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  1. All TW737 series, must be over 50 drivers and 40 fairways and hybrids on rack, driver for 119.97, fairway for 99.97 and hybrid for 79.97, irons for 499.97 I believe, they also can match any coupon/promotion you have from other stores like dicks or GG, so it can be easy to save another $20 to $60 depends on what you buy. I end up purchasing a fairway for 79.97 after matching $20 off from GG.
  2. Went to PGA SS today and noticed they are clearing out a LOT Honma clubs. Driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons. So is Honma getting out of PGA SS or what?
  3. > @BTmizuno1983 said: > Money laundering? Only thing I could think... Post of the day!!
  4. Just saw this happened on ebay when I was looking around, how could this happen, two buyers bidding over $800 for F8 driver !? what is so special about this driver, the senior flex shaft must be limited edition
  5. Not sure if this is a good deal. Nike Vapor Pro Forged Blade 3-PW for $349 after coupon from Dallasgolf http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Nike-Vapor-Pro-Forged-Blade-Iron-Set-3-PW-RH-w-True-Temper-AMT-Shafts-/381989736857?var=&hash=item58f05cd199:m:mmH1r8HCoU3Jr7mWDkPXjnA
  6. Dick's offering 20% off online order now, no coupon code required. Works on most items. M1 and M2 are $320 after discount.
  7. I'm not following this. The buyer filed a claim with his credit card company, but PayPal removed the funds from your account? Yes, buyer used CC through PayPal to pay for the item on ebay and filed claim through the CC company. The CC company then contacted PayPal and PayPal freeze the funds right away and required uploading my evidence.
  8. Not golf related, but I sold a brand new computer on ebay and after 3 month the buyer filed a claim through Paypal said "item not as described". I uploaded the receipt from Fedex showing item delivered with direct signature more than 3 months ago and guess what, Paypal refund his money because the buyer used CC and filed the claim through his/her CC company. Even worse, the buyer never shipped back my computer even Paypal told me they required him/her to sent it back since the payment had been refunded. I contacted Paypal about this issue and was told to contact police in buyer's state and sue
  9. You can bend them 2 degree up for no problem. I bought them in store and they bend them for free for me.
  10. Got an email this morning from PGASS saying the LE-10 wedge drop to $49.97. So 52, 56, 60 wedge set for under $150 http://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/fourteen-golf-le-10-wedge/1000000004433.jsp
  11. Dallas Golf have Fourteen LE-10 Forged Iron Set 4-PW RH W/ Dynamic Gold S300 Steel Shafts for $325, use coupon code "DG10" for another 10% off, comes to $292.50 w/ free shipping. http://www.dallasgol...0-steel-shafts/
  12. He said he got it from Dick's I had no idea you could get these at Dick's. I've seen Scotty's there before, but no other high end putters. Dick's does sell bettinardi putters, not sure in store, but online for sure link: http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/search/index.jsp?kwCatId=&kw=bettinardi&origkw=bettinardi&sr=1&oldkeywrd=bettibardi And just noticed they are selling the CB BB1 for $232 after the 25% off, good deal?
  13. Thanks for your help! I'm just surprised they not putting a serial# on it. I mean even some pretty cheap putters have serial# now days. Why not put one on a $300 putter?
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