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  1. If you don’t mind me asking, why are you getting rid of it so soon? Debating switching from my Newport 2 To it but not until I give it a test run at a fitting.
  2. On the labtop, chrome and explorer browsers. Would you be so kind to download and send my way if you see it? thanks,
  3. Anyone have a blank template they like to use when designing a stick to send into byron, lajosi etc?
  4. I didnt know it existing until i saw phabs putter above. sexy little mill
  5. You have the micro-milled face correct? Was that at an extra cost with byron. love the look...how does it feel?
  6. that's unfortunate to hear...i find myself ignoring that bad and focusing on the good as well. So being that it's your 4th, were the others better lead times and communication?
  7. Appreciate the answers fellas. I think I'll just go with both
  8. Working on my first custom and cannot decide between byron and lajosi. I've been doing extensive research for some time now but thought I bring my question to the experts. I currently game a SC newport 2 (lefty) so wanting to switch it up and get a carbon DH89/DD201. It seems like Lajosi is a bit cheaper and has better communication? I respect the simplicity of byron's putters and he seems to do great work. I want this sucker to be soft...carbon the right option here? Would greatly appreciate any and all input (pics greatly appreciated as well) on this topic. Share away! *S
  9. Yeah I’m in the same boat. Deciding on smooth, or tuna milled face as well as sound slot. Difficult to make the choice when I can’t physically try them out. That being said, I appreciate your help.
  10. Awesome thanks. I’ve always wondered what exactly the sound slot did...is it more of a “ping” sound or a dull thud?
  11. Have a pic of the front to show the deep face mill? Question - minimal milling would allow for enhanced feedback correct? Ordering an 89 here shortly and debating on what face milling i want to go with. TIA
  12. Beautiful putter. What finish is that?
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