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  1. and Cameron, and Greg Jr., and Daniel, and Brady...
  2. I was reading through this tread and currently going through exactly what you experienced. I'm sure it's from over doing it over the winter on the sim hitting off a mat. (C.C.Elite which I've read many were critical of due to injury) X-ray showed nothing now 4 months later and much worse I'm scheduled for an MRI which now I'll ask to be changed to a CAT scan after reading your story. I hope your doing better now.
  3. Frankie Molinari, I think he will come back strong and play with pride for his hard hit country
  4. Awesome putter there! Trades?? Slightly used wife? will add cash
  5. I was thinking the same thing. He has a teflon conscience for sure!
  6. Liberty National's range is primo. Immaculate grass teeing area, great targets and shiny new Pro V1s in a leather bag.
  7. I love Pound Ridge golf club which he did in Westchester, NY ( I wasn't aware to recently that it's his only NY design) Also Casa De Campo was awesome to play in the DR Cheers Pete RIP
  8. So your liking the short hitters here!
  9. From the depths of his 20 capper like chili dippin' and bunker sculling days I'd have to say Tiger. I never thought he would fully recover from those days.
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