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  1. I have worn single pleat 100% cotton golf slacks and shorts for years because they are comfortable. I don't care what's "in style". Also, I'm not a fan of the flexible waist or cuffs. I do like the newer Sta-Dry golf shirts. Cotton golf shirts really get heavy if one sweats a lot.
  2. Happiness for me is having a good back nine after scoring well on the front side. Our back nine is tougher than the front. I often shoot 43 or 44 on the back after shooting 38 or 39 on the first nine. My best round so far this year I shot 38 on the front and 39 on the back That was a good day.
  3. Yes, I have compiled a 38 page dossier of all the stats that support this opinion. Just kidding. I'm just going off practical experience. Maybe I'm wrong,
  4. You're right. Playing off the low man doesn't work as well if there's a big difference in handicaps. We have about six guys in our group and the biggest differential is four shots.
  5. Yes. While I have to play my best, it usually works out.
  6. My index is 9.2 which makes me a 10 from the tees we play. I had two rounds in the high 70s a month ago, but I've scored 83 on five of my last six rounds. The sixth one was 82. I guess I should be happy that I'm consistent. However, every one of those rounds included at least two double bogies. So, I'm scoring pretty close to my handicap. Here's hoping I can break 80 tomorrow.
  7. We usually play off my handicap (10) in our group. One guy gets one shot, one gets two and one gets four. It usually works fine. It's also easier to keep score with only four holes where strokes come into play.
  8. Congrats on the "new to you" irons. I was a blade player for years, but age caught up to me. I switched from Hogan Apex to Hogan Apex Edge Pros and then to Mizuno JPX 850s. I had a brief affair with Taylormade '17 M2s, but I'm back with the Mizunos. I believe players who "grew up" with blades do better with blade like cavity backs than the larger game improvement clubs on the market.
  9. There is a trend in golf course design and re-design today to eliminate trees. My club is going through that right now. It seems like every week the maintenance crew takes down another tree. I understand that fewer trees helps with having better fairways and greens, but I still miss them. Obviously the first courses were built on links land near the sea where trees didn't grow. However, parkland courses were built in forests. I was watching the BMW at Wentworth this morning and the course is beautiful and features trees. Augusta National is one the prettiest places in the world and they conti
  10. I have mixed feelings on this topic. I'm 70 and have been playing for 55 years. I've belonged to a private clubs since the late 70s, but play public when I travel. While music on the course is not my preference, I can tolerate it. Fortunately, none of the geezers with which I play regularly want to play music. I also like dress codes, but I get it that cargo shorts, tee shirts and backward caps are not going away. I also like beer, but I don't drink while playing. Some of my buddies, my son and son-in-law will occasionally down a few cold ones during the round. That sometimes works to my advan
  11. I guess I'm kind of a hoarder too. In addition to my back up bag, I have two complete sets of irons in my garage. They are Hogan Apex blades that I played in the 80s and Ping Eye 2s I played in the 90s. I know I'll never play them again, but I also know I won't get much if I sell them. I also have a Callaway Bobby Jones three metal and a Titleist 975D driver that will probably never strike another golf ball. Maybe my kids can yard sell them for a couple of bucks when I'm on the other side of the grass.
  12. I spent the last couple of years looking for the best driver for my game. Since early 2018 I've had a Taylormade '17 M2, a Callaway Rogue, a Taylormade M6 and finally settled on a Ping G400. Frankly, I didn't pay much attention to head size. Since the G400 is smaller than the others I've tried, I assume that is one of the reasons it works better for my game.
  13. I used to trade my old clubs whenever I bought new ones. However, clubs seem to depreciate more now than they did a few years ago. Now I either give them to family members or donate them to The First Tee.
  14. I have a "back-up" bag. It consists of the clubs I played before I got my current gamers. You're right about the temptation to go back when one has a bad round. I'm playing a set of Mizuno JPX 850 Forged (4-GW). I was fitted for this set five years ago. My "back-up" irons are Taylormade '17 M2 (4-GW). I bought them last Winter. They have stronger lofts and seem to perform better for me when it's cold. I may go back to them this Winter depending on how much I get to play.
  15. My picks are: Ben Hogan, Seve Ballesteros and my son, JP.
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