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  1. More than 1 season worth is way too much. I make an exception for Nike RZN Platinum. Never too many. But if you stockpile and feel like you have to use them, you never get to buy new balls to try out. New year improvement on your favorite. Whichever.
  2. Congrats on getting back. I'm currently in a layoff due to shoulder and neck issues. Very happy for you. I'd look less at urethane tour balls and more at 2 piece with alternative cover materials. I too treat distance as a premium, similar ss range, and have had my best results in that way. The ones that work for a lot of people are the "feel" or "control" lines from Dick's. The newest iteration is the Hammer Control. If you really want urethane, I think the AVX is reputed to have the mid to low boring trajectory you're looking for. But if you want the 2-3 piece non tour ball wit
  3. I played a dozen rxs this past season and liked it, but fight for every yard, and I didn't find it long. I've read that the rx is basically the longest ball for my speed and skill. Been wanting to try them and listening to feedback too.
  4. Has anyone played the hammer distance?
  5. I wanna hear someone discuss the hammer distance balls. 10 reviews on feel, not a single distance.
  6. 3 putts. If you never 3 putt, the math has to give you a break for never making the crazy 20 footer. Lag putting - the greatest score saver since sliced bread?
  7. It's not good. Much better options for same or lower price. Local very cheap muni I play a lot was stocking them in the pro shop a couple years ago. People who didn't bring balls would buy these and litter the course w them. I picked up more than a few discarded balls. Neither long nor straight nor good feel. It does basically nothing well.
  8. I'm low teens at this point, have some definite full swing issues but good enough short game to keep it moving. Maybe what I think a +1 +2 is is too lofty. Maybe the tv pressure got to him, bc despite being in the public eye it's not the same doing this as basketball. Maybe the pressure of the bets, or just being in awe of Phil possibly a top 10 ever guy... I think the stories we hear here about being plus builds it up too much. I'd be interested to know how often that kind of player shoots over 80 without tournament tees. Peyton played better overall and he's supposed to be a 6
  9. Actually thought that was passable for fast conditions. It was the tee ball that surprised me. Maybe playing with Mickelson really got in his head.
  10. I would've thought maybe just a bad day, but there were some driver holes where he hit irons, and didn't hit the fairway. Like, that could be a smart play in some circumstances, but not in this format at all. Maybe I'm expecting too much of a + without a lot of tournament experience, but the guy is literally a pro athlete, a pg, very reliant on decision making.
  11. I booked at +145. Lesson learned for any future versions of this is that a touring pro plus a 12 year old can beat two pro athletes if their first sport isn't golf.
  12. They're crushing it. I put 2 bills on it now I wish it had been 2 large. I read that barkley used to actually be good before he got that hitch and that the short game has always been serviceable. I figure if he hits it 100 yards forward in the fairway that phil could hit the green from anywhere. Not that far off. Making Curry look awful.
  13. Ok, so Curry vs Mickelson is giving us a not so academic view into the scratch vs tour pro debate. Phil no average pro and this venue particularly friendly for him, but likewise Curry is more athletic than the average scratch. And it isn't close after 3 holes...
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