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  1. That'd be about perfect for me. I have the G400's and the i210's and as a 4 hdcp I can't seem to hit the i210's better. Misses are just punished that little bit more. It's fun to watch the Zozo Championship today with Munoz and Hatton both in the top 3 with the i210's but perhaps that's just more evidence I should be playing something a bit more forgiving. I would like to play something a bit more svelte than the G400's and the G425's might be exactly what the Dr. ordered!
  2. LOL - I'm the opposite. I'd rather get a little value out of something while it's relatively new rather than waiting and it being worth close to nothing. I haven't sold a single thing that I regretted.
  3. The leading edge is a bit more round. It reminds me of the change with the Glide 3.0 wedge. When Ping went to that they said it "gives a more captured look"... whatever that means. Regardless, I think they look good. I have the G400's and will probably upgrade. I doubt the differences will be significant but I like to upgrade every few years.
  4. I can't wait to see these in person. I play the G400's to a 4 hdcp and have dabbled with the i210's but keep going back to the G400's. Something in the G family that's slightly smaller/less offset than the G400's would be right up my alley.
  5. It all boils down to what you like to hit and your yardage gaps. I played a 7 wood for about 7-8 years. I really liked it. It was my 225 club and like others said, high and stopped quickly. Recently I got rid of it and went 3W + 5W + 4H and like this setup too. I'm getting older and only swing driver around 100 so the 5W at 230 and 4H at 210 gap pretty well for me.
  6. The 921F's are definitely more compact. I'm a 4 hdcp and a reasonably good ball striker but they are a bit small for my eye. I will probably go HM or HMP.
  7. Not a huge fan of the looks of it but a big fan that companies are offering golfers more options for their short game. While this does look like a copy cat of the Cleveland CBX I would also note that Ping's Glide 3.0 also attempted to give players a smidge more cavity and make the specialty wedges transition into the iron set a bit easier by reducing the overall weight of the club. Again, I think these are nice options to have.
  8. The FG62's are a blade, right? It's kind of crazy to me that someone would go from a blade iron to an oversized CBX in a wedge. Usually people go the opposite direction (cavity back irons to a blade style wedge). Have you looked at the Wilson wedges: https://www.golfgalaxy.com/f/shop-wedges?pageNumber=0&filterFacets=X_BRAND%3AWilson I'm a fan of Ping's wedges. They offer just a smidge of forgiveness while still being compact.
  9. Who said they wanted to release earlier? I remember hearing all the way back in March-April that due to COVID Ping was postponing all launches until 2021. I'm not sure anything has been "bungled". I just think people want to complain. If Ping launched this in the U.S. in Sep/Oct no one would get their equipment until probably Dec/Jan anyways. I have a buddy who was hell bent on getting the P770 irons. Went and hit them as soon as the fitters got them (early August) and ended up ordering P790's (just hit them better). He's still waiting on his (essentially) stock P790's
  10. Prime selling season is Feb-July (at least that's what my Golf Digest interview with Dick's/Golf Galaxy tells me). The past few years Ping has launched: G400 July 2017 G700 Feb 2018 i500 July 2018 G410 Feb 2018 G710 Jan 2020 See a pattern there? It's July or Jan/Feb. Ping is dribbling their next big launch out in Japan/Australia but preparing for a big U.S. launch in January. Perhaps they know what they are doing. I know here in Wisconsin the golf season is coming to an end quickly and I'm not thinking about buying.
  11. I have the G400's and i210's and play to a 4 hcp. I prefer the G400's as I don't consistently hit the center and the mishits are penalized a bit less. I tend to miss toe side and I think the G400's have more weight out there. When I take my G400's onto the course at 7 pm on a nice summer night and practice I can get into nice grooves where I hit a half dozen 7 irons into a green at about 170 yards and control all of their distance within 3-4 yards. I do think GI irons spin less and curve less. Therefore they are a bit more difficult to "work". I also think working the ball is co
  12. A little different... Northerner - Yes. But planning on playing golf for 2 more months. I see nice weather in the 10 day forecast. When it comes to this equipment - I'm pretty comfortable letting all the launches and reviews come out these next 6 months with me planning to order some new equipment around March.
  13. Yep. And looking at the videos of the irons they look almost exactly the same as the G410's (with different badging). Very similar offset, very similar sole shape, etc... Which isn't a bad thing, the G series irons are great performers. The last box that I need to see checked is that they haven't further reduced spin. Once I see that I'm pretty much ordering.
  14. The offset on that G425 7 iron looks less than what I see on my G400 9 iron.
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