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  1. I am curious as well. I am looking for a backup shaft for my PXG Gen 2 0811X. I currently have the Fujikura Pro 2.0 6s. I see it is $69 on ebay, which sounds like a great deal.
  2. What site did you find this? I have one in my 3-wood which I love and I am looking for one with a PXG driver adapter.
  3. I have a dozen X that I want to return in exchange for a dozen black. I like the X but I get a better ball flight with the Black. Can I get an exchange?
  4. Thank you! It is funny you mention the sound of the fairway woods, as they do not bother me, but for some reason, I thought the G410 driver made a much louder sound. Titliest woods definitely sound quieter IMO.
  5. Great question. I hit the G410 driver and thought it was a little too loud of a sound. PXG had a huge sale last year, so I went for a fitting and loved the club. Figured getting it at a great price was hard to beat, not to mention, how many players have PXG drivers in their bags?
  6. Driver - PXG GEN2X 12 degree - Fujikura Pro 2.0 6-S shaft 3-wood- Ping G410 14.5 degree - Mitsubishi Tensei Orange CK Series 70 S shaft Hybrid - Ping G410 3 19 degree - Mitsubishi Tensei Blue CK Series 80hy S shaft Irons - Ping i210, 4-UW, red dot, Modus 105s shaft Wedges - Ping Glide 2.0, 54 & 58 degree, Modus 105s shaft Putter - Ping Sigma Tyne 2 Also, Peloton Bicycle - used off & on
  7. I used to be a member at a semi-private club and played with a group who often complained about the club. At times, I was one of them. Solution. I eventually stopped going and decided to play the local county courses. As far as I know, the complainers are still at that club. No member should EVER berate an employee, unless there was a good reason, i.e. stealing, violence, etc. I am surprised more head pro's, gm's, etc. do not have that member(s) come into their office privately and tell them that their actions are not to be tolerated ever, or they will be thrown out of the club. I am sure there are other member's who are awaiting to get into that club(s). Just my .02.
  8. 39 years old 6 handicap Tried almost all of them, but Snell MTB-X maybe the best. Long off the tee and I haven’t played a ball that spins better around the greens.
  9. As a Monmouth County resident, we are spoiled with the county courses. $50 to walk on weekends with a county card. Hominy Hill is my favorite, but the Charleston Springs courses are excellent. Although the fescue at the North course is the highest I have seen. Shark River my least favorite out of the par 72 options, but it is not a bad course. Howell is nice, but it does not drain well. Plus, some of the tee boxes are not level and the greens can be a little spongy.
  10. Currently, I have a Fujikura Pro 2.0 6S in my PXG Gen 2X driver. Once I get my swing more consistent, I am thinking of trying some different ones. I currently have a Tensei Orange CK in 3-wood and a Tensei Blue in my 3 hybrid. I am considering finding a used Tensei White. Also, the Ventus Red seems go to with my driver speed which is generally in the 95-99 mph range. Which driver shaft do you currently play and what is it about it that you like?
  11. Welcome to Monmouth County. I generally play the county courses on weekends. If you wanna join, Dm me. if you are looking for private club info, I can provide info.
  12. They put in a pool a few years ago and it is really nice. The dues are about as good as you are going to get in that neck of the woods. Personally, it was not my favorite course. Suburban is a better course IMO, but it is golf only. Check out Metuchen Golf $ Country Club. Awesome course, but no true driving range. Beautiful pool area as well. I still get emails waiving an initiation fee and all.
  13. Canoe Brook I hear is amazing. It is definitely the most expensive of all the options. I have not played any of the courses you listed, but based on history, rankings, etc. Essex County Country Club would be the best option. I can double check but I believe there initiation was $35k and dues are $1,000 month, prior to caddies, carts, etc. Shoot me a DM and I can let you know. I visited Spring Brook, Essex County and Basking Ridge. Basking Ridge is by far the cheapest, but it is not as glamorous as the others mentioned. I believe their restaurant is open to the public, so that could be a reason why dues are a little lower. Essex County was really nice, as well as Spring Brook. It is a shame you are not considering Morris County. I played there a few years ago and I loved it. Same with Echo Lake, as you mentioned earlier. I would check out Roxiticus as well in Mendham. A really neat course and the members I golfed with were great. They seem to have a mix of different ages as well. Funny you mention that about Fairmount. I hear there nickname is UnFairmount, lol. Good luck in your search and if you need a 4th, shoot me a DM.
  14. Agree with all on the price. If you can get it for say $150 or less, but when it hits $250 or more in the summer, no way. The Mens Locker Room is really cool.
  15. I have to agree on Maplewood as far as the family atmosphere. It is supposed to be one of the best family club's in the state. The course IMO is just nothing special.
  16. I don’t blame you. Im not sure what they’re initiation is now, but Roxiticus in Mendham is an awesome course.
  17. Anytime. As far as initiation fee, what is your budget?
  18. No Problem. All of the courses I mentioned have caddies except NJ National and I don’t think Fiddlers Elbow does either. Best thing to do is reach out and ask to come for a tour. You’ll probably be able to get a free round in as well.
  19. Based on what you have said and what you are looking for, Upper Montclair is the better course. However, it is golf only, so if you want things for the family, i.e. pool, then that is out. The course is very nice and have an excellent practice facility. Green Brook is a really nice course and they have a pool. However, I was informed a few years ago from someone who lives in the area that they would eventually be sold. Shackamaxon in Scotch Plains is a popular place. The dues are surprisingly lower than other courses in the area. They put in a pool a few years ago and it is beautiful. Personally, I did not care for the course, but it has hosted numerous NJ tournaments. Two of my favorites up that way are NJ National in Basking Ridge and Metuchen in Edison. Both are excellent courses. NJ National has a much better practice facility, but Metuchen has a pool. Another place you may want to look into is Fiddlers Elbow in Bedminster. It is in Somerset County, like NJ National, but it is close to Morris County. They have 54 holes, pool, etc. Is $15k your all in amount? Because if so, that is going to be tough when you factor in food/beverage, carts/caddies, etc?
  20. I played Colonia about 15 years or so. From what I recall, the course was in good shape. Layout seemed just ok though. Suburban is a better course than Shackamaxin IMO. Both courses have caddy programs. Suburban is golf only, while Shack has a really nice pool area. Never played Forest Hill but I visited the clubhouse once. The mens locker room is awesome. Private bar. Shuffleboard. Lounge chairs to sit and watch tv. I would check out NJ National in Basking Ridge. Also, Metuchen is a little south of Suburban and Shack and maybe a better course than both.
  21. I concur about the i210. Look great at address. Excellent forgiveness. #1 reason on LPGA tour and Tyrell Hatton, Lee Westwood, Victor Hovland play them. Stewart Cink had a great week with them too at Harbour Town. This is my 3rd season with them. They will not be kicked out of the bag for a while. put them on your list.
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