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  1. Slazenger Balata was the equal of Maxfli (same company), Bridgestone and Titleist.
  2. Just had the dreaded email from Greens Committee. Mats are mandatory on all mown areas from 1st Nov. Only been on improved lies a month and fairways are still excellent. Had some rain in last fortnight but heading out in an hour....sunny and 14 degrees.
  3. Bump for Ping's standard fir shafts. KBS graphite feels really smooth.
  4. They look mean, in a good way. Much better colour scheme.
  5. Selling well so doubt they will change much. Callaway have a superb range at the moment.
  6. Private club every time. Golf, social contact, practice facilities, competitions.....no brainer.
  7. This really interests me but no sign of it coming over the pond.
  8. No issues in the UK. Our local stores have everything in stock.
  9. Brilliant article. My memory of MacGregor balls is that they were dreadful.
  10. Look like a bog standard forged blank with a name stamped on them.
  11. Never heard of these. Most interesting. I always liked the look of the BeCu heads and now I know why.
  12. Not sure Ping are introducing anything with their current backlogs.
  13. Heard nothing yet. And I only want a practice day. The Old Course is useless for viewing on competition days.
  14. My driver has no idea at the moment. It appears to have a mind of its own.
  15. Thanks but no thanks. You can keep Reed. Great win for Rory and Collin back on form. TM will be happy.
  16. 76. Rained most of the round. Driving was awful but hybrids and putter saved the day. A few elbow niggles so a bit of rest and physio required.
  17. No they couldn't. You would be lucky to get 10000 spectators round Valderrama and it would be over 100 degrees in July. I was fortunate to play it 1994 and it is a beast of a course but hasn't got the space.
  18. Desert Golf. Meh. Bring back Shadow Creek.
  19. If the article was about clothing I could see the introvert extrovert spit but clubs no way. Two of our loudest club characters use bags full of Ping.
  20. Saw these in the metal this afternoon. A bit underwhelmed. 58-08 sat well but nothing else floated the boat. And £159 a stick is getting silly.
  21. The classic example of over training. I fear Koepka may go the same way. For someone supposedly super fit he seems to pick up a lot of injuries a la Tiger.
  22. Q Star Tour has not been well received. Titleist Tour Speed beats it hands down.
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