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  1. MI517

    toulon putters

    Sorry, joke that didn’t translate to text. The ‘right amount’ of toe hang for me is a FB putter w/ my SBST. I used to use putters with aggressive toe hang before I learned and got a good match for my path.
  2. MI517

    toulon putters

    Picked up a Chicago after spending some time with an Odyssey rep for a while. Really impressed with it, just the right amount of toe hang (none), feels/sounds great and although it’s a bit of an odyssey billboard, I think it looks pretty good when looking down at it.
  3. Cobra, been really impressed with their woods/irons last few years, wedges aren’t bad either.
  4. For Sale Callaway Apex CF16 4-AW - 1/2" L, 1* Upright, Standard Loft - KBS TourV Stiff - Condition 8/10 ($450 Shipped OBO) 2016 Taylormade M1 3HL Matrix OZIK X-Flex w/ Headcover - $60 Shipped OBO Taylormade M1 21* Hybrid w/ Headcover- $55 Shipped TaylorMade M2 3W Fujikura Pro Green 72 X-Flex - No headcover - $75 Shipped OBO
  5. Titleist SM7 Wedges 50.08F, 54.14F, 58.08M Black Shaft: KBS $-taper Black - Stiff Flex +0.50" Length 1* Flat Standard Loft Grip: Lamkin UTX Midsize (Logo Down) - No Add'l Wraps 1year/~40rounds + practice into them --- $55/each shipped, $150 for all 3
  6. > @1puttTUT said: > Hemlock won't let people out for 18 holes later than noon on the 4th?!?!?! > Looks like I'm going to play Lincoln Hills instead. That sounds like a huge win to me
  7. Tried em out vs comparable setups from Mizuno, TM, Callaway, Titleist, etc. Loved the looks/feel with em, I love a small iron/wedge head and the black makes it look even smaller. I don’t like combo sets aesthetically, but I have 4-6CB, 7-PMB $-taper, there’s little/no difference in looks at address for me between CB/MB. I MAY have just went full MB if I did it over again, reason being I feel these are surprisingly forgiving. Performance is what put me over the moon for them though. Turf interaction, feel, forgiveness (relative) and surprisingly very solid distance. All-in-all very happy with them, I stand over the ball from an iffy lie with water fronting the green and I feel very confident with these. P.S. DBM black finish is amazing
  8. My mevo works fantastic as well. A while back this year I sat on our range towards end of day, only guy there. Laser’d a few greens at ~100/130/160, can’t remember exact distances, but it was a dead calm low 60’s evening and I hit shots into each roughly even-level green. Threw down a bunch of my gamers (Srixon XV) WITHOUT the stickers. My numbers with the mevo for carry were very accurate, within a yard or two. I wasn’t comparing it vs $15,000 systems or have some bias. Spin anecdotally seems reasonable, better w/ stickers. Hit some drivers as well and couldn’t tell exactly where they landed, but the numbers I was seeing were roughly what I see on the course. It’s more a fun toy that something I’m basing buying a new club on, but I must have got a good one that’s accurate to laser’d distances. Lucky me!
  9. I’m usually pretty consistent with my scoring, no huge swings. Yesterday, 37/52 for high round of last two years!
  10. BMAFAT6MCBRW Post when used please. Man I’m not liking new WRX on mobile. Just gotta get used to it I guess.
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