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  1. Driver sucks. Im just living on the razor's edge and its not a good face for me. Please put me out of my misery. Cobra Rad Speed 9* Standard Length Hzrdus RDX Smoke 6.5 (X-stiff), 60g No real story here, won it, hit it ~ 20 times on the range, just doesn't warrant replacing my gamer. $340 shipped - Please note, I am leaving town tomorrow morning, if you buy today (Friday) I will ship, otherwise it will go out Tuesday.
  2. https://puttviewbooks.com/products/sea-pines-resort-atlantic-dunes I used this for a tournament at Woodmore in Maryland for a tournament and it was very accurate. Looks like Atlantic doesn't have the green reading part, but the yardages are there.
  3. Not much of a story here. Two laser range finders for sale. Prices are shipped in the continental US 1. Bushnell Tour V4, well used and taken care of - SOLD OBO 2. Golf Buddy Laser 1S (with slope), used sparingly, in good shape - $195 OBO
  4. What course is it? That has a lot of bearing on how much the flag with signature is worth.
  5. Hate to see them go, but today we got a set of Cobra King Forged MB/CB. Shows wear of a set that was well loved, used, and taken care of. Biggest 'dings' are on the sole of the 5 iron and the back side of the hosel of the PW. Pictures show condition well. Let me know if you have any questions or want more pictures 3 - 6 irons CB 7 - PW irons MB All +1/2 L and 2 degrees flat (3 iron is standard l/l/l to my knowledge) KBS C-Taper 130 X MCC +4 grips Asking $400 OBO - SOLD
  6. Up today is as close to new as you can get without using the cringeworthy "minty" (hurts to say even jokingly). Pictures don't do it justice since it is soooo murdered out. Just doesn't fit my swing. Titleist TSi3 w/ HZRDUS Smoke RDX 6.0 60g 9 degrees. Priced to move, lets say $420 (iykyk) SOLD Let me know if you have any questions or would like some more pictures. Thanks for looking!
  7. Pretty straight forward today. An Oban Devotion 6 driver shaft, 65 grams, 04 (stiff) flex. Little over 43.5", grip will need replacement Asking $100 shipped or best offer. Make an offer, I won't be offended.
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