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  1. Great irons, but I would love to try them with PX6.0s for a tad bit more distance. That being said, I was very accurate with the KBS Tour 105 shafts when I tested them, so they're still very tempting stock.
  2. Same. I was finally able to try both last weekend and I actually got better results from the Apex MB. Both were great, but I got slightly more distance with very similar spin with the MB. Both had PX 6.0 shafts.
  3. Can you elaborate the before and after grip change? I had the same issue recently and finally figured out that it was my left hand grip as well. I was leaving my thumb down the shaft, rather than keeping it closer to my index finger, so at the top of my takeaway my thumb was hyper-extending and letting the shaft go past parallel. It would sometimes even cause me to loosen my left hand grip at the top, making the problem even worse. When I moved my thumb over to touch the knuckle joint of my index finger, the problem stopped. My overall grip improved immediately, I stopped taking the club past parallel (if I even got there), and my striking improved.
  4. I currently live in Opelika and am a member at AU Club, so I play there 99% of the time.
  5. Titleist CB but a slightly taller face.
  6. I can't imagine the moving of the weights does anything a real golfer would notice. Maybe a robot repeating off center hits might see something in the long irons but you'd think the difference would be negligible regardless. I've been playing the V4s for almost a year now, and I have a tendency to hit towards the toe. When I tested the 4-5 iron V6s, my toe strikes seemed to feel a bit better and go just a tad bit farther than with my V4s. I won't upgrade over it, but I definitely preferred the V6s over all. Anyone would be more than happy with the V4s, though, especially if their budget was tight. If your budget ISN'T tight, go with the V6 :)
  7. Ah, this is new! I grew up in Troy and it definitely used to be. I'm sure they had to go public to stay alive.
  8. Since the university course is gone, Troy now only has the country club, which is private. The next closest course is the Brundidge CC, but it is private as well. I believe the closest public course is in Ozark, which is about a 30 minute drive.
  9. Not sure on the cast version, but I played the forged version for a year (about 1500 holes) and they held up very well. The finish just lightens a bit with heavy use, but the overall gunmetal color stays.
  10. Driver - Titleist Wood/Hybrid/Putter - Callaway/Odyssey Irons/Wedges - Wilson Staff
  11. I've contemplated doing this for a while after getting a 3 hybrid (and loving it), but I've made myself stick with the 4/5 iron just to make myself learn how to hit them well. It hasn't really been easy or quick, but I've made some decent progress in the last couple of months. Sometimes I really doubt my decision on doing that, though...
  12. The Z745 is an amazing iron, but I just didn't get along with it in the end. I loved the V sole when testing on mats and planned to get a set, but when I finally got to try them on grass, they didn't agree with my swing at all for some reason. I ended up having repeated success with testing the FG Tour V4s and got a set of those instead.
  13. Just pulled the trigger on a 35" 2-Ball Fang Versa w/ SuperStroke. After about a year of testing every putter I could get my hands on, I couldn't seem to find anything else that agreed with me as perfectly as that model/setup, with the V-Line coming in 2nd place.
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