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  1. I know this isn't the question, but I'm a G400 player and I really like it. Is the G425 (or even the G410 for that matter) any better than my G400? If I can pick up ten more yards then it's worth upgrading.
  2. I remember those weird shaped laminated drivers and woods they had many years ago. They were as ugly as a bowling shoe. Their first metal woods were the same shape. Gradually they got better over time. I see you play a Honma. I think it would be fun if Max Homa started playing Honma clubs.
  3. Wow! I'm really surprised that more responders are playing Ping than Callaway, Titleist and Taylormade combined. I love my G400 and do not plan on changing any time soon. Update: I just saw only twenty people have responded. Things may change as more members weigh in on the question.
  4. My two favorites are Hogan Apex blades and Ping Eye 2s. Obviously, these are on opposite ends of the spectrum. However, I played both "back in the day". I shot my lowest score ever (71) with the Hogans and made my only hole-in-one with the Pings. Both sets are still in my garage.
  5. I used to do this but not anymore. I'm a ProV1 or AVX player, but switched to the Cally Supersoft when it got cold. I discovered that even though I got a few more yards off the tee, my short game suffered. Chipping and putting is the strongest part of my game. I score well when I can get up and down when I miss greens. The few yards I gain with the SuperSoft off the tee are not worth sacrificing control on or around the greens. There's nothing wrong with the SuperSoft. It's just not my ball of choice.
  6. I get it. I still have my beloved Hogan Apex blades from the 90s. While I doubt if I could get them airborne now, I just cannot part with them. I vividly remember scoring in the 70s and playing great shots with them. I still think a crisply played shot with a forged blade is the second best feeling in the world.
  7. It's always interesting to me when a player wins a major or has a great season and then changes equipment or signs a big deal with a different OEM. I won a tournament many years ago and one of the prizes was a Ping Scottsdale Anser. I sold it to friend before I left the post tournament party. I think the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" really applies in golf. Having said that my guess is Rahm's decision was partly based on his relationships with the Mickelson's. As for the others who have changed , my guess is they're trying to shake up things to start playing better and win a
  8. My bad. I was there yesterday buying shoes, but didn't look at the golf balls.
  9. I switched from Hogan irons to Mizuno in 2015. I don't know if I've converted anyone else yet. The pro who did my fitting was my teacher and he encouraged me to give them a try. Unfortunately. he is not at our club anymore. Most of the guys on our staff now are with Titleist, Callaway or Taylormade. I actually fit myself for my most recent set based on my specs from a previous fitting except I got graphite shafts. So far it's working. Anyway, I'm sold on Mizuno irons and won't be changing any time soon. I guess my post was based on the fact that I tend to pull for players that play the same
  10. I haven't seen any SSmax balls as yet. Are they available in golf stores now?
  11. I go back and forth on the SuperSoft. I usually switch to the ball from ProV1s and AVXs in the Winter because it seemed to be longer on our cold wet fairways. I was longer off the tee, but my scoring declined. Yesterday it was in the high 40s but fairly dry. I decided to play a ProV1 and had a pretty good round. Since I'm not very long off the tee anymore I depend on chipping and putting to score. It's clear to me that ProVs perform better on and around the greens. If my scoring continues to improve, I think I'm going to stick with Titleist no matter the weather.
  12. Is it just me or are more Tour players starting to use Mizuno irons. I know Paul Casey plays them and I see Jason Day has switched as well. Koepka on the other hand no longer plays Mizuno irons. I think there are only a couple of players on the men's tour under contract, but I'm wondering if we will see more players playing them going forward.
  13. My mother always said "to each his own". So play the tees that you enjoy.
  14. Another factor we take into account when selecting tees is the condition of the course. My group normally plays at 6250, but it's been really wet and cold here of late so we've moved up to 6000 yards. Also, I've noticed another trend that is helping us short knockers. During the season our staff doesn't water as much and the course plays fairly fast. If I can get twenty yards of roll on my drives, I can usually beat some of my longer buddies who are not as accurate. However, it always comes down to putting whether it's my senior group or the PGA Tour. If you make the six to eight foote
  15. Many great replies to my topic. Hawkeye77 is probably right. I didn't realize "Play It Forward" was ten years old. Time flies when you're having fun, I guess. Like everything else in golf, whatever works best for the player is what they should do. I guess my point was that golf skill should not be totally based on distance. As stated earlier, I beat guys that consistently out drive me almost every time I play. That being said, if I ever lose my putting stroke (God forbid) I'll have to take up archery.
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