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  1. Canoe Brook I hear is amazing. It is definitely the most expensive of all the options. I have not played any of the courses you listed, but based on history, rankings, etc. Essex County Country Club would be the best option. I can double check but I believe there initiation was $35k and dues are $1,000 month, prior to caddies, carts, etc. Shoot me a DM and I can let you know. I visited Spring Brook, Essex County and Basking Ridge. Basking Ridge is by far the cheapest, but it is not as glamorous as the others mentioned. I believe their restaurant is open to the public, so that could be
  2. Agree with all on the price. If you can get it for say $150 or less, but when it hits $250 or more in the summer, no way. The Mens Locker Room is really cool.
  3. I have to agree on Maplewood as far as the family atmosphere. It is supposed to be one of the best family club's in the state. The course IMO is just nothing special.
  4. I don’t blame you. Im not sure what they’re initiation is now, but Roxiticus in Mendham is an awesome course.
  5. Anytime. As far as initiation fee, what is your budget?
  6. No Problem. All of the courses I mentioned have caddies except NJ National and I don’t think Fiddlers Elbow does either. Best thing to do is reach out and ask to come for a tour. You’ll probably be able to get a free round in as well.
  7. Based on what you have said and what you are looking for, Upper Montclair is the better course. However, it is golf only, so if you want things for the family, i.e. pool, then that is out. The course is very nice and have an excellent practice facility. Green Brook is a really nice course and they have a pool. However, I was informed a few years ago from someone who lives in the area that they would eventually be sold. Shackamaxon in Scotch Plains is a popular place. The dues are surprisingly lower than other courses in the area. They put in a pool a few years ago and it is beautif
  8. I played Colonia about 15 years or so. From what I recall, the course was in good shape. Layout seemed just ok though. Suburban is a better course than Shackamaxin IMO. Both courses have caddy programs. Suburban is golf only, while Shack has a really nice pool area. Never played Forest Hill but I visited the clubhouse once. The mens locker room is awesome. Private bar. Shuffleboard. Lounge chairs to sit and watch tv. I would check out NJ National in Basking Ridge. Also, Metuchen is a little south of Suburban and Shack and maybe a better course than both.
  9. I concur about the i210. Look great at address. Excellent forgiveness. #1 reason on LPGA tour and Tyrell Hatton, Lee Westwood, Victor Hovland play them. Stewart Cink had a great week with them too at Harbour Town. This is my 3rd season with them. They will not be kicked out of the bag for a while. put them on your list.
  10. With so many different brands and models of shafts, preferably in drivers/woods, do you have a favorite brand and/or model?
  11. Greetings from NJ! I hope everyone is well. Hoping to make it back to the area once things are back to 100%. GO CUBS!!!!!
  12. I do not live in the area, but I have emailed clubs in the past in case my wife and I landed in the Chicgoland area. Ruth Lake I recall was $85k inititaion. Edgewood $75k. LaGrange $65k Olympia Fields $25k. Beverly I believe was $20k. Midlothian is by far the cheapest. I think all of the clubs require caddies. Two clubs I have played are Rolling Green and Glen Oak. Rolling Green was just ok and Glen Oak was awesome.
  13. I am considering upgrading my golf bag. I have a Ping Hoofer 14 and I love the individual pockets. However, the Taylormade 2020 Flex Tech Crossover Yarn Dye Stand Golf Bag is also very nice looking and also has 14 individual pockets. I have had Ping stand bags since high school (I'm 39) and always thought they were the most stylish. Plus, all but my driver is Ping equipment. I am leaning towards the Ping, but any insights on either bag would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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