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  1. Thanks, Crook. I got tired of non-waterproof 14 divider bags snagging my midsize grips and the nylon fading in the sun after 2-3 years. It won't happen with this old gem that was unused for $75.
  2. See how well my bag matches my Signature listing? I don't think my clubs will mind too much.
  3. Picked up this old gem for $75, never used even though 25 years old. I got tired of using "modern" cart bags with 14 dividers as they do not work well with mid-size grips. This bag has six faux fur line dividers, great for all my graphite shafts. Since my arthritic knees preclude walking, this is perfect as a cart bag which won't fade in the sun, is waterproof, will hold everything I need.
  4. So far, I've seen nothing that would move any new model far ahead of the pack. The G425 Max had a slight edge over the TSi3 and a couple of others, one PXG and a Srixon, but it was consistently less than 5 yards for the tester with swing speeds of 120-124. The Sim 2 looks promising but again by how much? Gains seem to be in small increments of ball speed and spin control, most of which is meaningless for the average 85-95 mph players, who make up the greatest majority of golfers.
  5. Well, with Tiger on the bench for this event, he has to feature someone.
  6. I played the course back in 2012 and really enjoyed it. Half-price after 1:00 was a bonus. I shot 82 from the second back tees with a bit of rain on #10 and a steady breeze off the channel between Maui and Molokai. My threesome included one guy from Japan (no English spoken) and another from Sweden. Both had their wives as riders. If you get a chance, it is well worth it.
  7. I have been a member in good standing here since 2008. Two days ago I tried to respond to notices sent to me by Monte and 2-3 others. When I tried, I gor a messgae saying I did not have permission to do so. I contacted Admin. but have received no reply over the last two days so tried again today. Has any one else had this isssue and if so, how was it resolved? Thank you.
  8. I've been here since 2008. Now when I try to answer my notifications is says" permission not allowed". Why? Thanks, Bob
  9. Srixon sells very well in Canada, particularly as a custom fit.
  10. The Cobra F7 is very forgiving, allows for good shotmaking in the short irons and can be bought very cheaply. An excellent choice for the mid capper. Of the TM offerings the RSi1 would be the better choice IF you can find a set with the C-Taper 105 shaft. Stay away from the Reax shaft.
  11. A hernia operation next Tuesday and knee operation probably in early March. Then the real conditioing begins as I want to walk again when I play.
  12. Hell, I'd go if I had to crawl around. In the same vein, I swore I'd never pay $690 Can. to play Pebble Beach. While in California last march to visit my younger daughter, we had to cancel her wedding reception in San Fran. due to the mayor and Covid-19 killing all such events. We went down to a beach house I had rented in Santa Cruz and behold my three kids and wife ponied up for the round at Pebble. So, a bucket list dream became a reality, and dumb a** that I am, I left my golf shoes in Santa Cruz and played in sneakers, even birdied the 17th with a four hybrid to 18". I played
  13. Cobra F9 or F8. Both are excellent.
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