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  1. I put it in its case on the side of my bag... am I the crazy one here? lol
  2. Its an LA Golf Trono, probably a DJ prototype. Same one that they made for Bryson. They used to be. They started by buying out Matrix and all their stock, but LA is no longer repainting Matrix shafts. That stopped a little bit ago. LA now produces their own profiles.
  3. Hey everyone, my apologies on the photos, I have several requests for pictures of the faces of the wedges, which I forgot to attach. I will have them up tonight for everyone!
  4. Vokey SM8 Sold, Taylormade TP MCs Sold, Aerburner Sold, SIM Ti Sold
  5. I would say that the OP is playing with people who dont have the consistency to be worrying about distances to obstacles on the course. I use Arccos + my rangefinder on every shot I take, and I am the fastest player in my group, and everybody else in my foursome is always asking to use my Arccos and my rangefinder for their shots as well. Sunday morning busy day we still get around in 4 hours... it doesnt slow us down at all. If it slows somebody down, that person shouldnt be using it. IMO That being said, I can see how some guys might sit there and poke around at every single shot and try to find distances to things that they have no intention of clearing or even hitting far enough to get to. That would piss me off.
  6. If you use it correctly and you play enough golf, its VERY worth it. Its different for every player though. Definitely not for everyone.
  7. Not trying to get in the middle of something here, but one of you brought my thread in (which was updated today ) I still find Arccos very worth it. The stats are undeniable. Yes I check the app after every hole to verify the on the greens stats, because those are the most commonly missed. But its maybe 3 holes a round I have to adjust. I rarely have to adjust any swings. I also take a minute in my car after my round while my A/C is kicking on to make sure that it correctly labeled the terrain of my shots. Super easy. What I have found more useful than anything else lately though is comparing clubs. I tinker ALOT but I always make sure to play 3-5 rounds with a new piece of equipment so that I can get on course data both visually, physically, and through Arccos. For example. I just switched driver heads, and played two rounds with it. Immediately noticed a little extra carry, and Arccos confirmed that for me. And thats not (kinda) BS launch monitor data, thats on course GPS data that I trust a little bit more because its how I swing when it counts on the course. Its a very underrated way to use the app in my opinion. That being said... over my 30 rounds this year so far, no two rounds back to back have ever had the same 14 clubs in the bag. So I may be my own category lol. But thats why I will keep Arccos. I dont need the Caddie s***, I dont need the GPS rangefinder 98% of the time, but I LOVE the ability to look back through all my club testing and see square to square what each setup was doing for me and where it was weak and where it was strong. I also do enjoy the stats. I like to know what to practice. I dont go to the range to just hit balls, I focus on something different every time; and 90% of my range sessions this year have been dictated by what Arccos says. Do I know that I need to work on approach shots 30-70 yards just by playing? Yes yes I do. Does it make me want to practice more when Arccos has a big ole red number and bar by that stat. Most certainly it does. As far as the LINK goes... if you want to listen to music while you play or you are irritated by your phone in your pocket... you have to get it. I have one... I dont ever use it, because neither of those two categories are me. But when I did use it... it worked great. I updated my thread today (about to) with a swingweight discussion too. Check it out
  8. I mean... I am still constantly changing my bag and I dont think it will ever be "final" but I went in this order to get where I am at right now 1.) Wedges. After I got my new wedges they were set right away. I have backups for some different lofts or bounce scenarios but that is course dependent. 2.) Irons. These wont change for a couple years. I have sets to play around with and I'll try out other stuff, but these 770s arent going anywhere anytime soon. 3.) Driver. This was a big deal for me this year. I bought and sold a SIM2, Ping 425 LST, Rad xB, and a Mizuno STZ before landing on my Cally Triple Diamond LS. The driver head will not change until something dethrones it. For context... I was playing a LTD Pro until this year... The shaft has been a small issue for me.. I broke a prototype, and they dont have any more of them, so its been hard to find a replacement. 4.) Woods. I hate 3 woods. Like a lot. I went through 5 different ones this year before finding one that remotely felt good in the Epic Speed Max 3+, then for the sake of consistency I got a Epic Speed Max 5W as well that hits just about the same. 5.) Driving Iron/Hybrid. This is still in testing. I currently have two different 3H, a 2H, a 2i UDI and a 3i UDI, as well as a 7W and a couple 4H... so yeah. this is last priority cuz its a weird gap in my bag, but its also course dependent.
  9. I've got the one I mess around in new drivers (65tx) with tipped an 1" and then the one in my 3wood (75tx) tipped 1.5" These are one of the most consistent shafts on the market. I dont actually game it, but I use these shafts for all of my testing, before putting my gamer shaft in anything.
  10. I am currently at 46, 52, 56, 62 lol. Its all about how far that wedge goes, and how the bounce interacts with your most commonly played turf. Dont get hung up on what the loft number is. Go get a fitting, and just bend it to whatever makes it go the right distance. and then give yourself a clockwork note sheet for each wedge, and start throwing darts.
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