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  1. Six weeks for both of mine. 14 years between on different sides.
  2. Reduced my Cobra F9 from 45.5" to 45". A solid move for better control and no loss in distance.
  3. In some circles this is known as "damning with faint praise".
  4. Also used First Flight Standards for a year or two.
  5. Since I know him personally I will add that Ian is not a "Ping guy". His praise of the i59 was strictly objective and he broadly hinted that hackers or wannabe high single digit-to-mid handicappers should not apply. Ping targets a specific skill set with each of their irons and do it very well.
  6. Absolutely spot on with this assesment.
  7. Avoid it with a staff bag like mine. It will never fade, leak and has tons of room for clubs.
  8. I carry two 6-irons. A Mizuno JPX 919 HotMetal at 26* and a Cobra Tour Forged at 28.5*. Some times on my course I need the in between lofts for shots from 150-160 yds, depending on the slope and the wind. The HM has a Recoil F3 shaft,the Cobra an Accra Tour 80 R.
  9. 1986, Tommy Armour 986 forged 2-iron, Maxfli HT balata, 225 yds. 2006, 1994 Big Bertha 6-iron, Titliest DT wound, 160 yds 2014, Mizuno 850 forged 8 iron, Srixon XV, 136 yds Each one got shorter. Kept none of the balls.
  10. Agreed. Callaway did extensive testing on shaft weight vs flex a few years ago and found that weight was far more important than flex. Testing was done with an Iron Byron and one of their + handicap fitting staff.
  11. Has a set of those irons in 1975. Excellent.
  12. The MacGregor Muirfield was the worst balata ball ever made. It flew like a wounded mallard and the cover was as durable as onion skin.
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