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  1. Daniel Berger has an oddly flat swing. I guess I'd describe it as flat?
  2. Have you ever been to an eye doctor's shop? It's basically very limited selection retail at high margin prices. I asked it here in this forum, rather than an eye doctor's shop, because people here have a very specific sporting need to be able to see without the common warping of sport sunglasses. Normal sport glasses all have curvature, and it doesn't work for golf or baseball. It's good for sailing and driving, but not this. If your vision isn't bad enough to know about the effect I'm referring to, I'm happy for you. But go ask an eye doctor isn't at all helpful. It's not as if adults with glasses haven't been to 100 eye exams and doctors in their lives.
  3. Looking for a good set of sport glasses that don't wrap. My rx is such that anything that bends warps what I see. I think the term is swiss clock. I think the best I have seen is either a flat pair of Ray-Bans or I think I've seen some Maui Jims that could work.
  4. Yikes. I play at 2 munis that are very casual, but nothing that effed off has happened lately. I got to play 18 today for the first time in awhile. Young kids and a desk job, usually it's 9 or the range or practice areas. Played the first 9 exclusively with my 5 iron unless I had to elevate over a trap around the green. Talk about rough sledding. Worst club in the bag. Gotta work on it. Guys ahead of me (4some) asked me if I wanted to go through, very kindly. I said thanks but working on something. I think they saw me teeing off from the tips with an iron and assumed I'm a lot better than I am. Nobody behind me all day, so hitting a few balls from the tips to work on something had zero impact on anyone's play. Played the back 9 normally. Originally planned to play from the ladies so I could work on getting close without distance as an impediment, but guys on 10 asked me to go through bc they were just starting on the back and wanted to take their time. So I hit from my normal tees, which are around 5600 yards. Smoked my driver had a wedge to the green 2 putted for par. On 11 I ran into another single playing behind a couple. He and I spoke some and he invited me to play. Said sure I'd love to. This is something I actually enjoy about munis. I play solo a lot and I like the random people. Once in awhile you get a dud, but most people are alright. Guy was way longer than me. At least 2 clubs, maybe 3. Canadian living in NC, visiting my neck of the woods from out of town. Could not have been nicer. 11 and 12 are both par 3s. We both hit the green on 11 and parred. We both ended up in the trap on 12 and got out in 1. I bogeyed he parred. 13 and 14 are par 4s. He outdrove me by a mile on both. I parred 13 getting up and down after a bad drive and a close approach. He bogeyed. 14 he hit the trap on his approach but saved par. I missed my up and down by an inch. 15 is a par 3. He hit the green and two putted for par. I missed short and got up and down. 16 I made a mess of. Long par 3, pushed my 3w and chunked a wedge. He bogeyed I doubled. 17 he outdrove me by a huge amount. He hit his about 280. I mishit mine and killed every worm between the tee box and 200 yards. He barely missed the green and I laid up to about 50 left. We both bogeyed. 18 we both missed our approach shots and he got up and down. I skulled a wedge, but still bogeyed. The takeaway for me which made me super happy, besides how nice and easygoing the dude was, was that I could hang with a good player who crushed me on distance to that degree. I was shocked that I didn't get blown out. Was very proud of my short game, but more enlightened to realize how many greens even a good driver and iron player will miss and how many chances that gives me to play just as well. Sure, the longer player has an advantage, and if I have an 8i in my hand from 130 I'm getting close. I realize the other guy is hitting a pitching wedge or some guys even less, but it felt good to know I could hang. Now if I can ever add 10-15pct to my distances, I feel like I can reach some goals I dare not even speak.
  5. Playing with someone significantly longer than you and playing even or winning holes.
  6. Na will probably pass them both if he has a few wins. Tournaments pay more than they used to. Nicklaus could win 100 in his time period and easily be surpassed by a modern player winning 50. Now - inflation adjusted winnings? Brooks will probably lead that category of the three players. The major wins were big scores.
  7. This is one part of life wherein I have little trouble metering my expectations. Everything that doesn't go horribly wrong is a gift. But seriously, my method of dealing with all forms of anxiety is distraction from the impediment. Hyper focus is ideal, but in lieu of that, any other distraction is a positive. You can argue that that doesn't solve a long term problem or it's not a direct or head on enough solution, but I counter that that approach only makes it a bigger blowup. You don't need to take it on adversarially. To carve it out as your nemesis is to give too much power to it. Distraction robs it of its place in any mental or emotional hierarchy.
  8. I cut my F9 Speedback down from 46 playing length to 45. Cut at the butt and deleted the cobra connect grip. Went with GP Tour Wrap 2G. Had to add weight to the head. Used aftermarket weights from the bay that fit. It took more than I expected to feel right and work right, tested by trial and error. A note about cheap weights - I suspect less rigid material. The original weights resisted bending or stripping, whereas the new ones were susceptible even just in the off and on of range testing. I might have gained a tiny bit of distance. Control was greatly enhanced. My miss w this club used to be a push, now it's a hook. A part of me considers that progress. It's a ton easier to manage. Shorter just feels better to me. I would guess that ideal length is highly influenced by height and arm length. I'm 5'9" and wingspan is also exactly 69". Whatever that suggests, 45" has been excellent. Same length as my old 910d2 that I used to hit some of my longest with.
  9. Mavrik Pro irons w steel R shafts. Hitting the ball.way better w smaller heads and heavier shafts.
  10. Agree with this. I don't care what the loft number is. I care what it does as a tool. My 3w can be low and running. 5w is a super high ball. 3h is kinda in-between. I skip to my 5i then and mostly use it for par 3s bc although I can hit it off the turf, I'll usually pull my 3h or 6i for comfort. 4i is useless to me off the turf.
  11. 5 wood. Final answer. The modern 5 woods are strikingly easy to hit compared to even the easiest 3 woods. Warning: it will become your favorite club. Some people who struggle with fairways but hit irons well tend to favor a rearward ball position. Try moving the ball up a half inch if that's a possibility.
  12. I notice when I stay active, swimming or walking, it's not as bad. Golf kinda kills me. So much stretching and twisting compared to just walking or day to day motion.
  13. I've used the big blue one from Costco. I think it was bovine. Is there a big difference?
  14. Anyone here have any good regimen? As much as Iove golf is as much as it doesn't love me back.
  15. I bet guys with bigger grips go more overlap. Bet standard grips tend toward interlock. I don't think it matters if you're solid. I have a hot spot on one hand. Usually use overlap. When it's bad I go to interlock. Doesn't make too much difference. Too much interlock and one of my pinkies gets it. Nothing easy in this game, lol.
  16. This. And on a side note, I've got to start partying w PT...
  17. I think something that's accessible even to the average am is a punch shot for wind or whatever reasons. I don't do a lot of fancy dancing based on skill level, but rather than hitting a high wedge into the green I will sometimes punch an 8 iron onto the green. It stays low and I have a lot of control. It's very straight. I don't often try to flight a higher lofted club lower. I will however step on a higher lofted club to hit a really high shot if I need to.
  18. I've been playing 6 years. Late 30s start. Desk job. Not athletic at this point in my life, but very enthusiastic. Started as total beginner and can now boast a hc estimate of high single or low double digits. I haven't tracked in awhile, but made a lot of big progress this past year. Injuries have derailed me a lot, and age of start and desk job didn't help. I originally took the question as how long it takes a beginner to get to scratch, kind of like the 10k hours to mastery idea. For me, 6 years has not been enough, playing sometimes 4 times a week (less range than play). Superior hand eye in game type scenarios (billiards, darts, shuffleboard, driving), but sport scenarios I'm just too many years removed from an active life. I hope to become scratch before age decline really makes it impossible. Already not super long (got longer with improvements this year), so it's very uphill. 45 now, so I suspect I've got another 5 years to get the reps in. After that it would take a lifestyle change to have a shot, and with a young family I'm not likely to escape the desk anytime soon.
  19. If you ain't first you're last boy! I must have been high when I said that. There are lots of other places. Second, not first but pretty good. Third, fourth...
  20. My 18* F9 might be the best club in my bag! If there's a better one I want to know!
  21. At no time did I say one was more or less than the other. Both of those things are deselectors for playing longer tees. You keep pitting the two things against one another but they are not in opposition. Being a low-skill golfer should move you up a tee box. Being a short golfer should move you up a tee box. Being an older golfer unless you are exceptional should move you up a tee box. I don't know what part of this you're not understanding. I don't know why you keep on trying to talk about something other than age since what we're really discussing is whether or not age is a factor which it obviously is. If there was one single person on this board, which is basically the Mecca of good golfers on the internet, who has gotten measurably longer over the age of 60, I would really like to know what his secret is.
  22. Ok. 61. Lol. The correlation is more than "loose." If you're over 60 and you're still going 250+ then you're not a representative sample. Nobody wants to follow the 25 year old topping it 150 from the tips, and frankly there ought to be a marshal around (sorry, would starter sound less inflammatory?) to prevent it. But that's also not a representative sample.
  23. It's not completely meaningless. Age reduces strength and flexibility hence distance. That's why they're shorter and that's why they're called senior. We all live, age, and die. In-between is a continuum. At some point in the continuum, if you're lucky, you're playing the tips. At some point in the continuum, if you're lucky, you're playing the seniors.
  24. As Steve noted above, more mass (all things being equal) means more energy. That having been said, less mass can mean more speed for some people, which contradicts the all things equal idea. This is just one contradictory value (more exist, like spin and others). It's not linear, bc there are multiple dependent variables that are also interdependent of different (f)unctions.
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