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  1. Here we go again. Funny as stumbled on this thread while looking for a new driver shaft.. D: Titleist TS3 9.5, Hzrdus Black HC 75 6.5 3W: Titleist TS3 15, Evenflow T1100 85 6.5 HB: Titleist 819 H1 19, Tensei White 100X I: 4-W Mizuno MMC / SC , PX LZ 6.5 W: Cleveand RTX4 50,54, TI s400 W: TM HiToe 58, TI s400 P: Ping Vault 2 Dale Probably not going to make it more than a couple days as I have a AD Di GP 8x I may toss in my 3 wood.. does a couple days of launch monitor testing sound cosher before I lock it in haha. Plus I was planning on bringing a 15th club on my trip to Phoenix in a co
  2. Mizuno ST 180, I play it off the tee most par 4’s I hit it more than my driver. It’s long off the tee but nice and compact in the fairway. I find it easy to elevate when I want and easy to hit into the odd par 5. It’s a fantastic club, probably doesn’t get much attention but we’ll worth the investment. Great stock shaft offerings and great price compaied to its counterparts.
  3. I was also looking in the TM Website and it indeed says they the Hzrdus stock shaft says .370” I am trying to post a screen shot but it won’t let me. Here is a link to the info under specifications. This worries me a bit as I have one on order and was under the impression it’s a .370” hosel, I have a hybrid shaft waiting to go in. https://www.taylormadegolf.ca/P790-UDI/DW-AL419-1.html?cgid=taylormade-irons&lang=en_CA#lang=en_CA&start=2&
  4. I picked up a 58 PM Grind yesterday brand new for $100 Canadian, about $120 cheaper than the new TM High Toe so it’s a pretty easy pick for me. I had some pm grinds last year and should have never sold them, great wedges
  5. Driver is my problem this year. I have Epic SZ, Mizuno ST180, 2017 M1 440, and 2016 M2, only 2 are staying
  6. Does anyone know the head size? Is it 440 or 450 same as the jpx 900 or 460 like the st 180
  7. Anyone know what size the head is? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  8. Mizuno GT 180 Driver New Skytrack launch monitor/ sim Evnroll ER9
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