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  1. Really like how the “o”s and “g” form “89”.
  2. Probably shouldn’t even be looking at these, but just curious of lofts.
  3. Looks like all the stores have 2020 Bridgestone triple dozen boxes for $110 ($36.66/dozen) now.
  4. Might get more responses if you post in Long Driver’s Lab.
  5. Mats and crappy ones at that. Lessons may be on grass but I’m not certain.
  6. I fly in on the 7th as well and have been debating whether or not to play as well. The other members of my foursome don’t want to pay and we have Wailea Gold booked for Monday.
  7. They would do well to run a special sale to celebrate his win.
  8. I’d complain to Amazon about the misleading description, assuming free return with Prime isn’t possible.
  9. Are you sure the code worked for the balls? I tried to use the code but it said it could not be applied.
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