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  1. Obviously, I'm showing my age here. I started playing at age 13 in 1963 at a small town nine hole course. I've been told Golfcraft was a small company that was later purchased by Acushnet/Titleist because they made great persimmon woods. This old boy still sits in a corner of my den.
  2. Me too. Can you imagine having to wait nearly two and a half hours before playing a crucial putt. I figured it was just a matter of time before the Korean men started winning regularly on the PGA Tour. The women have been excelling for years. Also, I'm very impressed with how humble and respectful the Asian players are. I noticed Lee bowed to K.J. before he hugged him. Everyone should remember Matsuyama's caddie bowing to the 18th hole after he removed the flag at Augusta. I know some will disagree, but I think they're great for the game.
  3. I fell into the same trap. I retired five years ago and fully expected to get better. When it didn't happen immediately I started tinkering with my swing and trying different equipment. Finally, I realized that I wasn't playing golf. I was playing "golf swing". Once I started focusing on playing shots I know I can play and getting the ball in the hole my game got better. Someone once said a birdie made with a sliced tee shot and a topped approach beats a par made by Tiger Woods. Sure, I would love to swing like Adam Scott. However, occasionally breaking 80 and taking a few bucks off my buddies
  4. I live and play in Charlotte and we've had several windy days recently. We has 35mph gusts one day. If you watched The Wells Fargo Championship you saw some of that especially on Friday afternoon. I'm sure I've probably played in worse wind conditions than the one mentioned above, but that day is fresh in my mind. A couple of groups ahead of us quit due to the wind.
  5. Great idea. I might just give that a try.
  6. I bought a Ping G400 driver off the rack last May after playing a few drives with my buddy's club. It was a huge risk, but it has changed my game dramatically. I play Mizuno JPX irons and Callaway Mavrik Max fairways. While I've been tempted to try a Callaway driver, I've managed to resist. If I change anytime soon (which is doubtful) I'll probably go with the Ping G425.
  7. I think you're right. The graphite shafts are both too light and too flexible for my swing right now. My pro just confirmed that for me. Luckily I kept my steel shafted set. I'll be playing them until I age into the graphites. Unfortunately, that may be sooner that I might hope.
  8. Thanks. You're right. I think it's a weight problem. I feel like once I work with these shafts I'll be more comfortable with them.
  9. Well, it is confusing. I haven't had much experience with graphite shafted irons. I only bought these irons because I thought they would play similar to my JPX 850s with steel shafts. So far, that hasn't been the case. Of course I haven't played them off normal fairways. We're still playing dormant Bermuda that is usually both thin and wet here in Charlotte. I'll give them another look when our course finally comes back from Winter. Thanks to all that tried to answer my question.
  10. I also play a 7w versus a 3 hybrid. Unfortunately, at age 71 mine doesn't go 210, but I still like it. I've never been able to play hybrids. I still carry a four iron and the 7w fits nicely between it and my 5w. All my buddies play hybrids. One guy carriers four hybrids, but they're not for everyone. I think you're smart to play the 7w. They're not just for old guys like me anymore. It seems to work pretty well for Dustin Johnson.
  11. That's what I thought, but there is an "R" on the shafts and the description on the site where I bought them said regular. I've looked all over the web and cannot find the answer. One thing I did learn is apparently Mizuno no longer offers this particular shaft in their irons. If they are in fact senior flex, I may just put them in my garage until I age into them.
  12. Can anyone help me identify this shaft? I just bought a used set of Mixuno JPX 900 irons (4-GW). I thought I was getting a regular graphite shaft. The shafts are True Temper Project X LZ 4.5 R 70g. Are they regular or senior flex? Their web site doesn't list them. I haven't played them but a few times, but so far I'm not thrilled with their performance. I've been playing JPX 850 with steel XP 95 R300 shafts. They work fine. However, I'm 71 with a torn rotator cuff and thought switching to graphite might help with the wear and tear.
  13. While the drive across the lake was impressive, I was more impressed with the bomb putt he made for par late in the round. The announcers had already given him a bogey. I was pulling for Westwood but Bryson's ability to hang in there and get the win says a lot.
  14. I would love to see Westwood win. I'm also pulling for Spieth or Rory. As usual it will come down to whomever putts well.
  15. I hate to gripe because many of you in the North go for months without playing due to weather. I don't see how you do it without going nuts. It's been really wet and cool here in NC almost all Winter. We've been playing but it hasn't been much fun. I don't mind the cold as long as it's in the high 40s with some sun and no wind. I just really hate playing when the course is soaked.
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