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  1. We would bring a group desert 7 iron, anyone could use it so we didn't kill our clubs! our own local rule!
  2. I have always struggled with the modern length of 45.5 and 60 gram shaft. This winter I picked up a 13.5 Taylor Mini Driver and started to hit consistently more fairways, but lost enough yardage to not carry some helpful carries. Took a 10.5 SIM head, and went with a 7s instead of 6s for an overall length of 44". Used a Winn Lite grip and added lead tape to the head to get it to D2 and that was the right combo for carry and consistency. Not crazy heavy or short but just right. I fully support an experiment.
  3. Am I able to join any club? East end of Long Island would work, winters in Jupiter!
  4. Looking forward to trying that CLN, thanks for accepting my offer. Stay safe!
  5. He's barely breaking even on these after PP fees and shipping according to what I paid Friday. GLWS
  6. I love these ads, looks like you are selling these on the side of the 18th green! The ads with the parking lot and the trunk in the shots are entertaining too. Hey, if they don't behave they should be sold immediately. GLWS
  7. Is the shaft from Cobra? Head loft can be bumped up to at least 10 degrees correct?
  8. Interested in the Studio Stainless, could you PM me? Can’t seem to send messages.
  9. I have a 311 58 with s400 tour issue that is 1/4” under I’d trade for the 16 M2. Having trouble with pm on phone
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