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  1. I picked up a Wood's Brother drive today out of the garbage. As you can see it has a chunk out of the head. What do you think would be the best filler to just make hit hittable. I'm not looking to do anything extensive just some epoxy or something to be able to take it out. Thanks
  2. Thank you for posting that great quick reference
  3. I have the DVD.....its the exact same video as the VHS. Its just converted to DVD format. I could make copies of the JB DVD and mail them out, if anyone is interested. Takes 5 minutes to make a dub. Don I would be interested. Contact me at [email protected] thank you
  4. Speedster or anyone are the VHS and DVD essentially the same material? I have the VHS but was wondering if the DVD covers anything new/different?
  5. Use the "more reply options" tab. Then it will b self explanatory for posting a pic
  6. The Callaway connect advertises it's for "Helps groove proper swing path for wedges and short irons". Not the full swing so experience with the short game makes sense.
  7. Imo Henrik Stenson does the perfect Ballard swing with no sway. Watch on youtube. Annika used it too.
  8. I agree pressure and tension on the instep is key for me also. Few years ago I was playing with a gentleman from Texas. An older gentleman and he was good. Didn't keep track but shot par or real close from 6,700 yds. Anyway the one piece of advice he gave me was to feel like you're covering the ball on the down swing with the right arm. If I'm playing well with the JB "method" that is exactly the feeling I get. IT may not b what JB is preaching but sounds like what is being said in the above post.
  9. Here's another blonde with original Ping Novus CFP 57 shaft. Draws a lot of attention on the course :)
  10. The right hand glove helps get the club up and not around with a "flatter" right wrist at the top.... the point you will really notice the glove is from half way back to the top, especially if you fight going around. Not something you need to wear for the rest of your life, just until you stop going around. It pretty much does the opposite of the "waiter holding a tray" feel at the top, it cups the left wrist more, helping you get more toe down at the top with the clubface, and it flattens the right wrist. Calvin Peete, the straightest driver of the golf ball of all time used to practice wit
  11. I also found for me if you really plant the weight on the right foot going around just won't happen for me. Speedster what is the purpose of the right hand glove? Just keeping the right hand from getting flat(supinating) and more up right?
  12. Beautiful irons. Nice work. This is my play set haven't found a more forgiving iron or cooler looking set. Also love my blonde woods. Just as forgiving but I'll admit 15 yards shorter. I'm old and play at 6000 yds so doesn't hurt me. Plus stand up and pure the 2 iron on a short par 4 twirl the club and walk away before the ball lands. Priceless lol
  13. I would be checking if you had a stroke standing over that ball.
  14. Hit the ball go find the freaking thing hit it again. Score will be the same as standing over it.
  15. Just my opinion the shafts on the Wilson dyna-power fluid feel are one of the best old school shafts. I love mine and never ever considered replacing them. Plus they just wouldn't look right.
  16. Do have the complete Wilson set 1-SW. One of my favorite sets to play.
  17. Play the eye2 coppers 2-sw. they will tend to have a higher ball flight, but yes spin like crazy. if i need a more piercing ball flight ill just take lower club and adjust. i love chipping and pitching with wedges.
  18. When Billy Harmon was caddying on the tour he said any good player who was able to stay out on tour that their divots always went left !
  19. or just step up and it the fricking ball!!
  20. The back in time thread motivated me to put away the Eye 2s and modern woods for 65 Dynapowers and Hogan Speedslots. Played with them the last three days and haven't enjoyed golf more. Weather was perfect, course was what courses should be imo. Played just as well with the classics as the semi moderns. Albeit the eye2s are icons imo.
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