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  1. It's tricky right where your distances are. Up to x ss, you can benefit from more loft. Past x ss, you benefit from less loft to get roll. It's affected by AoA, and other more drilled down delivery abstracts. It's also gonna be course and weather dependent at that rate. I would say you're at the max where 12 is gonna help a slow ss. What will really tell the take of the tape is if you get up to your ball and you see a pitch mark right in front of it in the fairway. I experimented with high lofted drivers a couple years back and that wound up being the case because I ha
  2. $6mm is where "normal" humans need to be to be self sustaining past inflation. It's not flying private everywhere money, but it's going wherever and doing whatever and not having to work money so long as you don't make every day into christmas. Unrelated to Louie, but. Re Louie, I think he's the victim of bad odds. Flip a coin 100x and it's not gonna be 50 heads and 50 tails. It's gonna be 65 35 or whatever. That's one lifetime of that crazy level of talent in that arena. Some guys are "unlucky." Play for 20 years throw up great stats, but as for coming in first,
  3. Excellent ball. Max distance for sub-100 ss. This as well as the Wilson Duo Professional if you want softer and spinnier with excellent slow ss distance.
  4. Wow whoever this guy is... Prescient...
  5. My 915h has been in the bag since the 917 line came out. Got a good deal on it and it's very comfortable. I'm currently trying to kick it out w a Cally epic flash star, but no changes yet.
  6. I actually really want to see how close Morikawa can get it when he's playing Wolff's drives 1-2 clubs further up than he's used to.
  7. $200 challenge: Cantlay/Schauffle +800, $90, $720. Morikawa/Wolff +1600, $45, $720. Horschel/Burns +2200, $35, $770. Hovland/Ventura +2800, $30, $840.
  8. This. I was going to say count your fats, thins, absolute mishits, and treat it as a scalar you intend to go down, but this answer is better.
  9. It's most noticeable in the short game if you can spin it just a little. I'm also essentially a bogey golfer, and I'm distance challenged, but my short game is my best area, and so it improves my control around the greens. More important is to find a ball that works and stick with the same equipment for awhile to get used to predictable performance.
  10. Slowly losing speed? Going through periods of not being able to shut the face?
  11. I bet Cink to win. I'm worried about a Morikawa or Grillo 66 and Cink having a blowup hole.
  12. Ah... 34... I remember it. When you start getting the first taste of your body turning into a steaming pile of Rickie Fowler's commercials. This is your wakeup call not to let it get so bad that you're eventually shilling nuggets with the hamburgler. Back off the balls for awhile, stop hitting off of mats, evaluate whatever else you can improve in your daily ergonomics, and if you're not in good shape then get there... BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! In all seriousness though, stop hitting balls for awhile if it's nagging. At 34 it will probably go away on its own and hopefully never
  13. Is this basically the maximum help you can get with swing speed? Are they so light they're weird?
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