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  1. Inovai 6.0 Blackout - $OLD new in plastic, with the blackout headcover and the blackout grip Studio Stock 2 Blackout - $700 obo new in plastic, with the blackout headcover and the blackout grip Studio Stock 18 - $375 new in plastic, with red lamkin sink fit stock installed, and red studio stock headcover
  2. RDX Blue SOLD, listing updated. Prices lowered... again.
  3. I'd say the ZX5s are more comparable to the 790s. The Mizuno tour Forged for me was more similar to the MCs numbers and feel wise
  4. I mean... Its a muscle cavity lol. They're less forgiving than the 770s period. Them being a "blade" doesn't change that fact.
  5. The Callaways were a big dissapointment for me personally. 770, ZX7, and 921 Tours were my frontrunners. The Srixon and the Mizuno were very close in numbers but ball speed retention on miss hits was better on the 770s and the ZX7s. 770s ultimately won out for me just on the look at address.
  6. I have played 20 rounds with my 770s so far since getting them and I wouldnt trade them for anything else. I thought about going to MCs 7-9... but the topline doesnt bug me enough to make the switch. I am in the MCs are not at all forgiving camp... so hitting those above the 7 iron is useless for me. I play the 770 all the way up to the 3 iron actually. and then I go to a 790 UDI for my 2iron. SOMETIMES I swap the 3 iron for another UDI. The 770s are absolute rocket ships though. I tested every iron in its category using my PX7.0 shafts... and the only thing that came close was th
  7. To be fair I dont think you are the customer for Arccos. If you are saying that $120 is about $10 a round for the tech... that means you're playing less than 20 times a year, and across isnt really going to benefit you more than a GPS rangefinder scorecard app would. Which is why I think that your experience with the S20 has probably been perfectly adequate. I personally quickly check Arccos after every hole to make sure that its correct and havent found any issues doing so, or loss of time, or added stress or anything like that. The 10 yards thing I dont think is true. I have had
  8. SIM2 was very fast and very long for me. Those two stats beat out every other driver. But... I couldn't hit the thing straight. I have actually thought about messing around with a MAX D... but after I got this Triple Diamond I stopped messing around. This head is unreal.
  9. Its very draw bias, so be aware of that, if you dont need that then maybe the regular triple diamond is for you. I HATED the regular Epic Speed series, including the MAX LS. Never really like a callaway driver period. But this Triple Diamond LS helped me out a ton. I need the draw bias, so thats a personal point, but its also a lot more than that. The slightly smaller head profile is nice for a little more control, the club is super forgiving on the high end of the face, and the sound is just about perfect. With my correct shaft in it, I have so much confidence stepping up to the teebox. And I
  10. I would love to see a full face wedge that doesnt look incredibly ugly behind the ball. The RTX Fullface sits really weird to my eye behind the ball, as does the PM and the Hi-Toe. too curved of a leading edge and they all look like game improvement wedges or something. I would love to see vokey or any other company literally create the exact same wedge that they already have and just cut the grooves through the whole face without any of the profile changes that occur when they do so. If I could lay my current 60 open and get a little more forgiveness on the toe, that would be gre
  11. Callaway Epic Speed LS Triple Diamond. Absolutely amazing. Start there.
  12. I try new shafts probably 3 times a month in multiple heads. Cant afford a new adapter each time haha
  13. The LINK is about $129, which I would not recommend buying unless your phone really bugs you in your pocket or you constantly play by yourself and you want to play music during your round. The sensors are $179 for 13 and a screw in putter sensor. I ordered 3 extra sensors at $7.99 each. (you get a discount if you are a member to the Caddie app) I ordered the Superstroke putter sensor accessory which was $20 (super worth it) The CADDIE subscription is $119 a year which I also think is super worth it and honestly the reason I am keeping the syst
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