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  1. I have M6 rocket 3W Project X Black 75 X -stiff = I love this thing - Basically wondering what the difference would be in terms of turf interactions and other finer points like that between the M6 and the Sim Ti rocket. What differences should I expect to see? I swing my 3W at 107 BTW Also use this club from off the tee to approaches on par 5's Thanks in advance
  2. Can anyhow compare this to my current wedge in terms of grind? I have a sm7 K grind 60 - love the way that bounce is I know the degree's of bounce of different and understand what bounce is - I am asking for turf interactions and comparisons like that.
  3. Those look amazing, Too bad I got some epon's in dec this year... WOWWWW beautiful to say the least. GLWS
  4. If I am correct you need to have a shaft installed in on that rogue three wood as those don’t use the shafts with the adapter? Just checking
  5. Are you willing to sell just the 52 degree? If so send me a PM on price
  6. How much for just the head of the rogue driver? I might be interested but I wouldn't want the shaft
  7. Great looking items GLWS!!! That PXG is calling my name as a nice fairway finder Driving Iron..
  8. Last day prior to these going on the bay. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns.
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