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  1. Looking for review on the Mavrik fairway wood. Project X EvenFlow Riptide 60 Graphite what flex is: 5.0 5,5 6.0
  2. I just don't like Ping G425 with shallow face off the tee.
  3. What is the typical swing weight on ladies irons?
  4. Mr. Heater to me was crap. It doesn't stay lite even in a slight breeze. I bought used golfcat by Coleman for around $60 during the summer months on eBay. Trying to buy one in the winter is costly. COLEMAN Golfcat Golf Cart Heater
  5. Alvey Sorry, I don't recall. I ended up throwing my Mr. Heater. I am using the older Coleman golf heater. So much better.
  6. Looking for (hopefully Free, but not a must) Ryder Cup format scoring tracking app. To be able to track all groups in real time. Thanks
  7. Is there a free app that has the feature for live tracking of Ryder Cup format scoring in match play format for 27 holes?
  8. I am looking for quality company that does custom work for a good price. Need hats and ball marks custom. Thank you
  9. What is the best way to remove epoxy outside of the hosel? ‘thank you
  10. Norboo

    Ladies clubs

    What are some good ladies clubs? I want to keep our options open. entire set/combo irons set woods hybrids wedges thank you
  11. Norboo

    2 Hybrid?

    no shallow face. I edited. Thanks
  12. Norboo

    2 Hybrid?

    Looking for 2 Hybrid off the tee mostly. 1.Forgiving 2.No shallow face 3.Easy to elevate 4.Prefer less offset. 5.Long
  13. I am still playing my 2015 Kuro as well. I also have a backup set. :D
  14. it all comes down to how far you hit your 6 iron and what distance you are trying to cover. easiest I’ve tried was Big Bertha. Big Bertha IronsDon;t discount hybrid. Most 6 hybrid matches 5 iron distance, 6 hybrid is super easy to hit and control.
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