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  1. Monday Nov 23 starts the new 2021 equipment season. For those in the Southeast part of the US, I think they might stumble on new photo shoot or two if they know the traditional spots and see some major player lineup changes!! Maybe . . . . jus' sayin . . .
  2. Try flattening the club 2* and leave the loft at 60* before adding loft and grinding. You should see the bounce show more in the center. I would try that before grinding the heel area. But I just realized that I might be too late in responding as I was not on the site when you were posting.
  3. I made an edit to my original post. But as for the Tour Players it was thought by TM that most of the Tour would use the smaller SIM Ti but that has not been the case in use. That's why they are coming up for sale. I have been in communication with TM when they came out. The response to the slightly head was not what they expected in comparison. The larger head is more accurate without having essentially a negative larger look and the turf interaction was basically the same.
  4. SORRY. I HAVE A MAJOR TYPO IN MY POST--- The SIM "tour" 3 wd is only about 10-12 cc than the STANDARD SIM 3wd. Both are Titanium and they both have exactly the same graphics. The first run on these were virtually identical and hard to tell the difference. I had to mark the smaller head to avoid confusion. I will try to correct the original post.
  5. The smaller SIM Ti 3 wd is only about 10-12 cc smaller than the standard SIM Ti 3wd . I have had both sizes since the first of January. It is not easy to see the difference. You have to put them side by side. I thought I would prefer the smaller head, but in the end I have been playing the larger one. Interestingly the larger SIM head has been preferred to the smaller but the SIM MAX 3wd has those who prefer that club because the Titanium SIM was too long for some of the guys thus they have gone with the Steel SIM MAX. (Edited the original post)
  6. The X Forged Cavity back is a clunky patchwork look that wants to borrow from the TM P7MC which is a beautiful club. Now if they work better, okay but they better be superior although the offset looks to be too much more Game improvement like. Disappointing to me.
  7. I just pulled out the R9 Super Deep from my club library and while the depths look similar the overall shape of the R9 SD has a more refined shape where the "4" looks more like a "sloppy blob" without definition. Sorry to those who might be insulted. But that is my opinion, I need a driver to have a "tighter" and more defined shape. The 4 just has a "spread' to it which is distracting to me especially when compared to their other models and other companies clubs.
  8. Yes there will be a new Hi Toe in 2021. I don't have the details but they may come with Raw faces as they have have currently in the Tour Dept.
  9. Ricky's issues have nothing to do with the ball change. If anything it has saved him a few shots in what may be considered a "decline". he has been playing with swing things. First off he has never been really consistent. He has had his ups and downs. In the end he has never won anywhere near what has been expected of him overall by many of the "experts". I could go into several swing and club issues, but in the end he has had round 3 and/or 4 issues. This speaks to the right mental makeup for weekends. None of this is really equipment related. Besides Matthew Wolff is playing the "Ric
  10. There is a lot more Spider variations on Tour than there is Newports. Many by non staff players! How many tournaments were won by players using Mizuno irons?? (Very nice clubs but most of their wins were from Brooks).
  11. I had dinner with Stewart Cink with his wife Lisa and his son along with Chesson Hadley and his wife on Monday evening. They were in a great mood and looking forward to their week here in Napa both on the course and off. He was promising to do BBQ next year. In the end they all had a better time than even expected. Cink in first and Hadley t-14. As of right now there is NO contract in place for 2021. It is yet to be determined if it returns?
  12. Yes, I checked on this but it looks to be after the first of the year.
  13. I live here in Napa and there are currently NO wild fires in the county. These skies came from outside the area which has affected all of Northern California. Napa is a narrow valley and the skies here never cleared. Ash blanketed everything It was darker here than in Anchorage Alaska in June than 3:00 AM !! Lights were on all day everywhere. The Napa Register reported about living under a Martian Sky (great line). The picture is the hood of my car this morning.
  14. Just a note-- there are a lot of people that don't like the looks or the Truss but Martin Kaymer seems to like it. He finished top 5 last week in Europe and he is in 2nd place thru 3 rounds this week.
  15. I wasn't aware of that quote or that specific TXG podcast. But I guess at this point I can confirm the info. But let's see. Typically TW doesn't make important equipment changes without a lot of testing "out of view' especially with two majors coming up in a relatively short time especially The Masters where it would seem almost incomprehensible to play Augusta National without that SC.
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