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  1. Some info referenced him playing a Titleist ball but it looks like he is playing new TaylorMade ball.
  2. If it is BK, there is no guarantee the driver is there. It is a headcover. There are other Srixon players who use their HC on someone else's club head. It would be very unusual for them to have a club contract without the Cleveland wedges. Those are no required on a ball deal but where would that be known? Nike ties up the bag and hat. We will just have to see . . .
  3. 1. Napa CA 2. +0.5 3. ZX5 3. Yes we can go virtually every day 4. TaylorMade P760s 4-PW 5. Interesting sole grind and new concepts 6. I can participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos. I am well experienced at club, shaft and ball testing for over 20 years and the reporting of such.
  4. No I was referring to the clubs Berger is playing. Not totally sure what J Day is going to play yet. As far as what I give those clubs up for is depending on the exact situation at the time.
  5. The initial plan is to go without a contract and likely stay with mostly older TM clubs for the time being. He has a pretty big Nike Contract and he is more about getting back to winning. The comments about him going back the the RSi irons could be right! He is comfortable with some of the older things that he has had success with. Preferring comfortable over new. But the "signature players" are usually required to be up to date. Look at Daniel Berger he left TM for the Callaway $$ and he disappeared. He broke he contract with Callaway so that he could go back to his old TM irons and acquired
  6. The SIM 2 is NOT yet on the USGA approval list. They are hoping it is on the list of Dec 14 so that TW can use it in the Father-Son this coming weekend. So Perez shouldn't really be using it although what he is doing is not governed by any approvals. The USGA usually posts the Monday approvals on Sunday evening. But as of 4:40 PM Pacific it has not been updated since the Dec 7 list.
  7. Yes it is real. I have one. I have both versions but there is no markings on the club head that are different from each other. I had to put marlings on the sole to tell the difference when I was testing them against each other. I believe the difference is only 12-14 cc's. Next to each other one can see it. but not easy on their own. I literally had one of the first. if there were later ones with different markings, I didn't see that. The production was very small and most chose the larger head as it is much more forgiving or some players went with the SIM Max which was a steel head and not qui
  8. It was about the Money. Callaway needed a big time top ranked player with flare. I have it on inside info that it was for big "Stupid Money". I have know about it for some time.
  9. Absolutely, I agree but what do they do with the first run of heads? They can't grind them down. That is what I was talking about. Although I would be surprised if they produced much more than a 500 sets. These type of clubs are never big production. But they need to something with those initial sets. If they were to another run without the branding, I would understand but it would be a small run and thus be expensive. TW's run was either 1800 or 2000 sets. Even the great R9 TP Tour blades only had a first run of 1800 sets. After the first few sets went out they started stamping them with
  10. These OEMs (especially TM) really do an intensive check and testing on each of the new "full staff" potential long term contract nameplates nowadays. It is not done casually trust me. They have not signed others and let some go. Not always easy to do and they do miss once in a while. Rahm was hoped to be a long term player. But Callaway really thru the bank at him. They knew that they needed a bigger timer than what they had. I am telling you I was told by a very informed person that it was "Stupid $$$". Good for him.
  11. Cleveland was paying VJ very well. He got a lot of other things each time he won, I know that personally for about 20 times.
  12. LOL . . okay Money, that is one set . . . Realistically how does Cobra market them?? "Now you can get and play these beautiful museum quality RT irons that even Rickie couldn't play!!" it is humorous and tragic at the same time. Probably the last time Cobra with brand clubs with a players name. Especially one who has won so few events regardless how popular a player is. How long was it before anyone put TW's name on clubs? Those clubs were well established. It is really too bad that they "labeled" the initial clubs produced. I agree great looking, and I am sure that they must be hit on th
  13. Do these matter anymore? They can't sell them as RT clubs, this is tough if without some visibility other than here. They are beautiful to look at but how many people are planning to buy them and hang them on the wall in a frame. They way Fowler has lost his iron and short game this year who can see him go with a less forgiving club. It is very unfortunate for Cobra.
  14. Okay. Now that the pics have been seen pretty wide, expect Callaway to do something to try to counter the TM publicity within a week!! That's what they do. If Rahm says he won't play again in December then they will make sure that the word gets out much more wide publicly. The announcements are not to be officially out until the existing contract is over! Or do they have something new that has not been previously officially announced?? SOMETHING is coming. The TM pics is timed pretty well. Expect the new SIM2s on the USGA approved driver heads next Monday the 14th (they didn't ma
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