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  1. Really nice. Playing a similar setup right now and absolutely enjoying every round...
  2. Great setup you have there. Would play this any day! I play with 8-9 clubs, but you have me thinking! :-)
  3. @Chives I would game this any day. Nice setup.... don’t need anything else. ?
  4. Very nice setup! I’ve been playing minimalist for a few years now and absolutely love it... Also using a moonlight. Perfect Sunday bag.
  5. love this thread.... also using the new moonlight. Excellent bag. I always carry 9 clubs so absolutely perfect.
  6. Man... one sick bag! Well done my friend! This is ?
  7. Man... you guys are on fire today! Another great setup right there! Glad it’s working out for you. I think 8 is indeed the magic number.
  8. As per the title. P790 3 iron head. Excellent shape. 130$ shipped US and CA.
  9. Set of VEGA CB satin (5-PW). Standard specs. Set is used. 8 shows some browning as per picture. 5-6-7 were replaced this year. In perfect shape. With the Canadian exchange and shipping, paid 700$ for these 3 heads only. 350$ shipped to US and CA. Sold
  10. I currently play a set of Vega satin CB and just love them. Love the feel and they just fit my eyes... Tried to replace them couple of time and just can’t..
  11. My Vega CB Satin... It's been 2 years and for me, this is a lifetime! No plan on changing
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