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  1. I totally agree on the leader collapses. He is a better chaser than leader, witness the TPC win. Arnold Palmer on a much grander scale, was the same, as was Norman.
  2. So, one hole defines the whole round? You must be super human to be that critical. I notice you did not address the other 14 greens hit.
  3. If you had ever played golf at a high level, state/provincial or national, you would know that shooting -1 in the last round while hitting 14/16 greens does not fit even the widest definition of "puking". The putter can be very contrary. I remember Nicklaus saying he would never shoot 80 and having to birdie his last hole to shoot 79. Tiger slashed his way to 80+ in a round at the Open. If you do not like the man that is fine but to demean someone who you have never met with a 10th Grade insult says volumes about your lack of common sense. I happen to be good friends with Fowler's former coach at Oklahoma State who told me that Rickie was one of the finest individuals he ever coached, both talent and character wise. His $40 million in Tour earnings, five wins, and making the Fedex Cup for nine straight years are not elite class, but still pretty darn respectable
  4. No sets, just two clubs. 1. Palmer Peerless P31 driver, mint. 2. MacGregor Nicklaus forged blade putter.
  5. I'm going to trial the ball tomorrow; yellow matt finish.
  6. I had this problem go away on its own three years ago. No pain, strangely.
  7. Thanks, Andy. Golf Town had nothing in stock except the Winn Dri-Tac which I do not like. A friend had ONE Tour Wrap Jumbo as he has been waiting for months for his supplier to send grips, a common problem everywhere in Canada. He put in on for $10 and I'll try it this weekend.
  8. When I got my new JPX919 Hot Metals last year, they had Tour Wrap Mids on them. This year I tried Tour Velvet Mids and do not like them as much since the vibration damping (arthritis) is not as good. I am going to try a Tour Wrap Jumbo on a couple of clubs, driver and PW, to gauge the results.
  9. A tip for you. Do not have him dip the clubs in a pail of water as a ilttle water could seep into the screw threads.. Spray the face with Windex or Simple Green amd wipe dry. I'v e been doing this for over 50 years and have never had a club rust, either carbon or stainless steel.
  10. That usually is correct with Mizuno's one degree flatter than the Apex.
  11. If you mean really light my VA Composites Raijin at 44 grams keeps me in the 2300-2600 range quite nicely.
  12. Ping did some extensive testing on this several years ago. They found that shaft droop rarely exceeded one degree even with the strongest players.
  13. THIS is golfer's elbow, mine from three years ago. Curiously, it did not hurt.
  14. Here is the list by category from clubs I have played back from 1965-1985. First choice and runner up. Driver....... Toney Penna Model 65, 2nd Cleveland Classic TC15 Fairway Woods...... Power Bilt Citation, 2nd Wilson Staff Strata Bloc 1968 Irons, 2-9 .............. MacGregor Tommy Armour 985, 2nd (tie) Golfcraft Continental 1966 and Toney Penna TP1X PW........ Wilson Staff Dynapower 1967, 2nd Golfcraft Continental 1968 SW....... Wilson Staff Dynapower 1967, 2nd Hogan 53 Putter..... Wilson Staff 8813, 2nd Ping 1A
  15. Arguably the ugliest trophy and dullest golf course on the Tour.
  16. Yes, but the 1962 tan herringbone sport jackets at the opening ceremony were horrific.
  17. You must have seen a bad example set. I spent three days at Ping's HQ in Phoenix and saw nothing happening there that would produce that kind of QC problem. I've owned over eight sets of Ping irons and all were spot on.
  18. The Sarazen version of the R20 was quite good but I preferred the reissued R90
  19. Quite correct. Most of us who played either MacGregor or Spalding irons would buy Wilson Dynapwer or Golfcraft Continental wedges, sometimes a Hogan like the Sure On, NOT the Sure Out.
  20. Six weeks for both of mine. 14 years between on different sides.
  21. Reduced my Cobra F9 from 45.5" to 45". A solid move for better control and no loss in distance.
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