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  1. You cannot stop people getting fitter, working harder and better conditioned courses. The game has moved on like every other sport and technology. 30 years ago a family car in the UK had 125 bhp from 2 litres. Now you can have 200 bhp from a 1.4 litre car. The issue is that Golf is going to become closer to Tennis where being tall is a necessity.
  2. These look fantastic. Another top quality Wilson product that will be ignored by the majority.
  3. Longer shots are the issue. Little or no run and non ball works to maximum performance when it is 10 degrees or below and wet. I usually add on a club for iron shots. Biggest issue is getting crisp strikes off sodden ground.
  4. This has no appeal to anyone outside the US. Desperate.
  5. The Becu heads were made to super strict tolerances, feel amazing and hardly wear. Lofts may be a bit weak but in truth still an amazing set of clubs. Still on my bucket list to find a mint condition set and use them.
  6. My last three medal rounds have been. Rubbish. Garbage. Very good. In all three games the company was good. When the course is soaking and leaves are all over the place I start to see the game as exercise, fresh air and a social event.
  7. Range balls are either rejects or leftovers from unused materials. All about saving waste and nothing about performance.
  8. No discount in the UK. Still £139 everywhere. Very little take up at my club. Cannot see any reason, apart from wear, to change from SM6 or SM7.
  9. Another ET course with little or no defence. Very bland. I switched off. A bit concerned as what Italy will provide as a Ryder Cup venue.
  10. I went for a TM fitting and their guy added 8% on for the low cost Srixon range balls. He said if you are 100% serious then you should be fitted around your regular ammo as the difference in spin and trajectory is massive. I rarely use our local ranges for that reason.
  11. Tried these earlier in the year. Feel very soft but spun well and putted nicely. But I lost distance off the tee and ballooned on longer shots. Surprised by the QC issues.
  12. Interesting find. These same heads were marketed by Petron in the UK.
  13. Decent courses. Both in good condition when I played them. Good PR for the hotel although the Visit Scotland sign was a bit of a joke as they as knocking back English bookings.
  14. From the first review posted a few weeks back to today the cover issue is a constant. Who signed off a ball at that price point with such poor durability?
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