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  1. Reviews of this are reasonable. They also sell a replacement mat for the board (they acknowledge that it will eventually wear out). This is about 1/3 of the price of the whole board so if cost is an issue you could just buy this and mount it yourself on a homemade base.
  2. Get someone to stand behind you holding an iron head an inch or so above your head. You'll soon work out how to stop your head raising in the backswing! As they say no gain without pain!
  3. Well there you go your swing not as bad as you think!!!!
  4. Well not trying to eliminate it by a grip adjustment .. haven't changed my grip. Although I say it is golfers/tennis elbow was not actually caused by golf. Strained it by turning over a heavy bike in an erroneous way to mend a puncture but strain was similar to having golfers elbow from what I could sumise. Post was not supposed to be about what I do. But there you go.
  5. Well I do have a bit of residual golfers elbow which I know is causing the discomfort. The strain is if I do a rep to ulnar deviate and bow at sort of same time (cast A for instance) But that does not mean that my wrist is not slightly bowed by impact if I do not try to deliberately incorporate it at this point. But interested in tack others take or the method they follow.
  6. I may be reading this wrong but some instructors e.g. Monte say you should slightly bow / extend the lead wrist in the downswing whereas Malaska says this can lead to problems (or maybe Malaska is talking about more extreme bowing??) What are peoples thoughts on this - to bow or not to bow. For my part if I try to deliberately bow the wrist in the transition I can feel the tendons pull a little uncomfortably. Re grip have a strongish, in fingers more, left hand.
  7. Mmmh! Not sure if this sounds a bit overkill. In (at least the broom force videos) Monte says do the reps about 3 or so times then do your "normal" swing for a few balls and rinse and repeat. The idea I assume is the changes that the reps are intended to achieve will gradually be incorporated into your "normal" swing. In theory you could try this on the course...practice swing = 1 rep then do "normal" swing.
  8. Interesting. At about 7 minute mark Malaska is having a go at the teachings of instructors who advocate bowing the wrist at/ during transition...Monte?
  9. Rubber ones with a foam inside (Callaway do them or you can get unbranded ones cheaper) can be used indoor and outdoor. My favourite is "almost golf balls" especially for outdoors but often difficult to get.
  10. Has anyone tried this? Perhaps should have posted in classic golf forum but a sort of club tech thing. The reason I ask is mainly curiosity but also a thought about using more sustainable material and processes.
  11. Well..I am a bit old school (and old) and in the back swing lift my left heel slightly and therefore in transition there is no where for it to go other than "digging into the dirt on the way down" - though not a description I would use or think of!
  12. Reviving this. I have a set of MP32 but have recently gone to MP 18 MB with Project X LZ 4.5 which are 70 gm shafts which I love. The R300 getting a little heavy for me. Would like to re shaft the MP 32 with similar but the LZ graphites are no longer available (would also consider a 5.0 90gm) so I can also game these again. The other issue is possibly the MP 32 hozel size (355). Any recommendations to investigate
  13. Mizuno MP 32s ..very forgiving and help you learn to hit sweet(ish) spot. Though Muscle back blades ..almost cavity in design (big curvaceous dint in back)!!!
  14. Well you could look at Monte's No Turn Cast video (suggest the bought one) for the take away bit- from what I understand works to get you in the right position at the top of the back swing. (Note personally although recently bought this haven't used that part as quite content with my back swing ...fool that I am!).
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