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  1. I was rooting for him to lose because of my +4500 bet on Finau to win... so. sucks for me haha
  2. My 2021 bag is going to look really TM, but I have used Vokeys since the SM3 and dont have any plans to switch those out. Currently have a split set of SM7/SM8 and I use a 46 Vokey instead of the set PW. Looks like the SIM2 is going to win my personal 2021 testing, although I still have to test the Titleist, Srixon, and Mizuno. I am still using AeroBurner TP fairway woods, and I'll be doing some testing for those replacements as well, but I've already got a 2016 deep face tour issue 3 wood ready to be shafted. I guess my point is that until somebody pays me to put a logo on my bag
  3. Id reccomend a softer tip shaft/higher spinning shaft for you if you are set on that head. Otherwise I would probably say what really needs to happen is you dont need the sub zero head. you're losing too much spin at your launch angle like others have stated. Have you tried something like a Tensei Blue or a Synergy Blue?
  4. The two Tour Concept Protos are 43" from EO adapter to EOG. The Rogue Silver is 43.25" from end of shaft tip to EOG
  5. Aldila Tour Proto Concept A1.0 70TX - $175 shipped - Taylormade Adapter 2* sleeve - Lamkin Crossline Midsize - 44.5" playing length Aldila Tour Proto Concept A2.0 70TX - $175 shipped - Taylormade Adapter 2* sleeve - Lamkin Crossline Midsize - 44.5" playing length Aldila Rogue Silver Proto 130 MSI - $200 shipped - Shaft pull, no adapter - PURE Grip - 43.25" tip to EOG, 44.5" playing length Aldila Green Mamba Xtorsion 70TX - $125 shipped - Shaft Pull no adapter - PURE Grip - 42.75" tip to EOG, 44.5" p
  6. I just ordered the 770s. They were more forgiving on the heel side of the club, and they kept consistent spin rates when you missed high or low. The 760s werent as consistent for me, and I just wasnt ready to give up the forgiveness. If you are going towards the 760s I would honestly get the MCs instead. They require the same accuracy of ball striking, but the MCs feel better, and they play a little better from what I tested. I think the 760s are going to quickly dissappear across the game. The 770 is what the 760 SHOULD have been.
  7. My trackman swing speed in my fitting with the 770s at D5 was around 98.5, I did hit 100 a couple times when I really belted it haha. Ball speeds around 140. I took a break from golf the past year... so by the end of this summer I would expect my 6 iron to be consistently at 100 or higher. I love the 7.0s because they are so stable. Same with driver shafts... I play a TX tipped a full inch haha. I cant stand any movement at the tip.
  8. I actually went to D5. I swing ProjectX 7.0s so I like to have that head screaming down for me on the bottom part of the swing. Last week is when I ordered. But I was told that they are backordered through Mid-March for most stores.
  9. This is why getting a proper fitting from a company like Club Champion helps a lot. I just did my iron fitting with them for the 770s and I am playing my 770s two swingweights heavier than what I have now, and it was coming off of the face like an absolute rocketship. Dont rely on your pro and the manufacture to get you the right gear.
  10. I was told that my set will not ship until Mid-March... ha
  11. Buy from Golf Works https://www.golfworks.com/surebonder-pro-100-hot-melt-kit/p/ha1003/
  12. yeah I mean come on that just looks absolutely mean. the ball would go further just from being scared.
  13. Thats funny because I am the exact opposite. I cant confidently hit the SIM, but SIM2 just throws itself at the ball for me.
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