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  1. Get it checked out, Benny! Better to get ahead of it. Us golfers don't always age gracefully lol
  2. Simple sale today. One very gently used Seemore Free Beer leather putter cover with magnet closure and fur interior. Looking for $sold.
  3. Up for sale is 9 Super Stroke Cross Comfort Traxion wrap midsize grips in alternate brown leather color. Brand new in packaging. looking for $48 shipped
  4. Not for nothing, this is the best formatted ad I’ve seen, IMO. Golf clap ??
  5. I have trouble remaining signed in when I first click onto the forums. Then when I click into a topic, I see that I am signed in. Love the new look and feel though!
  6. Awesome setup! That is one lucky kid right there. I see the Nerf gun wall in the background too!!
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