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  1. I’ve always played hybrids between 5 wood and 5 iron. I order a UHX 3 iron utility yesterday for cheap and picked up a 7 wood head for a good price a few months ago. Once I get a shaft in the 7 wood I’m planning to do some testing on skytrak during the off season. I’m assuming the 7 wood is better on approach shots, the utility a good fairway finder off the tee, and the hybrid a nice blend of the two. I typcially have higher launch and spin and if I tee off on a tight hole with the hybrid or 5 wood the flight seems a little higher than ideal. A couple short tighter courses I play the utility may be my best bet. I think it comes down to different strokes for different folks.
  2. Has anyone hit full shots with this club? Love the PM grind for out of the sand if anyone has a comparison to this one.
  3. Buy used. I can’t hit a 4 iron so who cares if I save $100 when the club is basically worthless compared to a hybrid which is much easier to hit/elevate.
  4. Am I the only one who is put off by a club champion rep posting a specific phone conversation and quoting the call to defend an order being months late? A company with good customer service would be apologizing for the delay and offering some sort of discount. Posting quotes from a recorded phone call on a public forum basically saying the poster is misleading at best, a liar at worst rubs me the wrong way.
  5. In theory weight in the toe slows the rotation and should help with a pull/hook.
  6. Bottom of the club is rough looking. Thought that about epic flash and it performed so I played it but this is one of the worst looking clubs I think I’ve seen from the bottom.
  7. I’ve been using a skytrak for several months and have noticed the spin is low when hitting off a mat. Usually when I’m playing on the course in average conditions I can get an 8/9 iron to stop right by the ball mark. On the skytrak my 8 iron only spins 5-6k and rolls out several yards. Backing what people are saying above that spin numbers off the may seem lower than what you’d see in real life. I would look at consistency of distances. If you hit your 8 iron 140ish on the course and it goes 145 on the monitor and it’s consistent just keep that in mind when you’re playing.
  8. I’m kind of in between on if I should go hybrid or 5 iron. 5 iron struck well goes 180, have a hybrid that goes about 185. Distance wise the hybrid is much more consistent as my 5 iron can go 150 on a chunk. Left to right wise the 5 iron is much better with a hook on the hybrid being my miss. Maybe a hybrid that fits me better is my best bet. Anyone else see further right/left dispersion with a hybrid vs and iron?
  9. My favorite channel on YouTube! Not sure what the people complaining about are looking for. Not much substance? Show me another channel that gets as in depth on topics as they do.
  10. Been putting this way for around 5 years and prefer it because it takes the hands/wrists out of putting. My misses aren’t as bad as when I putted how I used to and distance control seems better. I do tend to miss left more with left hand low.
  11. Similar to other people I had a tough time elevating the 21 degree single length hybrid. Swing speed of around 105 with the driver so not fast but not slow either. I’m a big fan of cobra hybrids but ended selling the one length on eBay and went back to my F7 hybrid. The SL is great for punch out shots from under a tree. I could advance the ball 150 yards or more playing a slice that hugged the ground. Couldn’t do much better when I was trying to get it in the air haha.
  12. Appreciate the list as it should basically be used as just a starting point. There are other sites that get more into the numbers and sometimes reading a general overview from very qualified fitters is all I’m looking for. If I’m going to shell out $1,200 plus for irons there is no way I’m not getting fit. This list gives an idea on what clubs I should be looking at. It would be cool if fitters kept stats for an entire year on all their fittings/irons. It’d be a ton to ask and likely impossible data wise storing distance, dispersion, etc on every fitting, but if you’re looking for data it wouldn’t get any better than that.
  13. > @christof87 said: > @princelyryno - sounds about right. Fastest I’ve swung my driver using the radar without a ball is 121mph and 116mph with a ball on the range. > > Single Trackman session with a ball was 104-106pmh. My estimate is that the SS Radar is minimum 5mph slower than Trackman. > > How many months have you been using the training system for? And what’s your progression been like? I’ve been super lazy with it but copying what I put in my notes on my phone: Super speed 4/26/19 Driver pre warmup max-102 Green pre warmup max-109 Green max 119 Driver max 109 4/28 Driver pre- 103 Green pre-116 Green post-129 Driver post-110 4/30 Driver pre- 105 Green pre-114 Green post-118 Driver post-115 5/3 Driver pre- 108 Green pre-125 Green post-128 Driver post-112 5/6 Driver pre- 108 Green pre-118 Green post- 123 Driver post- 113 5/8 Driver pre- 104 Green pre-120 Green post- 129 Driver post- 119 6/9 Driver pre- 110 Green pre- 114 Green post- 122 Driver post- 117 6/11 Driver pre- 112 Green pre- 125 Green post- 121 Driver post- 114 7/9 Driver pre- 112 Green pre- 126 Green post- 135 Driver post- 117 7/12 indoor Driver pre- 110 Green pre- 120 Green post- 128 Driver post- 117 7/15 Driver pre- 112 Green pre- 116 Green post- 127 Driver post- 114 7/29 Driver pre- 112 Green pre- 124 Green post- 131 Driver post- 114
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