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  1. What are some easy to hit, long and forgiving JDM fairway woods? I tend to hit lower on the face.
  2. Besides eyeballing, what’s a solid way to line up putter grip when installing new grip?
  3. Anyone know how much I can sell my S60 for? I want to upgrade, but don't need two golf/gps watches.
  4. What are good drills to hit fairway wood off the turf?
  5. I received my Mavrik Max 3 hybrid today and tested it a the range. It is so easy to launch and super forgiving. However, stock shaft doesn’t fit my swing and club lies so upright. I’ll have to try it with different shaft.
  6. Anyone played Mavrik Max Hybrid? Not many left in CPO. ‘I couldn’t find many reviews on Mavrik Max Hybrids. Someone must have tested or played one. Reviews, Please.
  7. Any Solid Hybrids out there great off the tee. long and forgiving?
  8. Fairway Wood For all the slower swing speed and low ball hitters, what fairway wood and shaft are you gaming?
  9. What are some quality club refinishing shops that won't break the bank? Thank you
  10. Looking for midsize putter grip 50 to 65g. any out there. Thanks
  11. I currently own TS2 fairway wood and looking to possibly upgrading to TSi2. Is it worth the upgrade? ‘thank you
  12. I had the 4, 5 and 7 fairway wood. I loved the 4 wood and miss it everytime I play. I don’t know why I sold it. sorry, no specs.
  13. I own set of RTX 4 and wanted to know if RTX Zipcore is any better. Has anyone compared the 2? ‘reviews please. Thank you
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