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  1. Thanks @Forged4ever. I am looking forward to competing again in amateur events. I have the US Junior Am and US Amateur on my resume. Next up is the US Mid Am! The good news is I can find time between my real estate job out here in Northern California as well as my accounting job.
  2. Richard, thank you so much for the kind words. Besides my mom you probably were my next biggest fan during my early bro golf years. I want to thank you again for all the well wishes and encouragement along the way. I hope you are well.
  3. I want to give a shout-out to @Forged4ever for the kindest post. I teared up as I read the kind words written. It has truly been a blessing sharing the journey I went on and I would love to provide an update. Today a video was posted by UC Davis athletics Twitter to YouTube that inducted me officially into the Athletic Hall of Fame. It’s a huge honor and I want to thank all my coaches and teammates because without them I couldn’t have done it. Go check it out on my Twitter or at this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8d_ClbnB8g Im sure some of you are wondering
  4. Thanks so much. There is only one thing I would've done different. The year I had conditional Web.com membership I decided to do a couple PGA tour mondays and a couple Web mondays and then head up to the Mackenzie Tour for the summer. Given what I know now and how 1 monday qualifier and 1 good event can change a season, I would've chased every single Monday across the country. Other than that my team and I had a great game plan.
  5. I wanted to share an update with everyone as GolfWRX has been a part of my life and my journey. As many of you know I stopped pursuing pro golf back in October 2019 and took up a job at Biocare Medical. The temp customer service job turned into a full time position with benefits as the Accounts Receivable Specialist. I have been working in the accounting department since middle of December and I am still enjoying it. Very thankful during this pandemic to still have the job as they have transitioned me to work from home. I hope everyone on here is staying safe and healthy. What I have enjo
  6. Thank you for the kind post :) Couldn't have done it without my fantastic coaches, teammates and the support of my parents.
  7. So glad to hear I had so many people interested in my journey. It was a great run and so thankful I had the opportunity.
  8. I know some of you guys on here may be wondering what I've been up to, well here it goes. As you know I made the decision to pursue a job and end golf, at least for the time being. I may get my amateur status back and try to dominate the mid am levels..who knows. Looking and finding a job was a pain but a about a month and half ago I accepted a job through a temp agency. The company is called Biocare medical and it is a leader in auto histochemistry devises as well as cancer detection products. The customer service department was willing to take a risk on someone with no experience in a role
  9. Thank you for all the comments and posts. Its interesting to read everyones thoughts on the matter as I'm guessing the majority are older and wiser than I. I'm glad to have shared an insight to the ups and downs of the past 4 years. Golf will always be in my life. Who knows, I could play a Korn Ferry Monday qualifier and get in and play great in the next few years and golf will be back on the forefront. Golf can have unexpected results. Worst case I will get my amateur status back one day. My swing coach actually wished he could be a teaching pro and play amateur golf but alas thats not
  10. San Francisco. Looking for something that is necessarily all commission based. So financial advisor isn't the best option since I don't have a vast network of potential new clients. > @ebk said: > Congratulations on making a decision. It must be very difficult, but you sound smart and appear to be one who thinks things though. Good on ya. > > Yes, there are those financial rep type jobs (many used to be called stockbrokers, but that term has disappeared). all those are what’s called the “sell side” of the financial services industry. I recommend you check out the “buy si
  11. Update for you guys... After discussing with my team I decided to not pursue Q School this year. My enjoyment of the grind has diminished and I am sick of being stuck in neutral. I want to start having a life and a future. Unfortunately I don't have unlimited funds and this ties to the issue. I don't have my heart in the mini tour grind and gambling away the little funds I have left to use for day to day living doesn't seem wise to me. I have not been enjoying it and I felt if I continued to grind away I would fall out of love with golf. Its been 4 years on the Mackenzie Tour and no p
  12. As you guys can see I got off to one hell of a start. 4 under thru 5 isn't bad. Just couldn't finish the round. 1 poor short putt missed, 1 bad iron shot, and 1 bad drive led to a rough last 9 holes. > @DavePelz4 said: > At least you weren't paired with the guy who shot 94. That had to be tough to watch. The guy who finished DFL was the sponsor invite for the week. He is a pro hockey player. Usually all of the sponsor invites finish near the bottom.
  13. As you guys can see I got off to one hell of a start. 4 under thru 5 isn't bad. Just couldn't finish the round. 1 poor short putt missed, 1 bad iron shot, and 1 bad drive led to a rough last 9 holes.
  14. Hi guys, Here in Winnipeg for another Mackenzie Tour event. Yesterday I played the course for the first time in a secondary pro am. Each week on the tour they have an ''official pro am" for the top guys on the order of merit. They also occasionally offer secondary pro ams which are either held on the tournament course or an outside course. So since Tuesday, today, the course was closed I decided to play the secondary pro am yesterday. Great course and lots of birdie opportunities. Today, since the course is closed a lot of guys practice or see the city, I like to play another outs
  15. > @Forged4ever said: > Great comeback from that quad yesterday Matthew!! > > I know exactly what ya were trying to do on it and sometimes you bite the dog and sometimes the dog bites you! > > Most would’ve packed it in after that~ > > The fact that ya didn’t pack it in and instead dug in and grinded out to get back to even for the day shows a tremendous amount of focus, discipline and mental toughness!! > > Very Nicely Played!! > > All the Best this week? > RP > > Thank you!
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