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  1. 5 BALLs free? Or 5 DOZEN free with purchase of a dozen? Where is this magical course?
  2. NB has taken a stab at sarcasm and come up.... Dry? Wry? One of those...
  3. It's more fun when I somehow get one to go 240, be it a sprinkler head or angry thoughts of the god that has forsaken us all.
  4. I'm gonna assume they're all just standardized, even if that's stupid, bc they're not exactly different mechanisms. The torque specs are just like torquing the lug nuts on your car wheel. Overtighten with an air gun and you can't get em off on the side of the road. Undertighten and you risk getting loose. For the golf club I don't wanna keep turning the wrong wrench til it clicks because unlike a steel wheel, the screw could deform the metal underneath. If a Titleist torque wrench does 50 pound inches and a cobra does 30, you get the picture.
  5. Thread resurrection. Still gaming mine. Just cut an inch and deleted grip sensor. Went w standard grip. Adjusted head weight by removing 2g and adding 8g. Doesn't equalize the theoretical 7 SW points the mods subtracted, but it feels heavy enough in this configuration for me, and results are good.
  6. I use mine tons. Short hitter playing from longer tees. Long par 4s I'm often 100-110 short after my approach. Boom. 48* aw. God forbid I mishit the 1 or fairway wood.
  7. Are the torque specs the same or just the tips?
  8. So are all torque wrenches across all manufacturers the same setting? I've got 3 from 3 different oems...
  9. You need adequate length to not need a 3w or 5w approach every other hole. I'm 220 down the middle and take little joy in it. My fairways and irons miss a lot of greens from far away, and if I'm left with 220 on a long par 4 it just became a par 5. My short game is good, but nobody's is that good. Do not be satisfied with 200 down the middle unless you're old or sick.
  10. Pulled the trigger on the experiment. Cobra f9 Speedback, starting at playing length of 46" and D3 sw. Deleted cobra connect grip, trimmed 1" from butt. Installed golf pride tour wrap 2g. Swapped weights in head, went from total weight of 14g in head to 22. Cutting and grip theoretically deleted 7 SW points. 1 for grip 6 for cut. I swung the club and it was definitely light. Added 14g to equalize it, but the result was very heavy and all snap hooks. Very weird for me. Dialed the 14g back to 8g, and it was much better. Felt good. Adjusted loft up 1* from standard so it plays at w
  11. Went from 56.08 to 54.5.presumably 6.5. I know it lost bounce, was expecting it, even on a SW I'm open to it as an experiment. What's odd is now it looks like it sits way open when soled. Is that to be expected?
  12. Played the first gen. Loved it. Very long for me and stopped with wedges. Gifted to me. Don't like the price.
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