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  1. There are some really interesting replies on here. I've never heard of some of the choices. I'll have to do some research before I re-grip next year.
  2. I've used Golf Pride Mid Size Tour Wraps for several years, but recently switched to Lamkin. My new Hogan irons came with Z5 grips that I really like. I had a hard time finding Z5s for my woods as Lamkin has discontinued that style. I finally found some on Ebay. I've learned Lamkin has a new hybrid grip that is similar to the Z5. I'll be putting a mid sized one on my new driver soon. What's your favorite grip?
  3. You're right. I seem to sweat much more now than when I was younger. It could be caused by my BP medication, but I think it's because the humidity seems higher these days. I know climate change is sometimes called "the greenhouse effect". That's exactly what it feels like outside right now here in Charlotte. That plus getting old makes for a rough time on the course. I was supposed to play today, but I pulled out because the course is soaked and the humidity is around 90%.
  4. Hah! Cooling down to 100*. I've been to Scottsdale. It's a beautiful place. It's hot, but you don't have the humidity we have here in NC. Of course I cannot really tell the difference once the temp gets over 90*.
  5. I finally hit the wall yesterday. The heat index here in Charlotte was 100+ and I almost collapsed. At age 71, I'm going to scale back my rounds (usually three a week) until it gets cooler. I hate it because I love to play. The sad thing is this is going to be the norm going forward. As a geezer I used to like summer golf because all my aches and pains were not as bad. It just seems like for the last couple of years the temps have become oppressive. This is mainly due to the increased humidity more that the temperature. I cannot believe I'm saying this but I'm looking forward to playing wearing a wind vest.
  6. I've been trying different balls over the last few weeks. I've played the Callaway SuperSoft, the Titleist AVX and the Titleist ProV1X. I'm 71 and I've lost a lot of distance over the last four or five years. I have to chip and putt well to score on our 6250 yard tees. Right now the ProV1X is performing best for me. The SuperSoft and the AVX are longer off the tee, but the "X" seems to work best on and around the greens right now. I played the Snell MTB three years ago. I may try them again since they now have more models.
  7. My highest score this year is a 91. It could have been worse as I actually had one birdie. My best so far is 76. I had one double bogie but three birdies.
  8. We have a condo in Clermont and I play Kings Ridge quite often. It's not terribly challenging, but has some great holes and is usually in excellent shape. The course directly across Hwy. 27 is Legends. It closed a few years ago, but will re-open soon. It was a great course before closing and hopefully will be good again. It was still closed two weeks ago when we were there so I didn't get to see it. I hope to get back and play it in the Fall.
  9. I played Ben Hogan irons for years. In the 80s and 90s my bag was full of Apex blades. I switched to Apex Edge Pros in the 2000s and stayed with those until 2015 when I switched to Mizunos JPX 850s. At age 71 I decided it was time to go with graphite shafts. I demoed several brands. In May I decided to research the new Ben Hogan Company. After some research I took a leap of faith and ordered a set of their recently released Edge EX irons. Maybe it's just "new club" talent or a "honeymoon period" but I love them. They are game improvement irons with the feel of the forged sets I played so well years ago. For those interested, Ben Hogan is now a direct to consumer company only available through their web site or some select fitting companies. One can get a demo club to test before you purchase. If you're looking to change irons I suggest you give them a look.
  10. Until last week I was playing an Odyssey White Hot Tour putter I bought in '09. Finally I decided to change and used my Father's Day gift cards to get a Ping Sigma 2 Anser. After three rounds I'm averaging 31 putts per round. I really like it so far.
  11. I totally agree. I've had a couple of driver/shaft fittings and they were either inside or off mats. Unfortunately, I think you're right. Trial and error is the best way to find the correct shaft. I used to always try to demo a driver/shaft before I bought. Surprisingly, I bought my current driver (a Ping G400 with an Alta CB 55R shaft) right off the rack at Dick's. I gained a few yards and rarely miss a fairway. The fact that it's clearly the best driver for me was nothing more than blind dumb luck. I feel sure I won't be changing until the head falls off the shaft. I hope you are lucky too.
  12. After playing an Odyssey White Hot Tour since they were introduced in 2009. I've finally changed. I bought a Ping Sigma II Anser last week. So far, I love it. After three rounds I've averaged 31 putts per round. I'm old and short off the tee so I have to chip and putt well to break 80. Here's hoping I can keep or even lower my putts per round average.
  13. I've been at Myers Park since 1983. It's changed a lot over the years, but it's still fun to play. I used to play the 6600 yard tees until I turned 65. Since then my group plays at 6250. At age 71 I'll be moving up to 6000 yards before long. I've played Pine Island several times. It's fun too. I haven't played at or around Myrtle Beach in over a decade. We have a condo in Charleston and I play most of my away rounds down there. You guys are lucky as there are many great courses at the beach. Tidewater was my favorite, but I understand there are several newer tracks that are as good if not better.
  14. I really like them so far. I've only played four rounds with them, three of which were in Florida. I've actually ordered a 56* Equalizer II sand wedge to match my new 50*. I'm playing my home course back in Charlotte on the 4th. Here's hoping I continue to improve as I get more comfortable with them. Thanks for asking.
  15. My best was probably my only hole-in-one back in 1998. I was playing a Ping Eye2 five iron over a lake on a 175 yard par three. Also, I was playing a balata Titleist. So that tells you how long ago it was. Last summer I holed a 135 yard eight iron for an eagle on a 500 yard par five. I played a Mizuno JPX forged club and used a Titleist ProV1. It was special because I was playing with my son.
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