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  1. Would prefer to trade this first headcover, The blackout mallet cover, for a betti wood headcover. Since I have to put a price $125 plus shipping. Next up is an older bettinardi blade cover. $40 plus shipping or would trade for other betti headcovers plus cash Finally is a jpx forged 919 gap wedge. I bout this from someone off here and everything is standard. I only hit 10-15 balls with it and it didn’t fit for me. It has a c-taper 130x shaft with a standard mcc align grip. $75 plus shipping
  2. Hello! going to try this one more time! I tried to post this the other day but I think I had another (different) open post. I’ve waited my 24 hours and hopefully this will work. Not interested in trades at this time. bundles will save money!! Let me know any questions: 1. Bettinardi inovai 6s. - I bought this from another wrxer earlier this week and didn’t help me as much as my other inovai so need to get rid of one. This one has a tour stability shaft and plays to 35 inches. This shaft makes it completely face balanced. I replaced the grip with a bettinardi jumbo grip but otherwise it should be standard. with standard inovai head cover. $old! 2. bettinardi hive blackout mallet cover $125 3. tour ad di 7x black titleist driver shaft. This measure 43 inches and plays 44 inches in a ts3 - $old 4. Hzrd smoke stock driver shaft. 6.5 60 grams. Plays stock in a ts3 $old 5. hzrd smoke 6.5 80 g hybrid shaft. This still has the sticker and has never been used. Plays stock in a ts2 19 degree hybrid. $50 obo 6. Peter millar vest xl. New with tags. Has mountain top logo on chest. $old 7. Peter millar XL mountaintop pull over. It is grey and baby blue and has been worn three times. Comes washed. None smoker/pet household. $old
  3. I can’t see my post on the buy sell forum. I submitted them around 9:30 - 10 cst this morning. I don’t see them. I do see that one person responded to my post but then I click on it and it says unauthorized? Even though I’m logged in. I can’t even find my post if I use the search feature
  4. Happy Labor Day! today we have a few things I’m cleaning out. All items will be shipped usps to continental us. Add $10 shipped west of Mississippi. trade interest would be ts2 19 degree hybrid with x stiff shaft. 1. sim max 3 hybrid. Plays 40 inches. Proforce V2 85x hybrid shaft. The head does have some marks on the white but not super noticeable aT address. Grey Midsize mcc +4 grip with two wraps of tape. I have priced accordingly. $old 2. Stock tensei av 65x 4 wood shaft for titleist ts2 16.5. No adaptor. $50 obo. Grey Midsize mcc +4 grip with two wraps of tape. will provide discount if packaged together.let me know if you need additional pics or information. thanks!
  5. Wish this was a 4 as I already have the 3 and love it! I tried to mess around on tgw but didn’t seem to see any errors
  6. This was pulled from a factory ordered ts2 16.5 and played 42.5 in the ts2. It does not have an adaptor but had a clean pull by a professional. I have never swung this shaft. No tip. Has a midsize Mcc plus 4 midsize grip never used installed. $65 or best offer. Would also trade for a smoke 70 6.5 driver shaft
  7. Thank you everyone for the feedback. I was able to speak with puma and they are covering the shoes under warranty with just a receipt of purchase! What great customer service! Also got this piece of information from them regarding the shoes: The proadapts and pwradapt have different spike housing systems. The proadapts from this season are more of a performance oriented shoe and the spikes have stayed intact more successfully in these. With the pwradapts, the shoe was designed around performance and comfort. With that being said, since we were striving for comfort in the pwradapt, the spike housing system was a bit weaker and we saw a few pairs come back with the pods falling out. We have corrected this issue for next years pwradapt which should be releasing early next year! I would feel confident in the durability for either of these models in the years to come.
  8. I bought them from the pgatour superstore, but I just threw them away to save suitcase space. I thought about trying to do the warranty stuff but decided against it.
  9. Hello - I am in the market for some new shoes. I went to my local PGA toursuperstore, but did not find anything I liked. I previously owned the Puma Ignite Pwradapt shoes. I loved these shoes bc they had great traction, with replaceable spikes and still felt low to the ground. I have tried a lot of spikeless shoes and just do not like them. Other spiked shoes seem to feel like "boots" and you are so high off the ground. The problem with these shoes is that the spike is glued on. So while I got about a year of use out them, when I lost a spike - I lost the whole spike and "spike holding mechanism", so I couldn't even buy or insert a replacement spike. Any suggestions?
  10. > @soderwoell said: > Is that fully face balanced? Any trade interests? yes, it is. I am at work now, but can get you a picture later if you would like. Unfortunately, no trade interest at this time.
  11. 35” Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Seven Mini with an oversized grip. I played with it once. mint condition. Just didn’t work for me. Can be yours for $Sold Let me know any questions.
  12. I had this tensei pro blue 80 tx in my three wood. I had it tipped down .5 to play 42.5 in a 19 degree five wood. The five wood head comes with it for free! So don’t comment on how rusted it is! I got it out of a friends garage to try and fill a gap. $old obo shipped. Shaft is in great shape with a midsize blue multi compound shaft. Again - head is free...if you need more pics or pics with a tape measured let me know! or pictures
  13. Up for sale today is a 35” Odyssey Stroke Lab EXO Seven Mini with an oversized grip. I bought it new last week And played with it once. It’s mint condition. Unfortunately, i am used to a 37” putter and 35” is the longest they make in the stroke lab putters, and I don’t feel like changing the shaft so I’ll just stick with my gamer. Price drop $240 OBO. PM with questions
  14. I bought this off here as an experiment thinking it was a 19 degree, but i am an idiot and it is 18 degrees. It goes too far for my gap. It has an elements chrome 8F5T shaft. Just looking to get what I paid for it. $Sold Trade interest would be a cobra f9 5-6 wood. Pm me with questions
  15. Yeah I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful or anything, just saw the dot on them and was curious. I obviously don’t know the differences between the dot and the forged.
  16. Man, I wish I could putt with a blade. Great looking flat sticks. Glws
  17. Glad you sold the bushnell, great price by the way. Was curious to hear your feedback on the “elements” feature but certainly don’t have to share.
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