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  1. As I said, he seems likeable. With more comfort and maturity I'm sure the "Chatty Cathy" persona will tone down and he certainly has the skill to let his clubs do the talking.
  2. I enjoyed watching the charity match yesterday at the 3M Open site. Wolff however nattered like a 10th Grader out in the hall. He seems like a good guy who is trying too hard to "fit in" and attempting to make every one like him by dominating the dialogue and giggling almost non-stop. Tommy Fleetwood looked visibly annoyed a couple of times but being the even keeled guy that he is, played along with Wolff's performance. Matt's skill set is admirable and I hope his social graces will be better honed in the future.
  3. They are light weight steel made for Wilson/Haig called Ultralite A good shaft from that era as many manufacturers moved away from the original Dynamic and Pro Fit shafts which were very heavy and played much stiffer than their rated flex.
  4. So cool, he had diamonds for fillings in his teeth.
  5. Clavin was one of the greatest ball strikers ever, right up there with Trevino, Hogan, Woods and the Normans, Moe and Greg. Being somewhat small and because of the bent arm, he did lack distance but was arguably the straightest guy ever on Tour outside of Hogan. At Glen Abbey's range during a Canadian Open back in the late '70s, I watched him hit drivers, a Toney Penna Model 65, persimmon of course. He hit 20 balls, all about 250-255 and you could have put a 15' circle around all of the balls. The flight was a medium height, flat trajectory with a 2-3 yard fade; the sound like a rifle shot.
  6. The MacGregor Tommy Armour 985 and 945. Golfcraft Continental, Toney Penna TP1X, 1984 Spalding Top Flite Professional (Chicopee Mass. Custom only), Lynx USA, Hogan PC and IPT, 1968 Wilson Dynapower
  7. Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metals, 6-pw, "B" heads, 2* upright, UST Recoil E460 R flex shafts +1/2", soft stepped once, fit by my son Chris of TXG. TM TP Red Chaska, 35".
  8. Taylor Made TP Red Chaska, 35".
  9. Or Karen if Debbie is busy reading "War and Peace".
  10. From that list either the Raptures or the ISI BeNi. That should leave you some $ for good instruction and neither set will curtail your progress.
  11. He does not look like one, he is one.
  12. Get the Plus and move the correct weight to the heel postion. Practice.
  13. A wise move best on results rather than unproven theories.
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