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  1. Pretty straight forward today. An Oban Devotion 6 driver shaft, 65 grams, 04 (stiff) flex. Little over 43.5", grip will need replacement Asking $100 shipped or best offer. Make an offer, I won't be offended.
  2. Turns out I only needed one range sesh and half a round to realize my puny arms cant handle this 75g X-Stiff low spin tech 3 wood. Pictures tell the story. Standard L/L/L as far as I can tell (was bought off the rack) 75g X-Stiff Ping shaft 14.5* $200 shipped OBO, seriously.... send me your offers or let me know if you want/need more information or pictures - SOLD
  3. Up for sale today is my set of 4-PW Cobra MB/CB combos with the special addition black KBS C-Taper 130X Pics show condition, normal bag chatter, a few marks on shafts (7 iron is the worst) and the 5 hit a rock Standard length and loft, 2* flat Asking $440 obo, let me know if you have any questions or need additional photos. Thanks for looking!!
  4. Up for sale today is my set of 5-PW Ping iBlade black dot with DG Tour X100. Standard length, just not the set up for me. Asking: heads $old DG Tour Issue X100 5-PW, standard length , 5 iron shaft 36 3/4" ..... $175 OBO
  5. Use this thing and no caddie will ever expect a tip again. If you play just a few times, the savings will pay for the putter..... so this is basically free 42" Arm lock, pictures show condition. Asking $225 OBO shipped ** I do have family coming in town this afternoon, so I will try to ship ASAP, but worst case scenario it will go out no later than Monday, communication will be thorough**
  6. I dont think that anyone in their right mind would expect a discount based on a tattoo
  7. @jaketmiller1991 Not at this time, I'll let you know if anything changes
  8. @LowDime Pretty open, I have an unnatural obsession with collecting putters. PM me a link to your ad and what Cameron's you have.
  9. Selling these butes I got earlier this year, just not for me. Good condition, regular bag chatter. 5-PW, P and 9 are MB, the rest CB. Project X LZ 5.5, 2 degrees flat Since I must have been high when I bought them, lets say $420 OBO Would consider a trade for the right putter/putters.
  10. Unlikely "Tour Only" and a def fake cover. Hope whoever is paying $700+ knows
  11. They always have Greg Norman clothes in clearance for similar prices in my experience. Bought a bunch of shirts for my day for $6 or $8
  12. I ordered full set of irons from them on 5/09, they had an estimated ship date of 5/17. Actually shipped on the 15th and I received them on the 21st. That is Portland to Atlanta so take that for what its worth.
  13. It also helps those that dont really have $500+. But most people can swing $30 a month
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