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  1. Let us hope it is a great match and the team that plays the best Golf wins.
  2. I always thought Golf was a gentleman's game. I sincerely hope the drunken louts from 2016 don't rear their heads again.
  3. The RC is a globally popular event. It generates massive revenues. I doubt it will be going anywhere soon.
  4. Those Yonex woods were long.....but not the most accurate.
  5. A return to form by Mizuno. New 54 could be making an appearance.
  6. In my experience so called designer brands are no better quality than regular shirts. You are paying a massive premium for a name. About 20% of our club are wearing Boss. So much for it being exclusive.
  7. They were excellent irons and very popular. When you could walk into a shop and buy British brands....Pringle, Lyle & Scott, Ben Sayers, Dunlop, Ryder, Bronty, Letters,,,,,,,all gone or lost their place.
  8. He needs to stay healthy. Too many surgeries too young is going to hamper his longevity. And the sheer depth of talent in Golf.
  9. Drop the President's Cup as the US gets to think winning is easy. When the motivated Europe team arrive they are over confident and get thumped.
  10. Insane money. Must be missing out on a lot of replica sales. AFAIK they have one store in the UK, on Bond Street and it isn't the kind of place you pop in and browse.
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