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  1. You obviously never played PXG.
  2. Best putter I ever owned. Short putts are automatic. Great distance control. It just seems to flow nice though the ball
  3. I hit the TSI3 hybrid today and I hit it better than my 4 iron. I am more comfortable looking down at it than a 7 wood.
  4. The look sometimes of the bigger hybrid scares me, especially of a tight lie
  5. I’m not a fast swinger. 93 with driver. My 4 iron travels about the same as my 5 iron on most shots unless I pure one. While I was at golf Galaxy the guy working there told me the u510 would be more forgiving than the TSI3 hybrid. Looking at both, I don’t see it.
  6. Thanks. That makes more sense to me.
  7. I know that placing the weight in the heel will promote a draw, but what if My strike is on the toe. I hear people say that you want the weight at the point where you strike the ball. Thoughts?
  8. In my set I go driver, 3w, TSI2 hybrid 18, then p790 irons. Thinking of replacing my 4 iron with a TSI3 hybrid or u510 3 iron. An I right in thinking the TSI3 will be more forgiving than my p790 4 iron. I’m not a big fan of the fairway looking hybrid.
  9. Thanks for this comparison. How would the RF compare to the Oban Purple or speeder 7?
  10. What didn’t you like about the p790? They felt harsh to me. Looking at both irons, without actually hitting them both I would think the apex would be more forgiving
  11. Hi Calloway guys, I been playing Titleist T100 for the last year and my iron play has suffered because of it, mid 50’s, lost some swing speed and I’m just not as good a ball striker anymore. I’m looking at buying the Apex/DCB blend set. W-7 in Apex 6-5 in DCB. I really like the look and I’m torn between these and the P790. I’m looking for more forgiveness and consistency. I’m not a fan of the T200. What can you guys tell me from your experience? Thanks.
  12. I used to have the T200 long irons also. I hit the 5 iron T100 better actually so my set up is T100 AW - 5I TS2 25 Hybrid set to 24 and TS2 21 Hybrid. Top of the bag is 16.5 TS2 Fairway and 11.5 TS2 Driver. I’ve gone back and forth all year looking for distance before I realized I didn’t need it. The T100 are a great set of irons. I don’t hit the ball as far as you so gapping isn’t much of a problem for me.
  13. Yea I’m ok with those number. I’m very similar. But I just play those distances.
  14. How did you like them? Still have them?
  15. Damn. My T100 7 iron goes 150 if I flush it....
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