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  1. now these are awesome. I have so many golf shoes I hardly wear some but we always know there's room for more. Unfortunately I would have to wear 5 pairs of socks to fit into these.
  2. I hardly used this bag because I usually didn’t walk but it’s super light and you probably already know all it’s details because this is a smart group of folks. 2017 Sun Mountain 2five black and grey bag. No tears or rips and comes with rain hood. In great condition. $130 shipped.
  3. This is a great bag. I have the 2017 version and it's so light it's hard to believe. I just bought the Ping Hoofer Craz-e-lite. GLWS, it's a great colorway!
  4. Man that sucks you’re hurt. Hope you heal sooner rather than later. I want the Cobra head but don’t have a shaft.
  5. Without markings and proof of maker how do you arrive at a $325 price tag?
  6. I already have the Sun Mountain 2 five bag and it's a great bag but not enough pockets. I was thinking about the Taylormade Crossflex but ultimately I've always to come back to the Ping Hoofer. Sucks I have to wait another weekend to get this resolved.
  7. it does kind drive me nuts initially but i probably wouldn't even notice it if it was intact anyways. what is it for? whats the purpose of it?
  8. So I just got my 2018 Ping Hoofer bag in the mail today and the little clip in one of the pockets is torn off. Would you replace the whole bag for this or is this a common issue with this type of bag? Will it eventually tear off anyways? This is my first Hoofer since high school so it's been a couple decades.
  9. Think so? 2016 model 3 wood? why is it better than the 2017?
  10. when i was test hitting yesterday I was hitting terrible. I went back to the range this afternoon with just my backup 3 wood which is a TM Aeroburner and I was working it and catching them solid. That club has a stiff shaft. Should I go back to the store now that I'm warmed up and try hitting a stiff shaft again or wait for the X-stiff?
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