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  1. Love the Snell MTB-X. Going to try the Bridgestone BRX. May want to give the Snell MTB Black a try again. Maybe the Taylor Made Tour Response. The MTB-X spins great around the greens but I want a little more distance with my irons. Also could be I need more practice.
  2. Cobblestone is a nice course. They do have a solid range, but I do not recall if it is grass all of the time. I know you can hit any club you want. They have nice short game area too. IMO, it is one of the most underrated clubs in the area. Reach out to them and I am sure they will let you play a "trial round."
  3. How is the spin and feel around the green?
  4. Here is what I have from Aurora in 2015. Junior (under age 40) Initiation - $5,000 The highest dues from 35-39, $315.00/month, $87.50 assessment/month, food/beverage 300/per trimester There are additional fees such as locker, driving range etc. I do not know what the cart/caddy fees consist of, but hopefully this helps.
  5. So are they just redoing Glenwood? The clubhouse itself should be demolished. It is practically a VFW building.
  6. I had a fitting in 2019 and chose i210 over Apex. both clubs look and feel great. The Apex were about 5 yards longer, but the shot dispersion with the i210 was much better.
  7. Is one better in the wind than the other?
  8. I was watching the first round of the Sentry last night and noticed Patrick Reed in a Titleist hat. Is it a ball only deal or full bag?
  9. I have played all of those courses except Watchung Valley. If I had to choose, I would go with NJ National. It is golf only and the restaurant is open to the public, but the course is great. Range is solid and the course and conditions are top notch. You also have reciprocal privileges at a couple other courses, including Pine Barrens in Jackson. If you go down the Shore in the summer, you can get 18 in before going out for the night. Suburban is a better course IMO than Shackamaxon, but Shack also has a pool, if you are looking for one. Also, Suburban and Shack have caddy programs, s
  10. It is a phenomenal course. Greens are very tricky and a ton of bunkers. I caddied at Manasquan River in Brielle and loved that course. I am not too crazy what they did to some of the holes on the back 9.
  11. That was an older model of the BX. The sound was irritating. Now if it is quieter on the newer BX, I will compare them to the BXS.
  12. Thank you. I actually found a few this summer/fall. I’ll try give them a “shot.”
  13. Thank you DavidH88. I did love the feel of the B330s. I do love my Snells, but as far the as the OEM, Bridgestone is my favorite golf ball.
  14. I have been a fan of Snell MTB-X this season. My favorite part is the spin around the greens. However, I would like to gain a few extra yards on my irons. I loved the Bridgestone B300s and just got a dozen Tour BXS. I have not tried the New BX but i recall the previous model going very far, but way too loud of a sound off the putter. I’m considering swapping for the BRX, but concerned they won’t spin well for chipping and all. Should I keep the BXS or give one of the other models a shot? Thank you!
  15. I do not live in the area, but both times I have visited the Chicagoland area, I was able to play at a couple of clubs. Rolling Green was not a great course IMO. There were a few instances in which I hit a ball in the primary rough and could not find it. It made the day very frustrating. This was back in the summer of 2018, so maybe things have changed, so it may be worth a look. If you can afford Glen Oak, go for it. I think there initiation was like $60k, but the course was fantastic.
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