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  1. Going into year 4 of the game. I’m 41 now. Never played any hand-eye coordination dominant sports - just football, wrestling, bjj and basketball as a youth. My bag should have 5 hybrids, but I’m still trying to game a 5 and 6 iron. My question is since the goal of the game is to have fun and shoot low scores, will the lack of a long iron game limit me? My current life affords me 1 round every 2 weeks, 1 range session per week, and a lesson once a month. Thanks!
  2. At the amateur level? Is it # of putts/round? This can be skewed if you're missing a lot of greens but can chip it close vs. someone who is always hitting greens. Is it # of 3-putts/round, or the avoidance of? Is it % of 3-, 5-, 8-footers made? Is it the ability to play breaking putts? Just curious as to what others here think make for a good putter and what would make themselves a better putter? ------ As for myself, in the last 10 rounds I've averaged 34 putts/round, but I'm hitting 2.2 more greens. In the previous 10 rounds, I was average 31.8 putts/round. I am best served when I am putting below the cup, R to L or L to R doesn't matter. I believe I am a POOR to FAIR lag putter, and would be a better putter if my lag putting was better.
  3. Hello everyone, Mid-handicapper that has been struggling with the yanks, especially on my pitches (40-80 yards). Had a friend look at my swing and tell me that my R (I'm a righty) thumb and index finger are free floating. So...I've seen: R thumb and index finger "pinch" R thumb "support" the shaft (no pinch with index, but the inner side of thumb is securing the thumb) R thumb on top of the shaft I don't know of any theories or coaching points as to what the R thumb should be doing. If it's worth anything, I have a relatively neutral (both my Vs are pointing at my R armpit) grip, with interlock. So...what should my R thumb be doing? Thanks.
  4. I am in a bit of a dilemma. Nippon did a GREAT job getting their driver shafts to match their iron shafts. I was originally fitted for the Modus 3 120 Stiff, still play them today. Went through 8 driver shafts (self-fitted, including Speeder 6.2, 6.3, Speeder 661 Evo II S and X, 661 Evo III S), then finally ordered a Regio B (blue shaft) straight from Japan. Winner! BUT... I did pick up a Tensei V2 Orange 60TX. Tried it, didn’t like it. BUT... I didn’t realize that I need to change the weight at the head in order to accommodate the counterbalanced nature of the shaft. So...while I go through this tinkering again, I would highly recommend you consider the Regio M. Nippon figured it out.
  5. Finished with my self-fitting and these 2 shafts did not make the cut. 1. Fujikura Speeder 661 Evolution II, Stiff Flex. 45", D4 swing weight. Rare 10MIC gold grip. Played 6 rounds with it, and 1 Trackman session with it. Great club, my longest shaft (103 mph SS), but bad match in terms of bend/kick point, so too erratic for me. No tipping. SOLD, thanks Eric! shipped to the lower 48. 2. Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.3 Tour Spec, Stiff. 45", D6 swing weight. Pure grip. 1 Trackman session (10 swings). Bought it because I am gaming the 7.3 in my 3-wood, but my driver swing is not my 3-wood swing (probably to my detriment). No tipping. Still available. $150 shipped to the lower 48. 3. Orange Whip swing trainer. The full-sized adult one. In VERY GOOD condition. SOLD, thanks Ryan! shipped to the lower 48. Thanks.
  6. Went an got a reality check today. Saw an instructor with a Trackman. 5 swings, average carry: 9 iron: 132 yards 8 iron: 145 yards 7 iron: 160 yards
  7. 4 2 tickets to Monday's practice round. 2 tickets sold - thanks Corey! $900 for the remaining pair, Sold - thanks Jim W.! PayPal only. Thanks everyone! Per Jim's request, I will take down the photos.
  8. To bring this one from the dead, I was directed to these shafts as a match to my Modus 3 120 iron shafts. Turns out Nippon makes driver/FW shafts as well, and I LOVE my Regio B 65S in my driver. Will go with the 75S in my next 3-wood. Picked up a pair of 85-Ss on the cheap for my 5H and 6H. Wondering if the 100g would be a better fit. Looking for a pair of uncut 85-Ss for my 3H and 4H. As to the 85s in my 5 and 6H, they are smooth. Nice shaft.
  9. A semi-repost from before our 2nd son was born. All items including shipping to the lower 48 and are priced to sell, but are also OBO. 1. Fujikura Speeder 757 Tour Spec Stiff. With Taylormade adapter. 44". Tried it out on my G30, didn't care for it, lent it to a friend, who put on the Taylormade adapter to try with his M1. $100. 2. Fujikura Speeder Evolution II X. With Ping adapter. 45", D7 swing weight. Brand new grip. Lost out against Regio 65S, so it's for sale. In excellent condition. SOLD. 3. Graphite Design P9003X. With No1 50-series Pro grip (excellent condition). 42.5". Bought it from another WRXer. Turns out it was tipped more he stated, but I wasn't smart enough at the time to pick up on it. It is tipped 1.5", so it is stout. Tried creating the ultimately 3-wood (pair it with the Egg Spoon HD head), but as a 18 hcp at the time, it was too much club for me. $100. 3. Project X 6.5 LZ hybrid shaft. Came out of a Callaway 3-hybrid. 39.75". Nice shaft, but my Fujikura 80HB is even better. $40. 4. Project X 6.0 NON-LX hybrid shaft. Came out of a Callaway 4-hybrid. 38 7/8". $40. 5. Project X 6.0 LZ hybrid shaft. Came out of a Callaway 5-hybrid. 38.25". Mid-sized grip. Too soft of a shaft for me. $40. 6. Aldila Rogue 95 MSI 85 H 2.8 S hybrid shaft. 37 5/8". Came with a Callaway 6-hybrid that I bought from a WRXer, and the shaft came from a PXG hybrid. Nice shaft, but a little too soft for me. $40. Buy all 4 of my hybrid shafts for $140 and I'll throw in a dozen of Pro V1Xs. 7. Ping G30 LST 10.5 degrees. Head Only. In VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT condition - see pics. $125 (on eBay for $139 right now). Thanks.
  10. If Evnroll people are reading this: Please please please (please) offer a no-offset hosel option. That is all. Thank you.
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