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  1. Weird, I use monte’s use the bounce method and actually switched balls recently because I was spinning my chips too much. I like a little roll out, it gives you a chance to make it. I think one hop and stop will be short more often than not, but usually more speed creates more spin, just don’t get long on the backswing
  2. *5 ROUND UPDATE* Very impressed with the performance of these clubs. Key Takeaways: No fliers / hot spots, yardages and dispersion have been consistentFeel is superb, shots feel very soft off of the face, even on slightly off center strikes.Forgiveness takes the spotlight. I had two iron shots that felt very low on the face and towards the heel. Both shots flew straight at the flag on a rope and were only 4-5 yards short of the intended yardage. Can't stress this enough, instead of off the green chips and 20-30 yard putts I had good looks at birdie.0211's are possibly the best value in golf right now. I got 5-PW for $400 less than similar options I looked at (P790s, Cobras, and Apex). $675- compared to $1075-1100 was a no brainer for me. And having demoed and played with the P790s I can say that 0211's were a much better performer for me in pretty much all aspects.
  3. Lol. MountainGoat has a long history of skepticism or downright contempt for other golfers on their journeys improvement and the instructors they’ve worked with. Ego / stubbornness was mentioned earlier in the thread and that’s probably a good guess. Sometimes people have extraordinary success or mastery in one facet of their life (business, hobby, etc.) and that mentality of infallibility can transfer over to other areas of their life where it has no business. Unless it’s how you earn a paycheck, Golf should be fun. If it’s not find another hobby.There is a litany of highly regarded, well vetted instructors on this forum. It’s you not them. Most will give you 3-5 thoughts or drills to do that will help you play better, but if you arrogantly stick with what you’ve been doing (which clearly isn’t working) you are doomed. Delayed gratification mon frere, put in the work, be humble and patient, reap the rewards
  4. Just got back from the range. I hit about 30-40 shots with the PXG 0211's and wow, they are superb. I went with the Elevate Tour in S, and came from Nippon Modus 120 X in my Srixon irons. First impression was the PXGs felt much lighter, which I didn't mind but if you are particular with your swing weight you'll probably have some work to do to dial them in. To my surprise, feel wasn't too different from the Nippon Modus, actually slightly prefer the Elevate Tours. The vibration dampening is legit, and to be honest I think the only difference (that I could tell) was that the Srixons gave slightly better feedback on mishits. However for me personally, the benefits of the vibration dampening outweigh the small improvement in feedback. Shaft felt extraordinarily smooth throughout the swing with a nice snap at the bottom. Distance was about 5-10 yards longer than the Srixon z745, and about 5-7 yards longer than the z545 long irons. Turf interaction was equally as good, which was a pleasant surprise considering the lack of V sole I've become accustomed to over the last 4-5 years. The PXG 0211s really just want to go straight, which I love since I don't curve the ball much. I could could hit small 5 yard draws and fades, but stock shot was pretty much straight. If you like to work the ball this could be a detriment to your style of play. Forgiveness was so much better, it's no contest. Seriously. Humble brag I hit probably 80-90% of my shots flush, but the ones I didn't were hardly discernable in both distance and flight. Feedback was there but didn't punish my hands like my Srixons do. Barely lower flight and maybe 5-7 yards distance loss for thin shots (which is my normal miss). I'm very impressed with the forgiveness packed into the club. Feel was really good. This might sound strange but the feel was better than 99% of the shots hit with my Srixons. Solidly struck shots melt off the club face, feels like a marshmallow. The only time I can remember the Srixons feeling better was when I have nutted a long iron. So maybe if you have some serious swing speed you might prefer a traditional forging. But in a blind test I would have picked the PXGs all day. Overall, definitely worth the wait. Buy some, seriously, probably the best golf investment I've ever made. I don't hoe much so maybe that's not saying much, I find a winner and keep them in the stable for years. Here is a video from the range to get an idea of sound and turf interaction, I'm sorry the angle is such trash :/http://youtu.be/inFChRtPGro
  5. As promised, 0211 comparison to Srixon z745 (pw, 7-iron) and z545 (5-iron) Unfortunately, they only came in a brown box which is a little disappointing considering the $60 shipping and almost 6 week wait time. I'm heading to the range to break them in and will report back. PW 7-iron 5-iron (Srixon z545)
  6. I don’t have access to a launch monitor but I’ll post comparison pictures to my Srixon z745s and some videos at the range once they arrive
  7. I ordered 5-pw with elevate tour s flex (standard LLL) mine have been in picked / in assembly going on 3 weeks. I think everyone that has ordered should assume a 6 week turnaround, and anything earlier is icing on the cake
  8. This is a major key for my swing, when I get tense, I ruin my sequencing and fire the lower body early / snatch the club in transition. Guaranteed speed killer, center face contact becomes a miracle. I don’t know if you played any sports, but tension is bad in almost all athletic motions. Arms and hands should be soft when shooting a basketball. Try throwing a football with a tension ridden arm, it goes nowhere and way off line. Baseball and tennis as well. You have to trust it. Like the Nike slogan “just do it”. Start with small shots (Pitches, wedges, short irons) and work your way up. My swing thought is “free wheeling”. As always, YMMV, and a good instructor is always the best plan of action
  9. Callaway xhot 2 and xr are fantastic. 3 woods that work for you are unicorns, find one you like and stick with it
  10. That’s disappointing to hear. My buddy’s set arrived on Friday and shafts, grips, and lengths all looked on point. I don’t have a protractor and I don’t know of any golf shops open yet nearby
  11. Screen shot for proof. 0211, 5-PW with elevate tour in S flex. I have no idea, I postulate that my order was pretty vanilla (standard loft, lies, grips) compared to others that might have components that are out of stock... who knows. I was very pleasantly surprised but I feel for those still waiting, regardless I would’ve waited until summer considering how affordable they were. FWIW the original estimate was 6/12 I believe so maybe you’ll get some good news shortly
  12. Ordered 5/11, items picked/in assembly as of today. 10 days isn’t too bad, I’m guessing there’s a decent amount of people canceling or ordering out of stock shafts
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