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  1. Gave up range because it caused issues with iron play especially. If possible just play on a course for practice - 9 holes or even less & if you can go at a non busy time play 2 balls. I used to play at a course that had a couple of practice holes, a short and long one you could book for an hour. Currently my course has a (hidden) practice area that you can use if free.
  2. Haven't thought about having a swing thought.....do you think it could be a good thought to think of one?
  3. Played with a friend the other day - & we agreed could only have 3 clubs each. In the end because wet and muddy went for 7w (24') , 7i (35') & putter (nearly chose 3 iron instead of putter - putting on the day was dreadful so might as well have used 3i!). Friend had 22 degree hybrid , 8 i and putter. Was interesting - what clubs would you choose?
  4. As well as a line do you also need to balance your balls to improve putting?
  5. For one I still don't understand what you mean by "resisting with both legs and feet" - resisting what or doing what?
  6. Only watched it from the 7.30 ish mark - thought was ok. Only issue was with his mic when outdoors! Thought the trackman bit was also quite good. He is not promoting "casting over the top".
  7. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/178314466478879753/
  8. Tried the aim small again today - seemed to work well especially with driver and fairway woods - very relaxing.
  9. Tried the aim small today - not sure worked all the time BUT certainly did no harm and strangely quite pleasurable. The putting tip she gave re hitting up to ensure ball rolls at steady rate - tried this on very soggy aerated greens & certainly distance control seemed to be more constant.
  10. Here is the link to Bill Owens teaching a group of beginners in Spain
  11. BTW if you want a simple way to develop a sound balanced swing check out Michael McTeigue the Effortless Golf Swing book plus the video series of his 8 or so chapters has been uploaded on YouTube and available for free.
  12. Yes he has some valid interpretations - my problem is the videos are too long (and this is the free extracts) simply because there is too much repetetive talking and banter going on - find I have to skip through lots -perhaps just due to bad editing by whoever edits the content.
  13. And interesting that I beleive Brian Sparks also spent time in mainland Europe - I think Spain & France at time Bill Owens was quite active coaching .
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