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  1. Reviving this. I have a set of MP32 but have recently gone to MP 18 MB with Project X LZ 4.5 which are 70 gm shafts which I love. The R300 getting a little heavy for me. Would like to re shaft the MP 32 with similar but the LZ graphites are no longer available (would also consider a 5.0 90gm) so I can also game these again. The other issue is possibly the MP 32 hozel size (355). Any recommendations to investigate
  2. Mizuno MP 32s ..very forgiving and help you learn to hit sweet(ish) spot. Though Muscle back blades ..almost cavity in design (big curvaceous dint in back)!!!
  3. Well you could look at Monte's No Turn Cast video (suggest the bought one) for the take away bit- from what I understand works to get you in the right position at the top of the back swing. (Note personally although recently bought this haven't used that part as quite content with my back swing ...fool that I am!).
  4. Well personally I think GI clubs should be banned by the USGA & R&A. Haven't read all the thread but from initial scan seems like a lot were coming up with dubious reasons why you felt you were hitting the blades better. They need to step up and try or in some cases go back to blade irons and stop kidding themselves they can play golf to a reasonable handicap due to the fact that their clubs compensate for their poor technique....but the in reality do they really?
  5. Can't help then except perhaps Practice,practice,practice until you imagine the ball is there! Sure someone else will swing in with a better idea to solve your issue.
  6. Yes on reflection my understanding but push through (for want of a better term ) from a slight squat still relevant. Edit: wonder if this was what Chipa was trying to describe with his push from right leg....or am I totally off the mark here!
  7. Try the ball bit in this drill (not suggesting the other bit!!!...that is for something else!) https://www.facebook.com/TheEuropeanTour/videos/justin-roses-unusual-looking-drill/532943184162221/ You don't need to buy the expensive aid he is using - a small ball that fits between your forearms say in a string bag will do.
  8. Below is an example of the "loop" swing though a bit more recent video instruction from when I used it Maybe some (plus maybe me included) may find the "loop" feel easier to implement to achieve the same thing.
  9. Yep ... Does help to consolidate the purpose of the two Justins .
  10. There was a recent topic about weight shift in the back swing ..now locked. There seemed to be a lot of confusion about what the OP meant so I offer this from AMG as an explanation of what they (AMG) have analysed: There are also these videos about weight/pressure shift from a while back And Enjoy!?
  11. On reflection...I think I have been a bit unkind in my comments. From your posts you seem to have some physical limitations especially due to your back and it seems you have / are developing a swing to suit this. However, this does not necessarily mean your ah ha moments will necessarily suit others with less or different physical conditions. This is possibly where criticism of your ideas may come from. But nevertheless weight / pressure shift to the right side is an essential part or the back swing ..people will argue over whether the downswing is a push from the right heal or pulling back the left hip it is so quick to that feel is not real. For instance Michael McTeigue supports your right leg push while others find the feel of this difficult. In the end whatever method feel or real it needs to be synchronized . So just to cite one aspect without encompassing this in a fully synchronized swing can often not be very helpful. Here's the relevant Michael McTeigue video Bear with it! To add: the weight (prefer pressure shift) and pushing off right was clear to follow but what you said about your right and left arms was not... Someone showing these moves/feels could be educating (sorry!)
  12. BTB have you tried this tip re the chin ? Changed my concept of the swing completely!
  13. Didn't realize Hogan didn't have a lot of shoulder turn...perhaps it is the camera angle!
  14. For those seeking a good posture model (and following on from Bortass comments re his own) may I suggest looking at AMG .. posture is covered in several of their you tube videos.
  15. Even a video of someone else ( a pro/ a golf instructor) swinging the way you have tried to describe may help people understand what method you are suggesting others may benefit from.
  16. Well if you want to go back to some basic building blocks I will suggest Michael McTeigue book Key to the Effortless Golf Swing (videos for each lesson in book are also on YouTube). A bit dated but builds a good basic repeatable swing. You can then build upon this say with some AMG stuff.
  17. Thanks ...will see which best suits me as adjunct to my current (no deliberate/ conscious) bow.
  18. I recently bought the NTC video(on offer after buying broom force) and have a question about the transition and the wrists. In my back swing I already have the left wrist pretty flat / neutral at the top. My swing was then to "cast" the club I e lose the vertical wrist hinge as per what Monte describes BUT NOT flex / bow the left wrist as a part of this. So I have been trying now to do this (just practice swings) as per NTC instructions. It feels a bit like a loop type swing ...I tried and used a few years ago... No problem....and feels ok though a little bit of strain on the lead fore arm when I do the bow the left wrist slightly. Now to my question could one achieve the same by bowing the lead/left wrist at the top of the back swing and then casting/ ulnar deviating as per the instructions to 8 ish from this position. What are the disadvantages of doing it this way and what are the advantages of following the NTC method of transition from neutral to bowed? Thanks
  19. Need to look through videos again re the slamming down bit...recollection was that for some of drills just lowered club down in position as first part of drill..undoubtedly my bad.
  20. Where is P6 in layman's terms? is it after flexion, deviation or extension of the eye brows?
  21. See broom force stuff and Justin Rose drill As He says and Monte says wait wait wait!
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