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  1. Well got a the demo MP 18 6 iron with the project x tour 5 graphite shaft (90gm.) The shaft actually was standard length and not + 1" as advertised. Initial impressions of MP18 .The head face size seems pretty identical to my MP32. Top line the same but MP 32 looks slightly slimmer due to grinding. The MP 18 head (from my crude measuring) also seems a little lighter. Just finished initial comparison. The sound of MP 32 to my ears sounds more solid in a nice way. But when hit in sweet spot the MP18 makes a light smooth sound which is indeed very pleasant. Did some little c
  2. If your back is causing issues it maybe you are doing something wrong . I think at least some of Marcus Bells ideas are based on Flowmotion golf (helps here if you speak French!) Brian Sparks ..Easiest Swing is also similarly based. Or you could try Michael McTeigue Effortless Golf Swing book (+ videos of this on YouTube).
  3. Old teaching always had left heel lifting in back swing. Planting this back down at the start of the downswing (or initiating just before bs complete) will start downswing with weight/pressure shift to left/centreing/ side/lead hip moving back etc Don't need to lift it a lot.
  4. 5 wood and 9 iron (44') as can easily open face to function as wedges if playing with just a few clubs.
  5. ???Do you think you are a high handicapper or just bragging or simply making high handicappers feel even more inadequate than they already do?
  6. " bump, dump and turn" to quote someone ! Or centre, drop arms (cast) and turn . (With bump/ centreing starting before back swing complete.. ideally)
  7. Thanks for replies..I know was a long shot that someone had tried an MP 18 with a project x LZ 4.5. But found an x demo MP 18 6 iron with an LZ 5 or is it 5.5 any way a 90gm shaft and have ordered it to see if graphite will suit me for irons. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately (as more to try out) it is 1" longer than standard and 1 degree up. But mainly the shaft I want to demo + the Mp18 itself.
  8. Obviously time for senior flex SGI irons ..at your age your best golfing days are long gone.
  9. Michael McTeigue effortless golf swing just follow his series of lessons/exercises and all will be fine . May seem a little dated but works imop. The book is worthwhile buying. Here is the intro and all the lessons are on YouTube ...about 8 or so
  10. I can only see the steel versions on their website. If discontinued does anyone know why. On a similar vein was considering buying some secondhand MP 18 with project X graphite 4.5 (70 gms) shafts - seems maybe a little light?!* but any views / experience of the 4.5s *Currently play MP32's with R300 but feel a lighter shaft may suit may now old slow swing. Buying the secondhand MP18's seems not too too much more than reshafting !
  11. Looking at one of the Eureka Golf Swing videos - it looks like the Triangulaid method
  12. Fwiw I swapped to +4's (Lamkin Sonar) 'feel' that can have lighter grip pressure and more comfortable. But everyone is different.
  13. Oops have I got this all wrong I thought that adding weight to the butt of the grip would fool me into making the club head feel lighter.
  14. So is it basically use a strongish grip (left hand for right-handed players) club more in fingers and less in the palm?
  15. do you know he used it for extra power?
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