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  1. Damaged my Callaway LS on 8th hole. Swapped to XV. Shot 4 under gross for back ten. Aim and fire around the greens.
  2. So many fine courses in Northern Ireland and they use these bland resort courses.
  3. 72. And could have been a couple lower. Best GIR of the year.
  4. Feel is one thing but what about performance?
  5. Put this in play last night and loved it. Shouldn't work for my swing speed but bored through the wind and sat down on a dime. Loved the firmer putting feel. Best gross score of the season.
  6. 70.9 /140. And a mere 6250 yards off the tips. Most members think it is wrong....
  7. I sincerely hope the South Korean draft dodgers fall short and have to do national service like the rest of their countrymen.
  8. ZZ 65 was the stiffest steel shaft according to Ping fitter at Gainsborough. ZZ lite are no stiffer than an S300 or 5.5 PX.
  9. Suspect swing and waaay overrated. He is a good player. With amazing marketing. Which if baffling. If I was looking for a Pro to sponsor I would want a regular winner.
  10. Lose Rickee Flowers to save an absolute fortune. Make some less garish drivers. Get rid of the rails on the soles. It must hamper sales.
  11. Put the 2021 version into play today. 36 holes and hardly a blemish. Loved the firmer feel for putting and hit some very long drives. These are staying in the bag.
  12. I beg to differ. They feel soggy and fly too low. 2017 model worked best for me.
  13. Nope. They make excellent products at good prices.
  14. 13 on a par 3 as a 12 year old. Nobody told me about the unplayable ball rule.
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