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  1. Picked up a 65tx for the driver and love it so far. Agree with the previous descriptions who have all described it very accurately. Very stable with a consistent bend that feels great. Liked it so much I picked up a used 75tx 3 wood shaft I use mainly off the tee. However the 75tx doesn't have the 'mamba technology' checkered pattern below the mamba technology label and the label is slightly further from the tip. Wanted to see if anyone might know if the 75tx is an earlier version or what is going on with the 75tx? Haven't seen any others online that look like this. Thanks.
  2. Great Big Bertha?! At least he's got the atx green in there
  3. Tough to find a decent shape LTD pro at the moment
  4. Can anyone share the untipped measurement to the Mamba technology graphic? Thanks!
  5. Any feedback between the 65g vs 75g? And how much tipping?
  6. Been discussed already many times, but the manager at GG said he was positive that no purchase necessary forms only get entered in a drawing for a chance to win a driver with thousands of entries. I read the fine print and didn't interpret it that way. Will still give it a shot. Who knows.
  7. What do you mean by making heads in different lofts? Looks similar to the past as the f9 pictures show loft of 7.5-10.5, while the f8+ was 8-11
  8. Was a big fan of the Apex Pro16. If the head is smaller as it looks in he pictures, that’s not really something I am looking forward to. Only one way to know for sure though and will have to give them some hits.
  9. Have loved my set of Apex pro16 (8-pw) and Apex16 (4-7). While the pros have a completely different soft feel, the distance and height is still consistent for me throughout the set
  10. Just bought my dad a steelhead xr 7 iron to demo against his ‘normal’ lofted 7 iron and the steelhead smoked it terms of height, distance and accuracy. The tech in the clubs obviously helped. Will be buying him a complete set through AW in addition to the PW since he’s hitting them further and he’ll have to relearn his new distances but he’s definitely complaining
  11. I think they're the same specs. I've had great experience with both the 6m3, 6m4, and 7m4 shafts. I'd say go for it. Should be able to get a great deal on ebay or online retailers.
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