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  1. I have a chiliwacker I'd be willing to part with. PM me if interested.
  2. I have the same shaft, and had the same thing happen but mine broke about 6" from the adapter. First driver swing on the range before a 36 hole day. Borrowed a driver from the pro shop but had a difficult time adjusting, threw off my whole day. Mine was 2 years old but my pro shop sent it to Titleist anyway to try to get it replaced under warranty. Luckily I have another one in an older driver so won't cost me anything. My swing speed is only about 100 so it isn't that!
  3. It's not just a public course problem. I play at a nicer private place in NJ with great greens and fix several marks per hole every time I play, small pitch marks and craters alike. Really frustrating. People are just lazy and full of themselves....
  4. Bettinardi Queen B #8 with head cover, 34", purchased new, original owner. Standard loft lie. Great condition, only used a few times, no blemishes as far as I can see. Just isn't for me. SOLD
  5. Our Costco in NJ has most things except brisket, and rarely do they have prime packers. I made boneless country spare ribs (aka sliced pork butt) and chicken last week. It was a quick and easy cook and just enough to satisfy my need to use my smoker! BTW I also make burnt ends out of chuck roast since I can't get a packer. Decent substitute and easy to do. Pork belly burnt ends aka meat candy are off the charts!
  6. How many clubs do you carry? Any issues putting in/pulling out clubs? I have mid-sized grips so it might be an issue for me. Do you find the strap comfortable and easy on the back/hips? I am lugging an old 5.8lb stand bag full of clubs with a single strap, and need something else pronto for my 55 yr old back!
  7. Pappy, I guess you sliced that brisket so thin because it is dried out... That looks amazing. Brisket is my nemesis. I've tried injecting, wrapping with foil, butcher paper, panning, you name it. Problem is I just can't get good meat around me, let alone a packer. I was able to score a prime packer at Costco ONCE, came out pretty good but nothing like yours. My wife asks why I keep trying, but it has now become my quest!
  8. Bought it from another member who used it once. Not my cup of tea either. 170 shipped.
  9. I can't even log in. Doesn't recognize my GHIN # and last name.
  10. I usually take caddies when at friend's places (because that is their preference), or traveling and playing a new course. I always read my own putts as I don't get any feel for the greens by someone pointing to a spot and saying "this is your hole". If I am unsure I will ask the caddie for advice just for a general idea, but always politely tell the caddie from the get go that I prefer to read my own greens. Plus, only on one occasion early in my golfing life at Baltusrol have the reads been good, and that guy was an ex-tour caddie with tons of experience! That said, my worst experience was at
  11. Yes, anise is traditional. The ones I mentioned are more kid friendly, and I was never a big fan of anise. I only make them around Christmas time, because that's what they mean to me. While easy to make, it is time consuming but well worth it.
  12. Pizzelles, either vanilla citrus or chocolate. Both family recipes I have carried from my grandmother and mother. Hope my son will carry on the tradition!
  13. I wear a wrist brace when sleeping, as recommended by both my ortho and PT. Apparently most people bend their wrists when sleeping, and wearing the brace alleviates pressure (but use only when sleeping as wearing it too much can lead to other issues). It does help, along with rest, self deep tissue massage, stretching, and eventually strengthening. It is frustrating, painful and can take months to heal.
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