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  1. One must remember that trademark postings can often be defensive, to keep a competitor from using it (ie. Carbonwood and Matrixwood). Trademarks can be used as descriptors for a new product or technology for a new product. Stealth could be a good Trademark and while they may surprise me, I don't expect it to be part of the name in the next generation metal woods, it could be a nod to the next generation (late 2022/early 2023). One must not forget that some of these "working" names are also cover for prototypes. So the "Solo" reference may be true. But it most assuredly won't be the name of a new product. Interestingly the only major golf companies that draw any interest in new trademarks are TaylorMade and Callaway! I can't say anything more.
  2. Stronger lofts in these new generations of irons are NOT the same as making older sets stronger. The new clubs hit the ball higher in trajectory while still hitting it longer. The peak height of these clubs is not similar to the older clubs when having the same lofts! This is important to know. GI clubs are engineered for this by using new technology. This higher flights also allow for a steeper angle into the greens which helps with having a lower spin than the older or less tech clubs.
  3. I don't know how active Ma is anymore in their putter designs. Clay Long a long time club and putter designer (he has worked and/or consulted for almost a dozen Companies including most of the big boys) came on for a awhile in 2014 as a lead consultant for a short time while Ma was still there. I have known Clay since the 90's. But most putter companies who do any type of blade putters have had their "own" versions, although they seem to be more a replica once the TMs have expired. But that is pretty common now with differences being in the metallurgy, striking surfaces (including inserts) and hosel variations. My reference to "Scotty" Cameron is how he was referred to years ago (Xerox) because he primarily reworked others' designs and used different metals compositions and his given name is actually Donald. I originally heard about him pre-Titleist from other mainline tour reps and some other longtime club designers that I have known for decades.
  4. So they passed on "Awesome" ??? What is the next version of the Bertha?
  5. It clearly says TaylorMade. That model head goes back over 40 years. I think it was originally a TP. Mills design. Evrybody has made a version of it including "Donny" Xerox when he was designing putters for Mizuno way before Titleist.
  6. No. I haven't. But I am very happy with my P770s. I have been more focused on working on my game and less on new equipment right now, The 790 heads are too big for myself (I had a set of the originals but gave them to my best friend who still plays them. I do like how they seem to be getting to appear more like a players' club. I am in a really good place equipment wise. There have been times when I would love working with new equipment but then I had to go through a transition period every time I wanted to try to work something in. I imagine I won't be stagnant but really happy with my bag and the options I have for specific courses.
  7. My father had that Chevy in Green also. Tremendously popular!
  8. The important thing is that neither BK nor Bryson are relevant in this years Open Championship. So the back and forth is unimportant at this point.
  9. To me they look cheap. Seems like it has a aluminum or plastic cover on the back. Yikes!
  10. Wow. I think these are a step backwards. The 200s look like they put an aluminum hood over the back. The others look like they are trying to play off of the Satin finish of Taylormade P7 series (especially the P770s). The UT looks like a larger big chunk of the Mizuno UT from over a decade ago. For those who have the previous versions I would expect that you won't have worry about getting an uglier replacement. These new clubs don't stand up the level of the latest release of the drivers and metal woods.
  11. Wow. These new offerings are tremendously uninspiring to say the least. The UT is dumbfoundingly disappointing. The new irons look like they are trying to play off of the TaylorMade P7 series by trying to make the backside look clean and smooth. But they all look like they Have covers on the backs hiding what is supposed to have technology?? IMO they look like inexpensive "wannabies". Big step backwards.
  12. On occasion depending on the course (or conditions) I may drop the 5wd and carry an old 16* Cleveland Hi-Bore labeled as a 1i lower trajectory, a SIM-2 #3, and a SIM #4. Other wise my options are always have the SIM #4 in the bag and almost always have the 16* Cleveland there, 5 wd alternates with the SIM-2 #3
  13. Some info referenced him playing a Titleist ball but it looks like he is playing new TaylorMade ball.
  14. If it is BK, there is no guarantee the driver is there. It is a headcover. There are other Srixon players who use their HC on someone else's club head. It would be very unusual for them to have a club contract without the Cleveland wedges. Those are no required on a ball deal but where would that be known? Nike ties up the bag and hat. We will just have to see . . .
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