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  1. I’ll take the B60. That’s a great flatstick, albeit not a very “flat” one!
  2. Which KBS shafts are they? Specifically, which weight? Tour 90's, 120's? Thanks!
  3. We felt it a little bit here Northern KY. Glad it didn't affect tonight's golf!!
  4. I'd have to agree with everyone who suggests you sell on the BST. Your babies will end up with someone who cares about them as much as you do. Few people on Ebay care about old clubs. Oh, and I would love to see some pictures as well. Sounds like an awesome collection.
  5. Sounds like an amazing opportunity to have clubs built for you by a legend. I'm definitely in. A shiny set of EZ-1's would look awfully nice in my bag.
  6. [quote name='PeterSinIndy' timestamp='1305648334' ] The niblicks were the reason I got the Smart and the Texan, neither of which I've played this year. [/quote] Funny that I am going the other way. The driver has piqued interest in the Niblicks. Thanks for the quick review. Sorry about the ailment. It's no fun to miss out on golf for any reason out of your control. Get well soon! By the way, I took the deep face Classic 50's to the range yesterday and hit it nearly as far as my R9 460. If the mishits weren't so bad, I would keep it in the bag. Just don't play enough these days t
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