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  1. 1:4 suggests something like 75pct to win. Was 1:3.5 earlier, so call it 70-75pct to win, per odds. Easy stats to find, that kind of lead is safe 85pct of the time, but a lot of that is Tiger influenced (didn't once cough up a 5 shot lead). Take him out, and you're right around 70-75pct to win. Weird thing here is everyone right below him is a top player. It's not like the weekly tournament with 1 good chaser and the rest of the guys just happy to be in top 10.
  2. Think anyone can catch him tomorrow?
  3. So Morikawa is -400 to win. 1k wins 250. 5 shot lead on Brooks. 6 shot lead on next closest. Bigger leads have been lost, but it's a once a decade thing. All his pursuers are top players, obviously. Thoughts?
  4. Hoping for a Reed Koepka final pairing so I can root against both of them.
  5. So today I played a last gen Pro-V1 and a current TF Hammer Distance side by side. Only discernible difference was greenside spin. Any trajectory differences weren't noticeable. Driver rollout was not worth a $3 premium.
  6. Also easier to discard the nitro. If I'm hitting a few balls on a hole for practice (don't get upset anyone, nobody behind me), and the nitro goes too far away from the walk back to the cart, it might get left for someone else. A new or expensive ball? Nope.
  7. Use all your junk. They're gonna get lost in leaves in the middle of the fairway.
  8. 250 no, for the reasons above. There has to be a number though that would entice. Change it to 300. 300? I bet Zach Johnson and Jim Furyk would say yes. Dechambeau and Rory no thanks. Inaccurate but long guys prob yes. The guys who can pump it out there 340-350 - is the extra 50 yards worth being in the rough? Probably yes. The guys who can barely crack 315? That's your market.
  9. HnH is accurate, but for me it only spits out the low runners. If I want a higher shot I have to get all the way through it. My short game is solid, but the abbreviated strokes have hurt my full swing release.
  10. I've played several found Vice balls. Have really enjoyed them all. Always have one random shot when using them where something either lucky or otherwise very positive happens. If I could rationalize the bulk purchase I'd buy them. I don't buy a lot of balls. Still working off a stash and don't lost many. But once I'm able to buy balls again they're on the list.
  11. Range balls aren't useful for evaluating flight. They're useful for practicing contact. You can crush one and it will drop out of the sky. You can hit a squirrely one that looks better than the former.
  12. I play the F9 5w at 18⁰ and it's my best club. Replacing a long-time 915f 3w with the 14.5⁰ Speedzone. Fingers crossed.
  13. I sometimes get bummed playing alone, but the opportunities are fewer these days w career and kids, so it's hard to plan w others. Also get bummed when I'm in a squirrelly shot rut - my miss is a little spinny thing off to the right. More than a couple drivers like that in a round that eat 40 yards off my distance and I'm pressing.
  14. Shot a 40 on the front from my usual tees (great for me), then switched to the rear tees. Birdied 10 (first in months), parred 11 and 12, then had to head home. Weird game.
  15. The blue evenflow. Can't remember if it's 5.5 or 6.0. My driver ss is high or low 90s depending on the day fwiw.
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