left elbow in three places. It was set badly and fused permanently. And David Leadbetters A swing is nothing more than a JB rip-off
  13. For 99% of us it's nothing but a game bro. We are not going to make a living at it. Sure there's comp but if you want to compete do it with dignity. Otherwise crack a cold one hit the ball and go find it and enjoy the outdoor time. Just my personal motto, many gamble me included. But if you can't afford what you're betting don't. Betting on your game with the rent/food money etc will guarantee a bad time. Unless you're Lee Trevino lol
  14. The more I study JB the more I realize the Hogan connection (via Byrd/Ruth). I tried to study Hogan for a few years but with real insight. imo with all the mis information on Hogan out there I never got it. JB is like a fresh of breath air, born golf teacher. Speedster just wanted to let you know the right handed glove you recommend has transformed my back swing. Can't believe how many pros I have heard give the advice of "holding the tray".
  15. Let's hope he doesn't ask you to jump off a cliff.
  16. Lost all respect for both of them https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/2019/02/02/president-donald-trump-playing-golf-with-tiger-woods-jack-nicklaus/38994279/
  17. Am I crazy or does this sound exactly like what JB wants. From "Afternoons with Mr. Hogan" by Jody Vasquez. I know I've read where a lot of people dismiss him. Considering his amateur resume and his business resume I believe every word he says. Plus if this isn't JB, then I'm lost lol. I will say what Hogan or anyone else feels what they're doing my not be exactly what's happening But Hogan definitely used his right leg for weight shift and hitting down and through IMO. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. "The Secret is the correct functioning of the right leg, with emphasis on mainta
  18. Thanks guys. I'll post a pic when it's done if it looks like a human did it and not a monkey :)
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