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  1. Supersoft or Srixon Soft Feel should work great. However I occasionally take my old Powerbilt and 693 out and find no issues with a firmer modern ball a la V1 or Z-Star.
  2. I feel your pain. Our club opens up tee times at 6pm on a Wed or Thurs and the site usually crashes. You need to have the mouse hovering over your mouse dead on 6pm or you get locked out. Biggest bugbear is people book out slots and then don't play.
  3. He has an awesome rhythm. Our older club pros had the mantra of use as soft a shaft as you can.
  4. I had a sand iron made from this alloy. Great feel and spin.
  5. No point. They peed a lot of players off when they left the hardware game.
  6. A great man, and a great player, but Bay Hill is not a patch on the other Florida tracks.
  7. Wood. If I find plastic tees I throw them in the recycling.
  8. Hugely popular in the UK. Outsold Acushnet by a mile.
  9. No. Air over water is cooler so 350 across the lake is a good 10% longer.
  10. Far from it. Looks like Brooks is back.
  11. No idea as still blocked from playing. Got a list to try in April. RAD, Titleist, G425. Callaway off the list as no green and white club going in my bag. Didn't like the feel of the 2020 TM heads but might give 2021s a run out.
  12. Plenty of custom options in the UK. A bit worried about the Nippon shaft lead times.
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