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  1. I recently re-gripped a centre shafted Slazenger Eaglet. Circa 1976. Rolls the ball beautifully and feels solid. Still break out my Anser 30th anniversay when the modern Ping is on the naughty step. My foursomes partner uses an 1980s model of the B60. Plenty of great old putters around at decent money.
  2. Our course has very discreet plaques and encourages members relations to plant trees as an alternative.
  3. Brewing up nicely for the weekend.
  4. No chance. The LPGA has weakened the value of their majors by adding a fifth, the Evian, on a well maintained resort course. Four majors in tennis. Four in our game. That is enough.
  5. Tour Response and Bridgestone far superior to Vice.
  6. If Bobby Jones came back I doubt he would recognise the layout.
  7. 77. Level 1 thru 7. 6 over 7 thru 13. level 14-18. Annoying game. Putting stroke has a figure of eight.
  8. Have a week off. Have a beer. Have a lesson. My game comes and goes as I get older. We work for a living so don't beat yourself up too much. It is a hobby first and foremost.
  9. Rahm is an intelligent young man and fatherhood seems to have mellowed him...backing him for a win this week.
  10. Cannot imagine graphite is more stable than steel.
  11. Still a niche product and not that much of a market for poker stiff shafts. Outside of these forums that is.
  12. More than you are saying. Awesome competitor. Faldo won 6 and he was short off the tee. Langer won 2. Short off the tee. Zach won 2.........and he would be using modern equipment.
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