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  1. pretty good guess! Haha Here is what I’m running: Sim2 9° Ventus Black 6X M2 Tour 15° Ventus Black 7X Vapor Fly Pro 3i Fuji Pro i95 X Srixon ZX7 Dynamic Gold X7 Artisan 46/50/54/58 S400 Circle T Newport 2 T10 Button Back
  2. For sale: Scotty Cameron “Cameron & Crown” X5R putter 33” Super Stroke GT 1.0 grip overall in extremely good condition! $500
  3. ‘16 sits slightly more upright and is a little louder ‘17 M2 Tour retail head is similar in size, slightly deeper face, and has a more noticeable paint break area (there’s a change in level of materials so it stands out more) both are fantastic clubs, I played ‘16 M2 tour issue 16.5HL for the last 3 seasons, just switched to ‘17 M2 Tour this year and really enjoy it. Slightly more muted impact sound/feel and less tendency to draw.
  4. Taylormade Tour Issue M5 8° Ventus Black 6X Taylormade Tour Issue ‘16 M2 3HL KuroKage Dual Core XT 70TX
  5. Tour Issue M5 8° (actual 8.2°) w/ Ventus Black 6X playing length 44.25” swingweight D1 Been in play for about a year, also have a Mavrik Blackout Custom and a Sim2 Max for testing this spring.
  6. I’ll take the first shirt, and the last 2 shirts (pink and red) dm me a price for all 3 and your PayPal please
  7. Snag me some 11.5’s and I’ll send funds immediately for shipped to Montana!
  8. Hey guys, I appreciate the kind words regarding the irons! The putter and Nike's are all sold now - just the Tour Preferred MB's remain Price drop to $400 on those today!
  9. lol yes I am! I’ve probably done this with a dozen sets over the years.
  10. Up for sale: Taylormade Tour Preferred MB 4-PW Tour Issue X100’s These have had the badging filled in and re-plated with a nickel finish. Look just like National Custom Works irons. Absolutely stunning in real life. also comes w/ extra BB&F ferrule set standard L/L/L $500 $400 Nike Vapor Pro 3-PW refinished to look like the Nike MM Proto’s (how Nike should’ve made these look to begin with) DG S300’s Standard L/L/L SOLD Scotty Cameron Newport 2 35” Carpet Rolled Only! Original grip and hea
  11. What a finish by BK! My maaaaan!
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